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My Content[edit]

If you're interested in seeing the things I've made on this wiki, feel free to look at them using this handy-dandy index!


Magicia - The first race I added to the wiki. This one is closely attuned to magic. Not much else I have to say on this, really.

Satori - This race involves reading the minds of others, but unfortunately, this power has no off switch. User discretion is advised. (If reading minds isn't your thing, you may consider looking at the variant further down on the linked page. You no longer read peoples' minds, but you don't necessarily think much either.)

Half-Human Half-Phantom - Have you ever wanted to play an undead race, but also really don't want to give up your ties to life? Well, there's no need to worry yourself about deciding, as this race is for you! The underworld, the material plane, experience the best of both worlds with this simultaneously dead and alive race.

Half-Satori Half-Phantom - Combining the previous two races, this one was initially intended to be a joke, but after finding out I was the only person who found the race funny, it ended up ascending to the serious listings. Edit: Now with a closed-eye variant!

Fairy, Variant - This is a race for those who want to be little, mischievous embodiments of nature's essence. Edit: Finally got around to updating this, but there's now more than one optional subrace for this race. All of them are listed as "rare", meaning they're considerably less common than the main four, allowing for them to be omitted should the DM so choose.

Half-Satori - This race is the offspring of a human and a satori. It retains a few key aspects of the satori race, but attempts to include some of the human's diversity as well. Like the other satori-based races of mine, it contains a closed-eye variant, however... This one is radically different than the others, and extreme caution is advised before attempting to play a closed-eye half-satori.

Yama - This race allows players to play as a "Supreme Judge of the Afterlife", though as the disclaimer on the page notes, discretion is advised before using this race.

Console Patron Unit - And so here we have a race based on another semi-niche franchise I happen to be a fan of. This is another celestial-based race, but this one isn't quite so unbelievably (literal) god-tier as yama, though it does get a relatively powerful trait at 5th level, which is arguably half of the race's bread and butter.


CPU Aasimar - This is an aasimar who is the offspring of a human and a console patron unit.


This is for all my equipment I've made on the wiki. It's been categorized for your convenience.

Magic Weapons[edit]

Eternal Ice Blade - My first addition to the wiki, period. Maybe not my best work out of everything I've put on here (you may think differently though), but it still holds some kind of sentimental nostalgia value to me.

Comet Bow - This magic weapon is a +2 longbow that deals force damage instead of piercing.

Wondrous Items[edit]

Mini-Hakkero - A fairly simple item, this little block contains a lot of power and lets you boost your spells a few times per day. Just don't overuse it, as it has a chance to break permanently whenever it runs out of charges. Every so often, I've considered throwing an artifact version up on the wiki that doesn't randomly break and would have a couple extra benefits, but I've never really had the motivation to make it yet.

Rod of Remorse - This legendary wondrous item acts as an exclusive weapon for the yama, as its attuned damage varies depending on the alignment of the target, dealing less damage to good aligned creatures and more damage to evil aligned creatures. Anyone who is not a yama is unable to attune to it, and is forced to deal only 1 point of non-magical damage on a hit when they swing it.

Share Crystal - A consumable item exclusively for console patron units, which allows them to trigger their Hard Drive Divinity without expending their use of that trait.


Roukanken - Edit: This item, along with Hakurouken, has received a massive and complete overhaul! Feel free to take a look at the much-improved version of this katana. (Shoutouts to my friend Hopeless for designing all of this for me.)

Hakurouken - Edit: This item, along with Roukanken, has received a massive and complete overhaul! Feel free to take a look at the much-improved version of this wakizashi (aka scimitar). (Shoutouts to my friend Hopeless for designing all of this for me.)

Halley's Comet Bow - This artifact is a much more powerful version of the comet bow. It requires attunement, but deals more damage, has a longer range, and possesses a larger magic bonus to those who attune to it. Caution is recommended, however, as it's also highly susceptible to anti-magic.


Master Spark - Lo and behold, I've made a spell! Well, this thing right here is kind of like lightning bolt? Except, it's 30 feet shorter, uses a Constitution saving throw instead of a Dexterity saving throw, can also inflict the blinded condition, and deals equal parts fire damage and radiant damage. Oh, and the material component has a gp cost, so be mindful of that. At least the material component isn't consumed by the spell, so that's nice.

