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These feats were introduced in Races of War and scale with your ranks in a given skill.

Skill Feats
Name Prerequisite(s) Summary
Accelerated Balancing You are adept at moving quickly while balancing.

Accelerated Climbing You are adept at moving quickly while climbing.

Accurate Assessment You can accurately judge how good someone is at something.

Acquirer's Eye You know what you want, even if other people have it right now.

Acrobat You are a professional acrobat.

SRD:Acrobatic You can totally flip out and kill someone with your gymnastic prowess.

Acrobatic Attack You can use acrobatic maneuvers to get around an opponent's defenses.

Acrobatic Charge Your unexpected attacks have great effect.

Acrobatic Combat The use of acrobatics and jumping to always be on the move to avoid attacks.

Acrobatic Strike You may use your acrobatic skill to catch your enemy off guard.

Acrobatic, Tome You can totally flip out and kill someone with your gymnastic prowess.

Actor 3e Prerequisite Feat::Smooth Talker (3.5e Feat), 3e Prerequisite Feat::Improved Disguise (3.5e Feat) By applying your skills of deception, you become a more capable actor

Additonal Skill Training You have received training in one skill which is not usual for your class, and you seem to be good at it.

Aggressive Feint Use Intimidation during a Feint

Agile Climber You are not as vulnerable to attack while climbing.

SRD:Alertness Your ears are so sharp you probably wouldn't miss your eyes.

Alertness, Tome Your ears are so sharp you probably wouldn't miss your eyes.

Altered Form Familiarity You have spent enough time in your Alternate form(s) that you have become as accustomed to it/them as you have your monstrous form.

SRD:Animal Affinity You're one of those people animals just won't leave alone for no apparent reason.

Animal Affinity You're one of those people animals just won't leave alone for no apparent reason.

Animal Feat Training Teach your animal lethal tricks.

Animal Ken You have an innate ability to handle animals.

Animate Wall You can make your wall spells move.

Apothecary You have extensive knowledge of poisons and how to distill and manufacture them.

Applied Scholastics Your scholarly knowledge is helpful in nearly every situation.

Aqua Adrenaline, Greater 3e Prerequisite Feat::Aqua Adrenaline, Improved (3.5e Feat) You live for the deep

Aqua Adrenaline, Improved 3e Prerequisite Feat::Aqua Adrenaline, Lesser (3.5e Feat) You live for the deep

Aqua Adrenaline, Lesser You live for the deep

Aquatic Leaping Attack You can propel yourself from the water and strike your foes.

Arcane Cantata You can boost the power of your spells with the sound of music.

Arcane Surgeon Your studies of the magical world have given you knowledge of medicinal practices.

Artisan Your apprenticeship to an artisan has made you more capable in your craft.

Astonishing Leap

Athletic Drill You trained especially athletic maneuvers with your combat forms.

Aura Chameleon You may fool divination spells, or powers, in the same way as you can deceive magic items.

Avatar of Learning (3.5e Epic Feat) 3e Prerequisite Feat::Master of Learning (3.5e Feat)


Barber-Surgeon Your training as a barber includes various medical techniques.

Battle Hymn You can inspire your allies to true acts of heroism.

Battlefield Surgeon You like to cut people open with a saw. But it's good for them. Seriously.

Black Medicine

Blood Painter 3e Prerequisite Feat::The Path of Blood (3.5e Feat) By painting magical diagrams out of your own blood, you can spontaneously cast spells using only your own life energy. This is especial use to casters who prepare spells, or to casters who have run out of spells.

Bookworm You seem to have a knack for locating information needed when performing research

Bootlicker With sweet words you can trick people into liking you.

Calm Skill You have used this skill so many times that it is second nature to you.

Camouflage You have mastered the art of concealing objects and other creatures.

Cannibalize Item Choose either arcane, divine or psionic. You can draw the energies from an item of that type to offset the XP cost of creating a new item of the same general type.

Captain You are a Captain of Men, either on the Sea, or on Land.

Chant of Solitude You can channel the power of your bardic music to sustain your allies, allowing them to function even after receiving wounds that would cause others to falter.

Child of the Sea You have inherited the affinity for the sea of an ancestor (perhaps an aquatic elf).

SRD:Combat Casting Having a sword sticking out of your chest doesn't noticeably impede your ability to do... well, just about anything.

