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Past Life [Past Life, Role Playing, Hit Point, Class, Character Creation, Skill]

You've started to remember your previous reincarnations, beginning a journey of unlocking your lost past.
Prerequisite: Wisdom 15
Benefit: Choose any two skills. Once per session, you may use one of these skills untrained. In addition, you gain a temporary +1 circumstance bonus to any skill of your choice, chosen at the beginning of every game session, lasting the entire session. Lastly, as you regain aspects of your past, you grow stronger and more complete. For each past life feat you take after this one, you permanently gain 1 hit point.
Special: This feat can only be chosen at 1st level. A character can never have more than one 1st level blood-gift. You may not multiclass, excepting into a prestige class or a favored class.

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