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|You were expecting a monster. It really is unfortunate that you ran into me, unfortunate for you that is.

Class Traits
Role: Striker. You inflict death upon your foes to deny them the opportunity to bring to light your cult.
Power Source: martial. You beat, strangle, and drown your foes with fist flail and chain.
Key Abilities: Dexterity, Intelligence, Strength
Armor Proficiencies: Cloth,Leather
Weapon Proficiencies: Flail, Heavy Flail, Spiked Chain, Triple Headed Flail, Double Flail.
Bonus to Defense: +2 Ref
Hit Points at 1st Level: 14+ + Constitution score
Hit Points per Level Gained: 5
Healing Surges per Day: 8+ + Constitution modifier
Trained Skills: Acrobatics.  From the class skills list below, choose more trained skills at 1st level.
Class Skills: Acrobatics, Arcane, Intimidate, Perception,Stealth, Religion, Thievery.
Build Options: Tentacle Master, Claw Master
Class Features: Trabeculaean Oath, Water Summoning, Kraken Hide, Swimming

Krakeners are warriors bound by divine oaths to protect the oceans and seas. The oaths they take upon themselves upon their initiation to krakendom grant krakeners unnatural strength and toughness, along with greater adaptability to their watery homes. The sects produced by the varying oaths that they take divide krakeners within their traditionally underwater societies. The upper ranks of krakeners often send younger initiates and competitors for high ranking positions to the dry world on missions for the Gods.Most lore concerning krakens originates from parties of krakeners attacking a merchant vessel in the name of the gods.

Krakener Overview

Characteristics: You are a service bound warrior prepared to charge the most fierce of beasts with a choral battle cry and a tightly clenched fist. Years of divine alteration and intense training have transformed you into an ideal vessel with which to dispense the wrath of the sea gods
Religion: Most Krakeners worship Melora, who is the god of their homeland and was the inspiration for their creation.
Races: Half-orcs, Thri-Kreen, and Razor-claw Shifters make excellent tentacle master krakeners both for their incredible strength as well as for their natural tendency towards prederatory instincts. Tinker gnomes,Shadar-Kai, and Eladrin all make wonderful Claw Master Krakeners from their relationship to the arcane as well as their innate sense of precision.

Creating a Krakener[edit]

Ability Scores

As a krakener, you will depend primarily upon your dexterity skill to help you out maneuver your enemies,with strength or intelligence as a second priority to exact tactics and attack methods.

Tentacle Master Krakener[edit]

This build is best used with the oaths of biting and strangulation. The skills you have developed through years of training allow you to effectively grab and constrict your enemies to cause maximum damage through minimum effort. Your grip on the neck gives you great control over your enemies, making controller your secondary role. Dexterity should be your primary ability, allowing you to lash out and grab your victims. Strength should be a second, quickening the rate at which you can eliminate your unfortunate opposition. Intelligence may also be useful as a third highest depending on how often you summon water.

Suggested Feat: Arcane Cuts (Human Feat: Enraged Blood Lust )
Suggested Skills: Athletics, Intimidate, religion
Suggested At-Will Powers: Crushing Grip, Scraping Suckers
Suggested Encounter Power: Drag Down
Suggested Daily Power: Lung Bust
Claw master Krakener[edit]

This build fits best with the oaths of plates and gigantism. Your divine oaths and connection to water grants you increased health and defense, making your secondary role defender.Your primary ability should be Dexterity so that you get right into the action, with intelligence as your second to allow for better skill with your summon water power.Strength should be your third best score, in case you choose to select some melee armed attacks.

Suggested Feat: Battle Link (Human Feat: Vengeful Blood )
Suggested Skills: Arcane, Heal, Perception
Suggested At-Will Powers: Clawed Slash, Brine Jet
Suggested Encounter Power: First Point of Balance
Suggested Daily Power: Palm of Drowning

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