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100 Character Compulsions (DnD Other) +Your devotion to another can be more problematic than helpful.  +
A Monk's Power (3.5e Feat) +This feat grants you good unarmed damage progression for your fists.  +
A Step Ahead (3.5e Feat) +The Adventurer is a little bit faster than everyone else.  +
A lost Soul (3.5e Encounter) +While traveling in Cēcí N'est forest, you stumble upon a man weilding an iron staff with a purple crystal at the tip of it.  +
ADHD (3.5e Trait) +You're bright, unusually so, but you're so easily — HEY LOOK A NICKEL  +
Aanan (3.5e Template) +At one with Music  +
Abduction (3.5e Encounter) +Next to a village or small town with humans. The village is average in technology (ex: laser rifle)  +
Aberrant Binding (3.5e Feat) +Allows a Binder to bind Aberrations.  +
Ability Focus (Bending) (3.5e Feat) +Your Bending attacks are slightly harder to avoid.  +
Ability Surge (3.5e Feat) +Your training in an ability unlocks surges of power  +
Ablative Armor (3.5e Feat) +Your armor plating is layered to push back explosively, reducing damage... at least for a little while.  +
Able-Bodied Strength (3.5e Feat) +Your body has such great endurance and super-humanoid abilities that your strength is greatly increased.  +
Absolute Brilliance (3.5e Feat) +Improves your Cunning Brilliance to even higher levels.  +
Abyssal (3.5e Feat) +Grants the ability to speak with and understand demons.  +
Abyssal Abilities (3.5e Feat) +Through your your abyssal heritage, your core abilities begin to increase.  +
Abyssal Resistance (3.5e Feat) +Your ancestral blood makes you tougher against poison and electricity.  +
Accelerated Balancing (3.5e Feat) +You are adept at moving quickly while balancing.  +
Accelerated Climbing (3.5e Feat) +You are adept at moving quickly while climbing.  +
Accomplished (3.5e Feat) +<!-A short summary of the feat->  +
Accurate Assessment (3.5e Feat) +You can accurately judge how good someone is at something.  +
Accurate Attack (3.5e Feat) +You can sacrifice one attack for greater accuracy on the next.  +
Achieve Goals (3.5e Spell) +Grants target a +3 Luck Bonus to all rolls to achieve a tangible goal.  +
Acid Bomb (3.5e Spell) +Exploding ball of acid deals 1d4/level acid damage to the target, or 1 point of damage to creatures nearby.  +
Ackbar's Blackened Flames (3.5e Spell) +A purple spark erupts from your hand as your opposition is consumed in a black, vile flame, stunting their magic abilities.  +
Ackbar's Magic Dust (3.5e Spell) +Turn ordinary talcum powder into Amnesia Dust!  +
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