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Destiny Denied [Past Life, Save, Skill, Role Playing, Class, Magical, Divine]

You've failed. Whatever destiny you had before you is forever doom, and you find yourself for once in charge of your own future.
Prerequisite: Wisdom 14, Past Life, any other Past Life feat
Benefit: You no longer gain any benefit from Past Life feats, but you are completely immune to the effects of divination spells. Anyone casting such a spell on you instead discovers absolutely nothing - even the gods find your actions incomprehensible - nor can they scry your location. Additionally, you know your fate is your own and have no fear of death. You gain a +1 competence bonus to all saving throws and a +4 bonus to all Intimidate checks.
Special: If you are a divine spellcaster, you must take up a deity-specified geas and make atonement for your actions, as denying a divinely-inspired destiny is among the worst sins conceivable. Until then, you may not advance in your divine spellcasting class or use its class features. Ignore this if your actions directly involved a change of faith (i.e. a paladin denies his destiny becoming a blackguard).

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