Fantasy Seal - This spell is like magic missile, but it has half the range, double the projectiles, is divine in nature (dealing radiant damage), and is 4th level. Also, you can't cast it without a focus, so don't lose that.

Agni Shine - Think of this like fire bolt as a 1st level spell. Really, not much else to say about it.

Royal Flare - Okay, so, this is an alright spell. Think of it like fireball, except that the range and radius are both halved, the base damage is reduced to only 6 dice, said damage is radiant instead of fire, it uses a Constitution saving throw instead of a Dexterity saving throw, and druids can get access to it! Oh, and undead have disadvantage on their saving throws, because it is sunlight-based. Trust me when I say I tried to tone it down on the OP-ness of fireball when making this spell. Edit: Turns out I just made it super-OP anyway. Removed the offending ability for the spell to inflict the blinded condition.

Fantasy Heaven - This is it. The ultimate "just die" spell from my contribution repertoire. This is based on a move that is essentially a forced win for the caster, but obviously that wouldn't pass here, so I just made it a really powerful "save or die" spell with a couple of risks. You need your class' spellcasting focus to be able to cast it, and it takes 1 round of channeling, which might be interrupted if you take damage. Additionally, you can't cast it while concentrating on something else, as the casting time counts as concentration.

Sunlight - This is a 3rd level spell which is an upgrade to the light cantrip. It can affect objects a little larger than the light cantrip can, it sheds light twice as far as the light cantrip, and it produces sunlight instead of mundane light. It's also available to druids. Besides those differences, and having a material component with a gp cost, this spell is more or less a 3rd level light spell.

Dragon Meteor - Here we go. This 5th level spell takes the master spark and points it downward, reducing it's effective length to bolster its width and firepower. Effectively the same spell as master spark, but with a little extra damage, a higher spell level, and fits into a smaller cylinder area centered very close to the caster.

Icicle Crash - This spell is an ice version of the thunderwave spell. I think there needs to be more cold spells, overall. This spell is the same as thunderwave in every way, except it deals cold damage instead of thunder damage, has a Dexterity saving throw instead of a Constitution saving throw, and knocks targets prone instead of pushing them away.

Frost Breath - All I did was overhaul this one, but it was so bare and skeletal before, that it may as well belong to me at this point. Anyway, essentially works the same way as the move by the same name from the Pokémon series; based on burning hands.

Royal Diamond Ring - A very nice 8th level spell, which can easily turn into a cycle of pain. Uses the power of the sun and the moon in conjunction.


Mind Jammer - My first Feat on the wiki. This one gives you the ability to prevent others from invading into your mind using telepathy or mind reading, though the prerequisites are fairly high.

Subconscious Skulker - This Feat is exclusive to the closed-eye variants of the satori and half-satori half-phantom races I have up on this wiki, and allows you to do a much better job of hiding by manipulating the subconscious of others to your advantage.

Lie Detector - This Feat came about because I thought that if the closed-eye variants of the satori-based races were allowed an exclusive racial Feat, then it was only fair to give the non-closed-eyes their own as well! This Feat better hones a satori-based race's Insight, allowing them to even detect deceit passively.

FlameheartBlazing Soul - And here we've got a racial Feat chain for the fire fairy of my variant fairy race! The first one makes a fire fairy immune to fire, and allows them to retaliate against melee attacks with a small amount of fire damage as a reaction with a few uses per long rest. The second one improves their fire immunity further to a fire absorption, and allows them to hit harder with their flames once per short or long rest.

Flower's BlessingNature's Bounty - This is the racial Feat chain for the flower fairy! The first one improves a flower fairy's healing capabilities, allowing them to heal more. The second one allows them to survive a lethal blow once per long rest with more than just 1 hit point remaining afterwards, but not if their hit points were already below their proficiency bonus.

Cold FrontFrost Bastion - This is the ice fairy's racial Feat chain! The first one, much like the fire fairy's Flameheart, makes an ice fairy immune to cold damage and allows them to inflict a slow a few times per long rest on opponents that strike them with melee attacks. The second one improves the immunity to cold absorption, and also grants resistance to non-magical piercing and slashing damage.

