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Please do not vandalize pages of my creation (or at all). Feel free to correct any spelling mistakes, though.

Race/Template Creation/Development[edit]

I am particularly good at creating and developing races and templates, so if someone gets stuck at doing either, they can leave me their parameters and I could do it for them.

A side note though, I have a little problem at balancing.

Another side note, I am very good at creating monstrous races (races based on monsters from real-life folklore and modern fiction).

Acrobatics Skill[edit]

The "Acrobatics" skill I use in my creations encompasses both the Balance, Jump and Tumble skills. The reason I use it is because my initial real introduction to the whole D&D world was through Pathfinder, which has a similar Acrobatics skill, so I got used to it.

My Creations[edit]

Notably, any race/template I created with LA of +12 or higher isn't intended to be used by player characters in regular games. If you choose to allow it, it can majorly affect the campaign.

Most of the races/tamplates/classes I created are designed to work with the following variant rules (which I also created):

Races I Created[edit]

Templates I Created[edit]

Spells I Created[edit]

Equipment I Created[edit]

Classes I Created[edit]

Others I Created[edit]

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