Combat Casting, Tome Having a sword sticking out of your chest doesn't noticeably impede your ability to do... well, just about anything.

Combat Intimidation You are capable of intimidating others more easily in combat.

Con Artist You can fool some of the people, all of the time.

Concentration Mastery You can maintain your concentration even under stress or amidst distraction.

Concentration Spell You can extend the duration of your spells through concentration.

Contact Other Plane 3e Prerequisite Feat::Clairvoyance (3.5e Feat), 3e Prerequisite Feat::Telepathy (3.5e Feat)

Courtesan You are professional courtesan, who lures men with a smile.

Craftsman You have a greater understanding on how to create things

Creator You are a professional inventor, artist, and craftsman.

Criminal You are practiced in the arts of petty crime.

Critter Care You learn to care for the animals that you handle.

Cross-Class Learning Two selected skills become class skills for all your classes.

Cryptographer You're good at reading things no one intended you to.

Dancer of Music 3e Prerequisite Feat::Dancing Bard (3.5e Feat) Allows Bard levels to stack with Dancer levels for Bardic Dance.

Dancing Bard Allows a Bard to use Perform (dance) for Bardic Music

Dancing Dodge You can dance your way around your opponents attacks.

Deckard's Polyscience Through your studies you have learned the general basis of all knowledge.

Deft Fingers Your amazing manual dexterity is the talk of princes and princesses.

Detect Poison You are a student of poisons and how they are used.

Detective You're good at finding things out just by conversing with townsfolk.

Device Knowledge You know your way with all things mechanical.

Dreadful Demeanor People know you're a badass motherfvcker the instant you enter the room.

Educated Upbringing You grew up in a community that valued your intelligence, and provided education to enhance it.

Engineer A master mason who supplies architectural and engineering direction to the construction of all manner of structures.

Expert Counterfeiter You aren't a common forger, you're an artiste.

Expert Healing You can use a healing kit to heal damage.

Fake Spell You can mimic the casting of spells

Falconer Falconry is a popular sport and status symbol among nobles.

Farsight Your penalties due to range are halved.

Fencing Combat School You were trained at a combat school.

Flashes of Brilliance You are brilliant but erratic with a specific skill.

Forceful Intimidation Due to being brutish in nature, you have learned how to make others cower by having a larger muscle mass.

Forger You are an accomplished forger.

Fortune Teller You are a Fortune Teller in your day job.

Frontline Diplomat You are a veteran of the border wars, but you also serve in times when a truce must be struck.

Ghost Step You might as well be incorporeal for all the noise you make.

Giant Dodger You know how to use an enemy's size against them.

Good Listener You are easy to talk to, and so can gather information quickly.

Great Alchemist You have a knack for alchemy.

Greater Feint

Guard Training You've spent countless days and nights on guard duty and know how to notice when somebody is sneaking around.

Guide You are a professional guide for your area.

Handy You don’t depend on book-smarts when fixing things, making things, or dismantling things.

Herbalist You are a herbalist who gathers and sells herbs and plants.


Improved Demoralize You know how to make your opponents freeze in fear.

Improved Disguise You can create a disguise very quickly.

Improved Lockpicking You are capable of opening locks rather quickly.

Improved Mounted Combat You may evade more than one attack to your mount in a round.

Improved Search You are capable of searching an area quickly.

Improved Sleight Of Hand You are capable of performing sleight of hand tricks more easily than most.

Improved Swift Craftsman You can craft even faster but at the expense of xp

Improved Synergy You're good at combining your skills for greater effect.

Inspire Cooperation Through music, song or poetry you are able to inspire cooperation in others.

Inspiring Leader, Variant Bard and Marshal levels stack for the purpose of Bardic music, Major Aura, and Grant Move Action class features

Intellectual Skill You are not constrained by limits to which others must abide.

Intuitive You use intuition where others use logic.

SRD:Investigator You have an eye for detail and so much patience that going through a 100' by 100' room inch-by-inch doesn't even try it.

Investigator, Tome You have an eye for detail and so much patience that going through a 100' by 100' room inch-by-inch doesn't even try it.

Item Master You make magic items do things you want.

Knowledge Focus You just seem to remember a bit more small detail about a given topic than the next fellow.

Leadership, Tome You convince people that obeying you is a good career move.

