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You have power over whose name you know, and I know many names.
Class Traits
Role: Leader. By using the true names of creatures, objects and spirits, you bolster your allies and hinder your enemies.
Power Source: Primal. Your knowledge of the primal language allows you to help your allies.
Key Abilities: Intelligence, Charisma, Constitution
Armor Proficiencies: Cloth, Leather, Hide
Weapon Proficiencies: Simple melee, Simple ranged
Implements: Totem, Staff,
Bonus to Defense: +2 Will
Hit Points at 1st Level: 12 + Constitution score
Hit Points per Level Gained: 5
Healing Surges per Day: 7 + Constitution modifier
Trained Skills: From the class skills list below, choose 5 trained skills at 1st level.
Class Skills: Arcana (Int), Bluff (Cha), Diplomacy (Cha), Endurance (Con), Heal (Wis), History (Int), Intimidate (Cha), Religion (Int)
Build Options: Enduring Truespeaker, Shielding Truespeaker
Class Features: Lexicon of the true language, Call for Guidance, Reverse invocation, Healing Truename

Long ago, when the earth was still barren and deserted, the primal spirits already existed. While the world changed, these spirits remained. Their mysterious language does not only allow one to communicate with the spirits, but also to reshape parts of the world or strike their foes down. Sometimes, a person who is found worthy by the spirits is given the secret of this language.

Truenamer Overview

Characteristics: Truenamers speak the language of the primal spirits. This mysterious language enables them to heal their allies and hamper their enemies.
Religion: Truenamers rarely worship gods, but when they do, they often worship Ioun or Corellon. Evil Truenamers sometimes worship Vecna.
Races: Kalashtar or Tieflings make great Shielding Truenamers, and Genasi excel at the path of the enduring truenamer. Humans can choose either path.

Creating an Truenamer[edit]

Enduring Truenamers shape the battlefield as they please. Where they go, mountains erupt from the ground, trees move around, and ravines open beneath the feet of their enemies. Similary, they can create protecting walls of stone in front of their allies or create creatures of rocks and mud to fight alongside them.

Shielding Truenamers heal their allies with words of power, and help their allies to avoid enemies. With a simple utterance, they can heal wounds, create magical shields, or guide the strike of their allies.

Enduring Truenamer[edit]

Make intelligence your highest ability score. Intelligence determines your Armor Class, and it effects your attacks. Make constitution your second-highest score, to help with hit points and fortitude. Finally, rise either wisdom or charisma to provide a boost to your will defense.

Suggested Feat: (Human Feat: Human Perseverance)
Suggested Skills: Arcana, Endurance, History, Intimidate and Religion
Suggested At-Will Powers: Eldritch Attraction, Fog from the void
Suggested Encounter Power: Energy Vortex
Suggested Daily Power: Anger the sleeping earth

Shielding Truenamer[edit]

Intelligence should be your highest ability score, since you gain many benefits from it. Charisma is your second ability score, since many of your powers use it. Constitution should be third highest. It grants you extra hit points, and those are always useful.

Suggested Feat: (Human Feat: )
Suggested Skills: Arcana, Bluff, Diplomacy, Heal, Religion
Suggested At-Will Powers: Inertia Surge, Strike of Might
Suggested Encounter Power: Morale Boost
Suggested Daily Power: Breath of Cleansing

Truenamer Class Features[edit]

All Truenamers share these class features.

Lexicon of the true language: Each truenamer knows words of power, but among truenamers, not everyone knows the same words. At first level, you choose a lexicon, either the Lexicon of the Evolving Mind, or the Lexicon of the Crafted Tool. You gain benefits depending on which lexicon you possess. Some powers are also influenced by your choice of lexicon.

-Lexicon of the Evolving Mind: Once per encounter, when you make a saving throw or grant an ally a saving throw, that saving throw gains a power bonus equal to your charisma modifier.

-Lexicon of the Crafted Tool: Once per encounter, when you use a power that has the zone keyword, choose a number of squares equal to your constitution modifier adjacent to the zone. These squares become part of the zone too.

Call for Guidance: Truenamers can use their knowledge of the language of the primal spirits to communicate with them. You gain the Call for Guidance power.

Call for Guidance Truenamer Class Feature
You call upon the primal spirits, asking them to show you what to do.
Daily Star.gif Primal
Standard Action Personal
Effect: You ask a question to the primal spirits, who will attempt to answer it to the best of their ability. Sometimes, the primal spirits will not answer you, or do not know the answer. In both cases, this power is expended . Any benefits that you gain from answers are at the DM's discretion.

Reverse invocation: Truenamers can speak words of power backward, causing their powers to have much different effects. All of your at-will powers have a reverse benefit, that changes a small part of the power. When you use a Truenamer at-will power, you can either use the normal or the reverse benefit. You must choose whether or not you are going to use the reverse benefit before you use a power.

Healing Truename: A Truenamer can speak one's name in the language of the primal spirits to heal that person. You gain the Healing Truename power.

Healing Truename Truenamer Class Feature
You speak the name of your ally, and his wounds heal over.
Encounter Star.gif Primal, Healing
Minor Action Close burst 5
Target: You or an ally in burst
Effect: The target can spend a healing surge and regain an additional 1d6 hit points.
Increase the amount of additional hit points regained to 2d6 at 6th level, 3d6 at 11th level, 4d6 at 16th level, 5d6 at 21st level, and 6d6 at 26th level. Increase range to close burst 10 at 11th level, and to close burst 15 at 20th level.
Special: You can use this power twice per encounter, but only once per round. At 16th level, you can use this power three times per encounter.


A Truenamer's powers are called Invocations. A list can be found here Truenamer Powers (4e Power List).

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