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This content intends to provide a different experience, or goes beyond the scope of the anticipated subjects and situations, than the 3.5e rules were intended to handle. Some portions of the content below may not be what you expect from traditional game content. When implementing this content, DMs and Players should read over all the information carefully, and consider the following specific notes of interest:
This race is extraordinarily powerful and not to be used by player characters under normal circumstances. Treat with caution.

Albin Magi[edit]

“She's an Albina Maga. Just as eerily beautiful as them all. Don't let her fragile appearance fool you though; she can probably wipe out an entire army.”

Albin Magi (singular Albina Maga) are an immortal mystical all-female species. They possess a natural affinity to magic and incredible supernatural powers.


“They generally keep to themselves, but they're definitely willing to cause some trouble if cornered. They seldom attack first, but when they go all out in combat, it's terrifying to behold. They're kindhearted, but also more than a little mischievous. Their sense of humor is quite strange; certain things can only amuse immortals, I guess. They can be irrational, childish even. And as inherently benign as they are, they won't let their conscience stop them if they're really set on doing something - especially if they're angry.”

Inherently kindhearted, Albin Magi are generally benign. However, they are also mischievous, and very prone to irrational and childish behavior; even adult ones freely practice mischief and pranking. When provoked, they are very prone to disproportionate responses.

Physical Description[edit]

“They don't look scary. Well, they can. They can look like anything they want. But even if you see their true form, you likely won't pay them more than a few seconds of attention. They look normal enough. Human-like. Not very different from a young, light-skinned woman, except for their hair and eyes - those are white. You may stop for a second and think this is a little weird, but that's about it. Just a young and beautiful woman with unusual hair and eyes. They don't look mystical or even that unusual. Nothing about their appearance indicates how powerful and dangerous they truly are. You don't normally see them waking around like that though - if there's something they excel at, it's hiding what they are. They can shapeshift like no other, so unless you can see through this, like me, you'll never know you've met one - unless she wants you to know.”

Albin Magi resemble slender female humans, with pale skin and white hair and eyes. However, since Albin Magi prefer to blend in by shapeshifting, they aren't normally seen in their true form. Albin Magi prefer the company of humanoids, so they often assume humanoid forms.


“They really do excel at hiding among mortals. It's not wholly an act though; they do think a lot like mortals. Most won't jeopardize their disguise unless they must, though they may leave some clues hinting that they aren't what they appear to be; they think it's hilarious when mortals rack their brains over trying to figure it out with whatever clues they provide them with. When in disguise, most chances they'll pretend to have whatever disposition you'd expect from their disguise. Generally speaking, Albin Magi only give a damn about you if you or your actions are thoroughly evil. Even then though, they're just as likely to display their distaste and be difficult as they are to flay you alive. You can never tell with them."

Generally, Albin Magi use their shapeshifting ability to blend in, posing as humans or other humanoid species; in such cases, they behave as is expected from their disguise. If they needn't hide their true nature, Albin Magi can get along (or at least coexist) with most non-evil beings. However, Albin Magi aren't very tolerant of evil and may act aggressively in response (although they are just as likely to simply openly display their distaste and refuse to interact with the evil creature, without actually doing anything to them).

Albin Magi vs. Hags: Age-Long Animosity[edit]

“Out of all evil creatures, Albin Magi hate hags the most, and it's mutual. Easy enough to see why - ideologically, they're polar opposites. The animosity between them is legendary."

Albin Magi and Hags have an age-long animosity; while both are all-female races with a natural affinity to magic, they are polar opposites in practically any other regard; Albin Magi distaste the ugliness and innate malevolence hags embody, while hags despise the beauty and innate benevolence Albin Magi embody. While open hostilities between them are rare, they do often act against one another subtly; for instance, an Albina Maga might provide assistance to an adventuring party that goes against a hag or help someone cursed by a coven of hags to break free of the curse. Since Albin Magi do not plot like hags do, the latter often find it very difficult to harm the former directly, so they focus on undoing their good deeds instead; for instance, a hag might poison the well of a village that an Albina Maga had previously cured of a plague.


“Albin Magi are inherently kindhearted and beneficent. However, they are also mischievous and irrational, which makes them more than a little unpredictable.”

Always Chaotic Good or Neutral Good. Albin Magi are naturally kindhearted but also mischievous and irrational, thus are beneficial as well as somewhat unpredictable.


“You can find them anywhere. And I mean anywhere. Underwater, inside volcanos, anywhere. They can take on far harsher conditions than any mortal. They don't even need to breathe if they don't want to. Distance is almost meaningless for them; they can teleport anywhere they want with a single thought. I once overheard a couple of them considering a trip to the godsdamned moon.”