SRD:Legendary Climber

Legendary Wrangler No one can tell where you end and your ropes begin.

Let Me Try

Life-Learned You draw your skills from your experiences.

Linguistic Savant You are talented at learning languages.

Locksmith You are adept at making and defeating locks.

Look Harmless You have a knack for looking harmless, enabling you to avoid unwanted attention and potentially surprise your enemies.

Lord of the Dance The urge to dance lingers on you.

Magic Dealer

Magic Device Training You trigger magic devices with ease.

SRD:Magical Aptitude You're crazy good at manipulating magic.

Magical Aptitude, Tome You're crazy good at manipulating magic.

Man Hunter

Manual Technique

Many-Faced You change identities so often even you don't remember what you look like anymore.

Martial Performer This feat needs a summary

Master Alchemist You have mastered your ability to craft alchemy items.

Master Artisan

Master Battlecaster

Master Feint Your are an expert at feinting your opponent.

Master of Terror You scare people so bad they follow you around hoping you won't hurt them.

Mechanically Inclined You can figure out how things work and how to fix them. If you don't have the correct item at hand to fix a machine or an item, you can use something similar to provide a temporary fix.

Medic You are a medicine-man who heals those in need.

Mental Savant You can make one power harder to counter.

Merchant You are a professional merchant or shopkeepr

Mighty Hunter


Mindless Effort

Minstrel Your music never fails with the ladies.

Monster Ecologist You are an expert on dangerous creatures, and you have a broad base of knowledge about them.

Mounted Combat You are at your best when fighting with an ally that you are sitting on.

Mounted Dodge

Mug You are able to preform a slight of hand action while attacking.

Multitasker You are adept at using your skills for a myriad of tasks

Natural Climber You have achieved a skill at mountaineering that you could challenge a chamois.

Natural Empath You read people like books.

Natural Rider You have a natural understanding of animals and can coax the best out of them.

Natural Skill You have a natural knack for picking up new abilities. You gain 2 extra skill point per level. This ability stacks with a human's racial ability, giving them a total of three free skill points per level.

Natural Swimmer You have achieved such skill at swimming that you could challenge a dolphin.

Naturally Skilled When you're focused, you're able to set your mind to learning something, even though you aren't all that bright!

Notorious You are well known as a dangerous cutthroat not to be trifled with.

OGC:Astrologer (5e Feat)

OGC:Avatar You've tamed the flood of lost memories to unlock the potential of each past life.

OGC:Bloodkeeper Arts (5e Feat)

OGC:Bondsman You are a master of ropes and manacles, which helps both when you’re trying to escape and when you’re binding an opponent.

OGC:Careful Listener You have a talent for studying expressions and reading the true thoughts of a speaker.

OGC:Chosen of Fortune (5e Feat)

OGC:Destiny Denied You've failed. Whatever destiny you had before you is forever doom, and you find yourself for once in charge of your own future.

OGC:Dwarf Line You know not how long it's been since, but the memories of dwarven life are still fresh in your mind.

OGC:Forgotten Lore Unhindered by normal constraints, you've mastered knowledge the likes of which has been lost to the ages.

OGC:Hard to Fool You are familiar with the tricks of con men and thieves; it’s hard to put anything past you.

OGC:Inspired Past You've learned to take inspiration from past life achievements.

OGC:Metaknowledge (5e Feat)

OGC:Noble Past In a past life, you consorted with important members of royalty and nobility with grace and class.

OGC:Paragon of Beasts You can trace your past lives back to before recorded history, when your primeval form was more beast than man.

OGC:Past Life You've started to remember your previous reincarnations, beginning a journey of unlocking your lost past.

OGC:Perfect Mind The knowledge and trades of your former selves are at your beck and call.

OGC:Perfect Soul Past experience has left you with an innate knowledge on all manner of people and things.

OGC:Slippery Tongue You have a knack for bending the truth. By convincing yourself that your words are true, you can even evade mystical means of divination.


Parcour I Through little training, you have learned to make your way through urban areas more quickly.

Parcour II 3e Prerequisite Feat::Parcour I (3.5e Feat) After some practice, you have learned to use your abilities to some advantage.

Parcour III You are perfectly at home swinging from poles and branches, running across walls and hanging off of the edge of buildings.