Veil of LightBrilliant Heart - And now for the light fairy's racial Feat chain! Once again, the first one upgrades a light fairy's resistance to radiant damage into an immunity, and it also allows them to reduce damage they take as a reaction a handful of times per long rest. The second one, however, does not grant radiant absorption, but rather simply grants them an innate ranged attack they can use a few times per long rest and can leave the target blinded on a failed saving throw.

Storm FlashLightning Charge - And of course I can't forget the racial Feat chain for the storm fairy! As per usual, the first one buffs the resistance to lightning damage to an immunity, and it also allows a storm fairy to Dash as a bonus action. The second one also improves the immunity into lightning absorption, and also makes it so that enemies that either directly strike the storm fairy or strike them with conductive weapons receive a nasty shock for some chip lightning damage.

Death's ShawlBell's Toll - Brand new racial Feat chain for the brand new death fairy! The first one increases your resilience to necrotic damage and even gives you a way to slightly combat your radiant vulnerability. The second one gives you the ability to inflict doom upon your opponents once per rest.

Mind's EyeNeural Melter - Racial Feats for the mind fairy that will blow your mind! The first one lets you buff your Insight, and acts as a bit more of a primer for the second one. Said second Feat gives you access to a powerful psychic attack that can only be used once per long rest.

ArcanistNatural Mage - Here are some racial Feats for the new arcane fairy! Being an embodiment of magic, the first one allows you to use your Charisma for Arcana and makes you better with the skill overall. The second feature, however, allows you to innately use one 1st level arcane magic of your choice, though you'll still need to prepare it as per normal with a class if you want to use spell slots on it.

Grazer - This Feat is for those of you who want to become more focused on dodging attacks whenever you take the Dodge action; it lets you graze them to reduce their damage slightly.

Frenzied Assault - For all you insane closed-eye half-satori out there, here's a racial Feat for you that lets you treat any melee weapon you are proficient with as if it has the finesse property, and always add your ability modifier to your two-weapon fighting attacks.

Charming Combatant - This is a Feat that allows for you to use your Charisma in place of your Dexterity for your AC. Not a whole lot to say about this one.

Winter Mage - This Feat was really just a whim of mine, really. Makes cold spells a little more viable, I guess?

Phantom Resilience - A brand new Feat, created for the half-phantoms. It makes them more resilient to poison (both the damage and condition), and necrotic damage.

Phantom Fighter - Another new Feat for the half-phantoms, which allows the white spiritual masses to get in on the action a bit, and grant their humanoid halves advantage on melee attacks.


VIRUS - This is my first curse on the wiki, designed to simulate a dangerous status condition for console patron units, taken from the same series as the race in question originates from. It also affects CPU aasimars.


Mystic Puppeteer - And here it is, I've finally done it. A class. This one focuses very heavily on the usage of the "mystical puppets" the bread and butter of the class itself.


This area down here is for miscellaneous homebrew content I make that doesn't seem to fit anywhere in the public eye, such as stuff that isn't balanced, but I never intend to fully "fix". Either way, anyone who comes all the way down here to look at it is free to use anything they find here, I would just like to remind them to exercise caution in using anything, as it's probably overpowered in some way. Thank you in advance for your understanding, and enjoy~!

Moon Child Half-Satori Half-Phantom[edit]

This is a little something I made spur-of-the-moment for a campaign where I was playing a half-satori half-phantom and another player was playing the moon child subrace of the kin, moon presence variant race, and we somehow ended up with kids, so I needed a race for them. Obviously, this is a cross-breed of the two previously-mentioned races, and considering that it has 12 total traits, I'm fairly certain it's overpowered to some extent. But ah well, I had the traits lying around, so I thought I'd stick them here for fun.

