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Wondrous Item, very rare

The Senzu Beans are green small mystical beans that grow in Korin's Tower that have the ability to regenerate a person's health and form to its peak. Its healing properties are absurdly potent, to the extent of being capable of healing an impaled creature with a severed limb in a near-death state back to their top shape, with their limb regained and all kinds of injuries gone, as well as Ki refilled. However, their use is often for emergencies, as it takes an entire year to grow a single bean.

Consumption. When a creature eats a Senzu Bean, they regain any expended hit dice. If they already have their maximum hit dice, they gain an extra amount equal to half their maximum solely for the purposes of the effects of the Senzu bean. After this, they may immediately use any number of the following effects.

  • They regain a number of hit points and maximum hit points equal to the result of the total rolled hit dice + their Constitution modifier for each die.
  • They regain a number of ki points equal to half the result of the hit dice rolled.
  • They regain an amount of body part hit points for one part equal to the hit dice rolled + their Constitution modifier for each die. This may only regain use of a body part if they can touch the removed part and it has not been removed for longer than 1 minute.
  • They lose 1 level of exhaustion for every hit die used.
  • They end one other condition on themself for every hit die used. This cannot end petrified, prone, frightened, charmed, bloodlusted, beserk, or taunted.
  • Their food requirement is fulfilled for the next 10 days.

In addition to this, a Senzu Bean is worth ten days of Medium sized creature food.

A Senzu Bean can be split in half, allowing one creature to take it twice or two creatures to share a Senzu Bean. In this case, the Senzu Bean only grants the creature half their hit dice, and no additional hit dice if they were already at their maximum, and their food requirement is fulfilled for only 5 days.

Nonmagical. Senzu Beans are immensely powerful, but aren't actually magical, and therefore are not effected by anti-magic fields.

Three Senzu Beans in Goku's palm.

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