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Weapon, rare (requires attunement)

The Power Pole is a magical +2 red quarterstaff that can increase length, potentially reaching the very moon. A creature attuned to the power pole gains the following benefits:

  • They can use their bonus action to increase its reach by up to 15 feet, and they can use their action to increase its reach by up to 25 feet as long as they're within 40 feet of the power pole. The power pole can be extended indefinitely as long as there's no object in its path. If the creature has ki points (or an equal amount of other resources) they may increase this maximum distance by 10 ft. for every ki point spent until the end of their next turn when they increase its reach.
  • The user has disadvantage on attacks with the Power Pole if its extended beyond 15 feet and the user must maintain concentration to keep it extended.
  • Additionally the Power Pole is unbreakable, allowing it to easily carry the weight of others. When the user takes the shove action with the power pole, the distance moved is increased by the power pole's reach.
  • The user can also extend the power pole to gain vertical height equal to its reach, but must make an Acrobatics check with a DC equal to the pole's length at the end of each turn they're gaining height by the power pole unless they can support themself using another surface. On a failure, they lose balance and fall to the ground.
  • When being extended the Power pole can shed dim light for 5 feet around it.
  • In an anti-magic field, the power pole becomes just a +2 quarterstaff.
  • Additionally if a creature of CR or Level 14 or higher wields it, it loses its +2 bonus for that creature.
The Power Pole.

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