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Adamas is a silvery celestial metal that is extraordinarily harmful to Outsiders. Adamas ore is rather common on the higher planes, but extremely rare on the Material Plane, about as rare as platinum. Particularly high levels of celestial activity on Material Plane worlds can cause veins of mundane metal ores to transform into adamas ore, although this is an extremely rare occurrence indeed.

Adamas is a very high quality metal, which adds to the quality of any weapon, shield and suit of armor fashioned from due to its extreme durability. Adamas weapons ignore hardness below 20. Adamas armor grants its wearer damage reduction of 2/- if it is light armor, 4/- if it is medium armor and 6/- if it is heavy armor. Due to the metal's high melting point, objects fashioned from it have fire resistance 10. Adamas armor and shields do not grant this inherent resistance to their user; however, this resistance does halve the cost for enchanting adamas armor and shields with fire resistance and fire immunity. Adamas is immune both to natural corrosion and corrosion effects, but it has no natural resistance to acid damage.

Usually, adamas weapons, armor and shields have twice as many hit points as their steel counterparts. Adamas has 40 hit points per inch of thickness and hardness 20.

Adamas weapons are always magical. They are also treated as both Adamantine, Cold Iron and Silver weapons for the purpose of overcoming damage reduction. In addition, against Outsider type creatures, adamas weapons are treated as if their enhancement bonus was 2 points higher.

Type of Adamas Item Item Cost Modifier
Ammunition +60 gp
Light armor +5,000 gp
Medium armor +10,000 gp
Heavy armor +15,000 gp
Shield +2,000 gp
Weapon +3,000 gp

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