Any; being nigh-immune to environmental conditions, and able to teleport anywhere they want at will, Albin Magi can truly be found virtually anywhere. It isn't unheard of for reclusive Albin Magi to choose to inhabit inhospitable environments in order to avoid meeting mortal beings.


“Albin Magi aren't too keen on worship in general; most of them consider it a waste of time. Granted, they are as powerful as demigods, so it's somewhat understandable, I guess. They are not blasphemous either; they do pay some respect to the gods, especially the higher ones. I actually met a few who were serving the gods of good as champions, though to my understanding they are very few indeed.”

Most Albin Magi consider worship in general a waste of time. Although they do acknowledge the power of higher entities such as deities, they seldom actually worship them. However, it isn't entirely unheard of for Albin Magi to serve deities of good and magic as champions.


“They speak everything. Well, at least, they can learn every language with minimal effort. Basically, their brain is hardwired to decipher linguistic patterns; thus, they can understand and quickly learn any language via sufficient exposure to it. They only need to hear several phereses in a language, or read a few sentences written in it, and they already start to learn it, and can become fluent in less than an hour. And if that wasn't already neat enough, since encryption is based on patterns, they can also decipher codes this way.”

Common, Arcane, Supernal. Also, their Intuitive Multilingualism ability enables them to quickly learn virtually any language, even codes and encryption.


Any. However, as they are all females, the names match.

Racial Traits[edit]

“Oh, they're very powerful. Strong enough to single handedly rip your head off. You stab them in the heart with a sword, and they'll just pull it out and walk away. To kill one of them you must separate her from her head. But as powerful as they are physically, that's all but inconsiderable compared to their magic. They can magic a hell of a lot. Inducing full-scale earthquakes, transforming people into vermin, you name it.”

