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Design Note: This feat does not follow 5e Design Philosophy (feats are not level dependent). Be sure to discuss with your DM if they are willing to allow this feat or not.

Mind Jammer

Prerequisites: Intelligence and Wisdom 17 or higher, and 12th level or higher
Through intensive training, or borne of the hardships of your adventures, your mind has become incredibly honed like a bastion, and you have become able to detect - and prevent - attempts to invade into it. You gain the following benefits:

  • When a creature attempts to read your mind with an effect or spell (such as with detect thoughts), or attempts to form a telepathic link with you through an effect or spell (such as with telepathic bond or telepathy), you are immediately aware of the attempt without needing to make a check or saving throw. Additionally, before any link or information can be gleaned, you may choose to deny the creature access to your mind; if you do this, and the effect's duration is not permanent, then the invading creature must succeed on a DC16 Wisdom saving throw or have the effect immediately end. You may still willingly allow creatures to read your mind or form telepathic links with you.

Variant: No Level Requirement

For DMs that do not allow level requirements on Feats, this Feat does not require the character be 12th level or higher.

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