Perceptive Duelist

Performer You are a performer, putting on a show for a living.

Personal Technique

SRD:Persuasive When you tell you people something that contradicts the evidence of their own eyes, they believe you.

Persuasive, Tome When you tell you people something that contradicts the evidence of their own eyes, they believe you.

Physician You have great skill at helping others recover from their wounds.

Pole Vaulting

Politicked You are a member of the local bureaucracy, running the community with your words.

Port Savvy

Practice Makes Perfect

Practiced Feint

Priest You are a member of the local clergy.


Professional Criminal You are a criminal who lives by unscrupulous means

Professional Luddite You've learned to break machines because you're an antitechnology fanatic -- or maybe you just work for the local protection racket.

Professor You are a professor, teaching all those who'll listen.

Push Magic Device

Quick Reconnoiter

Quick Swap

Races of War (3.5e Sourcebook)/Warriors with Style You don't have to see to kill., You go all out and try to achieve goals in a proactive manner., You can put things into your pants in the middle of combat., You are a member of a completely arbitrary fighting school that has a number of recognizable signature fighting moves., You lead tiny men., You are very hard to hit when you want to be., You benefit your allies so good they remember you long time., You smack around those folks in the spirit world., Everyone has a specialty. Yours is miraculously finding ways to stab creatures in the face when it seems improbable that you would be able to reach that high., You kill really large numbers of people., You can move around and shoot things with surprising effectiveness., You hack people down with inherent awesomeness., You are an unstoppable Juggernaut., You have trained long and hard to kill magic users. Maybe you hate them, maybe you just noticed that most of the really dangerous creatures in the world use magic., You are at your best when fighting with an ally that you are sitting on., You stab people in the face., You fight well in a group., Your shooting is precise and dangerous., You cut people so bad they have to ask you about it later., When armed with two weapons, you fight with two weapons rather than picking and choosing and fighting with only one. Kind of obvious in retrospect., You are just as dangerous to everyone around you as to anyone around you., You are very calm about shooting people in the face. That's a good place to be., Maybe spiders tell you what's up. You certainly react to danger with uncanny effectiveness.

Raise Poisonous Creature

Rope Climber

Routine Combat Casting


Sailor You are a sailor, earning your pay on the high seas.

Scholar You are a scholar, learning all there is to know.

Scribe You are a professional Scribe.


Sea Dog


Sense Magic

Sense of Maturity

Shared Enemy Your animals are better against your enemies.

Sharp-Eyed Nothing escapes you.

Skill Mastery

Skilled Multiclass

Skipper You have gained some experience on the planks of a ship.


Slippery Contortionist Your childhood nickname was "Greasy the Pig," but now people call you "The Great Hamster."

Smooth Talker

Song Magic There is magic in your music, allowing you to cast your spells without need of further material components.

Song of Overwhelming Valor Even when all hope seems lost, facing overwhelming odds, your music can summon the deep wells of pride and valor in your allies, giving them the courage to fight on, and fight harder still.

Specialist You are an expert in a limited field of skills.

Spy You gain information through stealth rather than talking.

Stable Spell

Steady Stance You can fight just about anywhere.

SRD:Stealthy If someone sees you, you have to kill them.

Stealthy, Tome If someone sees you, you have to kill them.

Storyteller You tell stories, and expect to get paid.

Superior Craftsman Your life's dedication to crafting has reached its pinnacle.

Superior Feint

Survival Instinct Living in the wilderness has sharpened your will to survive.

Swift Craftsman Your devotion to your craft has advanced your speed when crafting.

Swim Like a Fish You're at least as home in the water as you are on land.

Tame Wild Animal

Thespian You are a trained actor.

Third Eye

SRD:Track You feel at home no matter where you are.

Track, Tome You feel at home no matter where you are.

Trained Memory You have the incredible memory of a preliterate scholar.

Trap Mastery

Unbalancing Feint

Urchin You grew up with little money, making you learn quickly how to make do with what you could find.

Use Prejudice


Versatile Crafter You have become skilled in seeing and using similarities among different Crafts.

Vexing Feint


Way of the Hare

Whirling Feint

Wild Rider

Wizard's Grace The tricky hand gestures that are an integral part of your spellcasting have helped you to improve other skills.

Wondrous Pet


Woodsman You are a professional hunter and all-around woodsman
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