Ability Score Increase. Your Constitution score increases by 2, and two more ability scores of your choice, choosing from Intelligence, Wisdom and Charisma, each increase by 1.
Age. After the age of 23, moon child half-satori half-phantoms do not age and can live indefinitely if not killed.
Alignment. Because of their three-way amalgamation of the free-willed moon presence kin, the more passive satori, and the incredibly loyal half-human half-phantom, moon child half-satori half-phantoms vary wildly between chaotic and lawful, tending no one way. Besides this, they tend most towards neutral in terms of good and evil, and slightly away from evil, though they can still be anywhere on the good-evil axis.
Size. Moon child half-satori half-phantoms are the same height and build as normal full-blooded satori, ranging from 4 to 5 feet in height. Your size is Medium.
Speed. Your base walking speed is 30 feet.
Satori-Great One-Undead Amalgamation. Your creature type is simultaneously humanoid, aberration, and undead all at once. It is treated as undead for effects that target undead, but is otherwise treated as both humanoid and aberration for the purposes of spells and effects that would have no effect on undead. You have immunity to disease and you do not need to eat, drink or breathe, but you can ingest food and drink if you wish.
Dreamborne. Nothing can put you to sleep or cause you to dream. Instead of sleeping, you enter an inactive state for 4 hours each day to benefit from a long rest. You have never had or will have a dream in your life; you are fully aware of your surroundings and notice approaching enemies and other events as normal. Others who have this trait can talk with you as if using the message spell if you are within 500 feet, but only if at least one member of the conversation is in their Inactive State.
Darkvision You can see in dim light within 60 feet of you as if it were bright light, and in darkness as if it were dim light. You can't discern color in darkness, only shades of gray.
Sunlight Sensitivity. You have disadvantage on Perception checks when you or what you are trying to perceive is in direct sunlight.
Maternal Charm. Infants and children, as long as they're both within the first 20% of their race's age and prior to reaching maturity, charm you, and you have advantage on checks to calm them. You may make a DC 15 Wisdom saving throw to attempt to ignore this charm or break free of it at the end of your turn.
Strange-Colored Blood. Your blood is colored a uniquely odd orange-brown like color. Any creature has advantage on Survival checks to track you while you're not at your maximum hit points. Recovering any amount of hit points or a successful Medicine check stops this bleeding.
Animal Understanding. You are proficient in the Animal Handling skill.
Scrutiny. You are proficient in the Insight skill.
Understanding. You are proficient in the Persuasion skill.
Third Eye. You read the mind of any creature you are currently perceiving visually as per the detect thoughts spell, no action required by you, as long as that creature is within 60 feet of you and has an Intelligence of 4 or higher. You automatically probe deeper into a creature's thoughts, no action required by you, should you continue to look at them for longer than 6 seconds, though the creature doesn't get to make a Wisdom saving throw, nor does this cause them to become aware that you are reading their thoughts; should a creature become aware that you're reading their thoughts, they also can't end the effect without the aid of magic or a feature that blocks mind reading. You can't stop yourself from probing deeper into a creature's thoughts. You can still read a creature's thoughts even if it doesn't know any languages. You can't read any creatures' minds while you are unconscious.
Half-Satori. Because you are not fully undead, you have advantage on saving throws against effects that turn undead. You also have advantage on saving throws against any effects that target undead that allow a saving throw; this does not apply for damaging effects, unless such effects would have no effect - including damage - against non-undead.
Half-Phantom. Because of your half-undead nature, you are more hardy than normal. Your hit point maximum increases by 1, and it increases by 1 again each time you gain a level.
Languages. You can speak, read, and write Common, Deep Speech, and one extra language of your choice.

Variant: Ability Score Improvement[edit]

An earlier draft of this cross-breed's ability score increase is still available for use, but be mindful that it's definitely overpowered compared to other races, as it increases 4 different ability scores at once, one of which gets a +2 increase. Please be absolutely sure to get your DM/GM's explicit permission before using these increases. If you choose to use them, replace the race's Ability Score Increase trait with the following:
Ability Score Increase. Your Constitution score increases by 2, and your Intelligence, Wisdom and Charisma scores each increase by 1.