  • +30 to Strength, +18 to Dexterity, +22 to Constitution, +12 to Intelligence, +16 to Wisdom, +12 to Charisma, +2 to Comeliness. Albin Magi possess vastly superior physical abilities and intelligence to most humanoids, and are also incredibly charming and attractive.
  • Medium Humanoid (Maga): Albin Magi are an independent supernatural species. The offspring of an Albina Maga and a mortal are always Albin Magi themselves. All their HDs are d12s.
  • Albina Maga base land speed is 180 feet per round. Also, they have swimming/climbing speed 180 feet per round, and flight speed (perfect maneuverability) 300 feet per round.
  • Regenerative Healing Factor: Albin Magi possess a very potent healing factor that enables them to quickly regenerate nearly all injuries and even regrow entire sections of their body. They can only be killed through beheading, which ceases their healing factor. They have regeneration 10/beheading, and restore 1 point of ability damage per round and 1 point of drained ability per minute. Also, they can never receive any natural defect to their senses, and can heal magically induced ones.
  • Supernatural Durability: Albin Magi, while not immune to pain, are mostly unaffected by conventional harm, even if said harm has physically damaged them. Only extremely powerful magic, or weapons enchanted by such magic, can bypass their endurance. They are highly resilient to magical effects, and possess powerful minds capable of resisting any mental manipulation with ease. They have damage reduction 20/epic (+6), a +10 bonus to natural armor, immunity to all elements, mental effects and nonmagical poisons/diseases and spell resistance equal to 30 + their HD.
  • Heightened Senses: Albin Magi possess highly acute and accurate senses that make them keenly aware of their surroundings. Albin Magi have Blindsight out to 150 feet, Blindsense out to 1500 feet, Advanced Scent within 600 feet and Perfect Darkvision.
  • Magic Senses: Albin Magi can perceive magical suras, see through lower magical cloaking and camouflage (like weaker Invisibility spells), and can focus their senses to perceive the Ethereal Plane.
  • Immortality: Albin Magi mature at a similar rate to normal humans, however don't age beyond their physical prime (while they can make themselves appear older using their Uber Shapechange ability, they never feel the negative effects of old age). Albin Magi can only be killed by beheading. They require no sustenance or oxygen (albeit, they can digest food and breathe normally) and only very little sleep, and a serious physical effort is required in order to tire them.
  • Adhesion: Albin Magi are able to climb on any surface, even vertically and upside down, without needing to make a Climb check. They can negate any fall simply by clinging to a surface.
  • Uber Shapechange: Albin Magi can assume at will virtually any shape they may desire; they can mimic the form of others and alter the formation of their body to an almost unlimited degree; this can vary from merely changing their hair/skin color to changing their gender and assuming completely unnatural forms, and even creating new clothes and accessories out of their own body. They gain a +20 bonus on all Disguise checks when using this ability to create, improve or aid a personal disguise.
  • Magical Essence: Albin Magi can cast any spell as either/any combination of/both quicken, rapid, silent and still spell, without using up a higher spell slot than the spell’s actual level. Moreover, if they magically create something it won't disappear over time and is considered absolutely real. Similarly, magical transformations they perform are permanent unless reversed. They also have a +20 bonus to general Caster level, and can cast spells of all spell schools (albeit casting/preparing a spell of a forbidden school heightens the spell slot level by +1). In addition, regardless of their spellcasting class, they can always cast 0-4th level spells at will and 5-9th level spells ten times the usual amount per day.
  • Telepathy: Albin Magi can mentally communicate with and discern the immediate thoughts of any creature, sentient or not, within a 300 feet radius (albeit, non-sentient creatures are limited in what concepts they can comprehend/deliver). Albin Magi can also discern a creature's memories with their telepathy. However, this deeper mental intrusion requires a standard action for short term memories, and a full round action for long term memories. Also, the target creature can sense this deeper intrusion by succeeding on Will save at DC 10 + the Albina Maga's Wisdom modifier.
  • Intuitive Multilingualism: Albin Magi automatically decipher linguistic patterns; thereby, they can understand and quickly learn any language via sufficient exposure to it.
  • Enhanced Memory: Albin Magi possess a very sharp memory recall, providing them with a +4 bonus on all Intelligence-based checks (a +6 bonus on Knowledge checks) and 6 additional skill points per level.
  • Supernatural Attacks: An Albina Maga's unarmed attacks (as well as natural attacks, in alternate forms) are treated as epic (+6) weapons for the purpose of overcoming DR.
  • Magic Crafting: Albin Magi never spend any XP when creating magic items using an Item Creation feat and can take any Item Creation feat without meeting its prerequisites.
  • Cosmic Teleportation: Albin Magi can teleport at will virtually anywhere. This ability functions similarly to the spell Unbounded Teleportation, except they can only teleport themselves and creatures they are in physical contact with (along with any equipment they are carrying).
  • Spell-Like Abilities: At will - Greater Invisibility, Identify Magic, Spell Conjuring, Superior Detection, Superior Ward, Telekinesis. 2/encounter - Shadow Evocation, Mystical Cloaking. 2/day - Greater Shadow Evocation, Limited Wish. General caster level is 20.
  • Albin Magi automatically gain the following feats even if they don't meet their prerequisites: Alertness, Body Casting Fuel, Combat Casting, Composite Casting, Diehard, Dodge. Endurance, Eschew Materials, Ignore Material Components, Improved Unarmed Strike, Iron Will, Lightning Reflexes, Mobility, Psychic Spellcraft, Self-Item, Track and Two-Weapon Fighting.
  • Albin Magi gain a +10 bonus on all Acrobatics, Bluff, Hide, Listen, Move Silently, Search, Sense Motive and Spot checks, and a +6 bonus on Spellcraft and Use Magic Device checks.
  • Automatic Languages: Common, Arcane, Supernal. Bonus Languages: All, including secret languages such as Druidic (see Intuitive Multilingualism).
  • Favored Class: All spellcasting classes.
  • Level Adjustment: +20

Vital Statistics[edit]

Table: Albina Maga Random Starting Ages
Adulthood Simple Moderate Complex
15 years +1d% +2d% +3d%

Albin Magi Lore[edit]

Characters with ranks in Knowledge (Arcana) can research Albin Magi to learn more about them. However, they are notably difficult to research; Albin Magi hide so incredibly well that they are largely anonymous. What little is known about them is mostly compiled from witness accounts, since attempts to actually study them have proven largely futile due to their remarkable talent for avoiding detection. When a character makes a skill check, read or paraphrase the following, including information from lower DCs.

Knowledge (Arcana)
DC Result
10 Albin Magi (singular Albina Maga) are an immortal mystical all-female race. They can assume practically any shape they desire, but usually assume humanoid forms.
15 Albin Magi possess a natural affinity to magic, and incredible supernatural powers. A single Albina Maga can potentially take on an entire army and win. Albin Magi possess incredible physical abilities and are extremely intelligent, charming and attractive.
20 An Albina Maga's true form is that of a slender female human with pale skin and white hair and eyes, though they are very rarely seen in their true form.
25 Albin Magi are naturally kindhearted and benevolent, however also mischievous, and irrational to the point of childish. Albin Magi and hags have an age-long animosity; while open hostilities between them are rare, they often act against one another subtly.

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