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See Powers for power lists for all classes.

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Name Role Source Description
Arachnomancer Controller Arcane You exert control over the battlefield by commanding loyal hordes of your spider minions.
Beast Lord
Blood Mage Striker Arcane You manipulate the blood around you to form powerful weapons and to create unseen assailants. Through the use of pulse acceleration or deceleration you can destroy your foes and aid your allies. You lean towards leader or defender as a secondary roll.
Conjuration (4e Mage School)
Death Knight Striker Divine A melee striker, they utilize minions and special effects to provide both damage and utility, and often weaken or hamper the target in some way.
Demon Hunter Striker Arcane, Psionic Demon Hunters use two melee weapons and ranged arcane powers to deal damage and control the battlefield.
Demonologist Controller Arcane You exert control over the battlefield by commanding loyal hoards of demons.
Dracomancer Controller Draconic (Arcane) Your half-dragon form gives you access to powers that provide control at close range, while your humanoid form allows you to hinder your opponents from a distance. Depending on your choice of class features and powers, you might lean toward either striker or leader as a secondary role.
Dragoon Striker Martial and Shadow Your ability to move and strike makes you a viable source of maneuvering damage on the field.
Elemental Swordsman Striker Arcane and Martial The Elemental Swordsman uses the power of the elements to increase his own physical prowess and strike out with immense damage.
Elementalist Striker Arcane You strike down enemies with pure blasts of elemental energy, and become a deadly point-blank storm when they come too close.
Fist Master Striker Martial You fight bare-handed, hitting where it hurts most, and inflicting all kinds of conditions to your enemies.
Ghost Warrior Striker Shadow You move through a battle in a whirl of blades, unleashing havoc on your enemies.
Illidari Striker Arcane and Martial Demon hunters who ritually blind themselves in exchange for spectral sight that enables them to better sense their prey. This enhanced awareness, together with their great agility and magical prowess, makes the Illidari unpredictable adversaries. An Illidari’s quarry has much to fear.
Krakener Striker martial You inflict death upon your foes to deny them the opportunity to bring to light your cult.
Lioneer Defender/Striker Martial/Primal Your lion spirit inspires you defend your allies, but when you need to go on the offensive, you literally tear apart your enemies.
Martial Artist Defender. Unlike many warriors you don't use heavy armor or rely of weapons. You train until your body becomes a perfect weapon, able to crack stone and bend steel Martial and Psionic. Martial Artists have varying degrees of psionic power within them that they have managed to draw on. However there primary ability comes from years training and experience
Medium Controller Arcane Mediums channel the power of either dead or demonic entities, enabling the aforementioned entitites to enter their mortal body and act through them. In combat Mediums invite dark forces to grant them great power, but this comes at a high cost. Mediums must constantly struggle for control of their own body while possessed or else the very creatures they channel will shatter or banish their minds and retain full control of the Medium's body. You lean towards leader or defender as a secondary role.
Oracle Leader Primal You invoke your powers to aid your allies in battle
Requip Warrior Versatile Martial and Arcane You have versatile attacks that can overcome any enemy. (Switch between Striker/Defender/Controller during combat).
Samurai Defender Martial Like any defender, you are extremely durable. However, you have the advantage of being incredibly precise with your weapon strikes and the ability to deftly move around the battlefield to gain footing on your foes.
Soldier Striker, controller Martial You use a broad range of combat abilities to control the battlefield and damage enemies.
Spider Rider
Swordsman Striker Martial
Truenamer Leader Primal By using the true names of creatures, objects and spirits, you bolster your allies and hinder your enemies.
Vice of Lust (4e Blackguard Variant)
Warmage Controller Arcane You are as perfectly able to offer ranged support to your comrades as you are able to lead the offensive, weapon blazing with power and a presence that demands to be answered by your foes; all the while, however, you're tweaking the odds in your favor whether by manipulating the battlefield or the enemies themselves.
Wizard (Bladesinger), Variant Striker Arcane You use blade and magic to blast and slice through enemies indiscriminately.
Wyvern Lord Striker Martial and Arcane You fly above the battlefield, killing enemies and helping allies.

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