Optional Rule: Fairy Hybrids[edit]

This is an optional rule for using my fairy, variant race that allows hybrids. This is usually exclusively to be used when the DM/GM allows for fairies to have offspring, either with each other and/or with other races, though exceptional circumstances where a hybrid could be applicable are bound to exist. In the latter case, if the other race has a significant characteristic that closely resembles the element of one of the fairy, variant's subraces, then that element would be used for the hybrid. A hybrid fairy would get all the traits and the ability score increase of the main racial traits block as normal, however it would get all the traits and ability score increases from both of the subraces composing the hybrid, effectively making it stronger than a pure fairy. In the case where a damage resistance and damage vulnerability are at odds with one another, they would cancel each other out (for example, a flower-mind fairy would have vulnerability to acid damage but not poison damage, and resistance to psychic damage but not poison damage).

Variant: Dilution[edit]

Alternatively, the DM/GM can choose to make hybrids in this way: you get all the main traits and the main ability score increase as normal, and would still learn both subraces' extra languages, but then a player must take only one ability score increase for the subrace, choosing from the two subraces composing the hybrid, and then must choose one damage-type-oriented trait, one cantrip-oriented trait, and then one miscellaneous trait, again choosing from the two subraces composing the hybrid. As an example, a player with a flower-ice fairy would learn both Aquan and Terran, but would then have to choose either the Natural trait or the Icy trait, then either the Bountiful Spirit trait or the Perfect Freeze trait, and finally either the Good-Natured trait or the Cold-Hearted trait. A hybrid that contains mind fairy is always given the Telekinesis Hovering trait, and a hybrid containing storm fairy is always given the Lightning-Fast trait, and is made to choose between Electric Core and the other subrace's miscellaneous trait for their final trait.

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Design Note: This race may be better suited for a setting that is at least a little more advanced than standard D&D due to certain names, however it can be used with any setting that the DM allows. For anyone worried about names, they could consider using "celestial patron unit" for the race name and could rename the Hard Drive Divinity trait to something along the lines of Heightened Divinity Drive or even just Divinity.

Console Patron Unit[edit]

Physical Description[edit]

When not transformed, a console patron unit can be surprisingly down to earth and amiable. Even more so than humans, a console patron unit could make an excellent friend.

A console patron unit (CPU for short) will have an appearance not too dissimilar from a human, though they'll generally look more youthful and appealing. Despite generally maintaining human appearances for the most part in their base forms, in uncommon cases a CPU can have a more odd coloration to their hair and eyes.

The most defining factor of a CPU, however, is their ability to transform into a "goddess form". In doing so, their physical appearance can change by large amounts, including their hair and eye colors, hair length, height, and even their figure. In a transformed state, a CPU will generally possess vibrant and eye-catching colors to their hair and eyes, and often these colors will be complimentary to each other, making them stand out that much more. A CPU can sometimes transform from their base form to their goddess form suddenly, which can be jarring for onlookers due to the drastic shift in appearance; if someone were to miss a CPU's transformation, they could easily mistake the CPU's base form and goddess form as two different people.


For a while, researchers had been baffled in the origins of these celestial entities, however with time and effort, it was eventually discovered how they come to be: for still unknown reasons, these rare beings are born arbitrarily through the random congregation of celestial energies. Research has been conducted into the purpose of this system, as it has also been proven that CPUs are capable of conceiving and birthing a healthy aasimar child, though current hypotheses are geared towards the knowledge that CPUs possess shockingly low fertility rates. Another extremely viable explanation is the as of yet inexplicable fact that all CPUs are female. Despite the believable basis for research, no progress has been made on proving any of these hypotheses. Attempts have also been made by researchers to artificially birth a CPU by forcibly gathering and condensing celestial energies together, but all attempts have so far failed, instead resulting in a strange crystalline object.


For CPUs, faith is almost literally a life or death matter by proxy. A CPU without faith is a CPU without much power. Faith is what sustains a CPU and gives them strength. For this reason, newer CPUs will frequently be found actively seeking adventurers in hopes of joining their company and making a name for themselves. Also due to this nature, despite their relative rarity, CPUs are natural leaders, and have an extremely high tendency to quickly rise among the political ranks of most societies. Furthermore, CPUs seem to be drawn towards each other at times, and though many will seem to butt heads due to their nature, CPUs actually have a high affinity for befriending one another.

CPU Candidates[edit]

When a CPU is born, they do not enter the world as a child or infant. Though they may take an appearance that looks more childlike, they are not completely incompetent at birth, though they are naive and relatively defenseless. This immature state a CPU is in when they are first born is known as a CPU Candidate. For the next 23 years, a CPU Candidate must do everything in their power to begin garnering faith for themselves to bolster their strength, eventually allowing them to face off against monsters without as much risk of death. Before garnering any faith, a CPU Candidate is so weak to the point that most monsters can overpower them with ease, including a handful of stray goblins. Many CPU Candidates die at the hands of monsters, or fail to gather enough faith before their 23rd birthday, the latter withering away and vanishing due to a lack of faith to sustain them. However, those who do survive their 23rd day of birth mature into full-fledged CPUs.

Console Patron Unit Names[edit]

All CPUs are female, though they oddly use a different name in their goddess form from their base form. In their base form, they'll use many different kinds of names, from Celestial names, to human names, to elf names; they use almost any names that seem to interest them, and will often even use unique names of their own, deriving them from colors of varying languages. As for their goddess form, a CPU will always name it the same way: they will use the color that is predominant within their goddess form, which is also often their favorite color, and then follow it with "Heart".

Female: Noire, Blanc, Scarlet, Sapphire

Goddess Form: Purple Heart, Green Heart, Iris Heart, Red Heart

Console Patron Unit Traits[edit]

You are a down to earth being powered by faith; you mingle with the people to garner their respect and reverence.
Ability Score Increase. Your Intelligence and Charisma scores each increase by 1.
Age. A CPU Candidate matures into a CPU at the age of 23. A CPU can live for as long as ten thousand years before dying.
Alignment. CPUs lean heavily more towards good alignments, due to their reliance on faith, however evil CPUs have existed.
Size. CPUs have the same build as humans, though they are generally slimmer and they have sometimes been known to be shorter at times. Regardless, your size is Medium.
Speed. Your base walking speed is 30 feet.
Being of Faith. Your creature type is both humanoid and celestial. Additionally, you are proficient in the Religion skill.
Signature Weapon. You are proficient in one martial weapon of your choice. The chosen weapon becomes your "weapon of choice". Over the course of a short rest, you may perform a ritual with your weapon of choice, after which you become soul bound to that weapon. Once soul bound to it, you can't be disarmed of the weapon unless incapacitated. Additionally, you may summon or dismiss the weapon as a bonus action. You cannot be soul bound to more than one weapon at a time using this trait.
Hard Drive Divinity. Starting when you reach 5th level, you gain access to your goddess form. As a bonus action on your turn, you may activate Hard Drive Divinity (HDD for short) to transform into your goddess form. This transformation lasts for 1 minute, or until you are knocked unconscious. You may end the transformation early as a bonus action. While in this form, the damage die of your soul bound weapon becomes one size larger, your soul bound weapon's damage becomes magical if it wasn't already, you add double your proficiency bonus to attack rolls you make with your soul bound weapon instead of only once, your AC increases by 2, and you gain a flying speed equal to your walking speed; this flight is hovering flight. Once this transformation ends, you may not use this trait again until you finish a long rest.
Languages. You can speak, read, and write Common, Celestial, and one other language of your choice.
Subrace. You must choose a large-scope faction to be a member of, choosing from Planeptune, Lastation, Lowee, and Leanbox.

Planeptune Console Patron Unit[edit]

Ability Score Increase. Your Dexterity score increases by 1.
Quirky. You are proficient in the Performance skill.

Lastation Console Patron Unit[edit]

Ability Score Increase. Your Intelligence score further increases by 1.
Scrupulous. You are proficient in the Investigation skill.

Lowee Console Patron Unit[edit]

Ability Score Increase. Your Wisdom score increases by 1.
Attentive. You are proficient in the Perception skill.

Leanbox Console Patron Unit[edit]

Ability Score Increase. Your Charisma score further increases by 1.
Charming. You are proficient in the Persuasion skill.

Random Height and Weight[edit]

4′ 6″ +2d10 77 lb. × (2d2) lb.

*Height = base height + height modifier
**Weight = base weight + (height modifier × weight modifier)

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