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Random Setting[edit]

This setting will be generated by including from the D&D Wiki – chosen with the Special:Random tool! The goal is to include enough information for a local area of the world and one adventure. I will reject random results that only work with previous editions of the game, that are mechanically dubious, that belong to a franchise, or that are otherwise incompatible. I will include 10 classes, 10 backgrounds and 10 races: further results of this type will be ignored.

No other homebrew articles are used in the campaign. Furthermore, other than the equipment and spells from the *Player's Handbook*, nothing from the core rulebooks can be used in the campaign: no core classes, backgrounds, races, feats, epic boons or monsters!

Variant Rules[edit]

The following variant rules are used in this campaign.

Creating Characters[edit]


A player may choose one of the following races, or roll 1d10 to determine one randomly:

  1. Castoran – Anthropomorphic beavers, generous and industrious river-dwellers.
  2. Kapre – Forest-dwelling loners who are kind-hearted tricksters.
  3. Cartura – Small but wise lion-like fey that were cast out of the feywilds by the elves.
  4. Celt – Celtic ancestors fought in the war of humans against beasts and spirits, siding with the humans. However, as the war grew weary, they found the conflict ridiculous and slowly gravitated towards diplomacy with the beast types, gaining their trust.
  5. Dwarves: Firebeard Dwarf – mysterious dwarves from the warm mountains, in touch with fire magic
  6. Carnophage – Carnophages, informally known as “flesh feeders” or “eaters”, are a race of nocturnal humanoid scavengers that crave the flesh of sapient beings.
  7. Avariel – Winged elves.


A player may choose one of the following backgrounds, or roll 1d10 to determine one randomly:

  1. Eternal One - You are a creature that has lived for a very long time.
  2. Hooded Figure - You are a mysterious figure, with a robe and hood covering your features.
  3. City Guard - You were a city guard.
  4. Revolutionist - You are or were a rebel, a person who wants to destroy the government you are currently or were once in.


A player may choose one of the following classes, or roll 1d10 to determine one randomly:

  1. Wind Blade
  2. Blade Mage
  3. Battle Medic
  4. War Wizard
  5. War Priest
  6. Witch Doctor
  7. Songblade (rewrite in progress)


In addition to the equipment found in the Player's Handbook, the following items are available in this region.


  1. Folding Sword (martial melee)
  2. Swordstaff (martial melee)
  3. Man Catcher (martial melee)
  4. Katana (martial melee)


  1. Great Helmet (heavy, partial)

Adventuring Equipment[edit]

  1. Collection of Legendary Tales (500 gp, 5 lb)
  2. Prospector's Kit (10 gp, 10 lb)
  3. Torture Tools (15 gp, 2 lb)


  1. Aerial Screw (2,740 gp)


  1. Night's Wraith (150 gp)


If you are using the optional feats mechanic, you can choose from the following feats.

  1. Anti-Magic Champion
  2. Gemologist
  3. Intangible Spellcaster
  4. Magic Resistance


CR 0 to 2[edit]

  1. Bubble Jellie (CR 0)
  2. Monkey (5e Creature) (CR 0)
  3. Buzz Blob (CR 1)
  4. Pixie Dragon (CR 1/2)
  5. Hippalectryon (CR 1/2)
  6. Cave Lion (CR 1)
  7. Hippopotamus (CR 2)
  8. Nightwing Bat (CR 2)

CR 3 to 5[edit]

  1. Honor Guard (CR 5) [NPC]
  2. Barghest
  3. Octofolk Entangler (CR 3) [aquatic]

CR 6 to 10[edit]

  1. Fire Mage (CR 7)
  2. Siege Beetle (CR 7)

CR 11 to 16[edit]

  1. Archsage (CR 16)
  2. Temporal Shifter (CR 16)

CR 17 or more[edit]

  1. Vassal of Nul (CR 18)


Magic Items[edit]

Because some of these items can only be attuned to by specific classes, I will need to note which campaign classes can use which item.


  1. Ring of Pleh
  2. Fortunate Cookie (wondrous item, consumable)]]


  1. Ring of Arcanum (ring)
  2. Toxic Bomb (wondrous item)


  1. Potion of Vulnerability (cursed potion, consumable)
  2. Dagger of Yysmoira (weapon)
  3. Blade of Sheol (weapon)
  4. Thunderbolt Iron Weapon (weapon)
  5. Saint's Staff (staff)
  6. Ring of Arcanum (ring)
  7. Mask of Hidden Identity (5e Equipment)
  8. Sugar Snaps of Speed (wondrous item, consumable)
  9. The Catcher (weapon)

Very Rare[edit]

  1. Incursion Armor (armor)
  2. Ring of Arcanum (ring)
  3. Centurion Spear (weapon)
  4. Vampire Cape (wondrous item)
  5. Dolos (ring)
  6. Dreadnought Armor (armor)


  1. Blade of the Ruined King (cursed weapon)
  2. Primordial Earth Titan Knucklebone (wondrous item)
  3. Staff of the Seven Seas (staff)
  4. Ring of Arcanum (ring)
  5. Syrune (wondrous item)
  6. Runic Blade (weapon)
  7. Ring of Forgiveness (5e Equipment) (cursed ring)
  8. Rod of Stolen Starlight (rod)
  9. Volt's Uprising (weapon)

Spell Scrolls[edit]

The following spell scrolls can be read by any character with spell slots, regardless of their class.

  1. Withering Ray (uncommon)
  2. Earth Barrier (uncommon)
  3. Sandblast (uncommon)
  4. Firestaff (rare)
  5. Explosive Arrow (rare)
  6. Stoneburst (rare)
  7. Pillar of Flame (very rare)
  8. Maya's Symphony (legendary)


Note: I am allowing environment and deity pages from other editions here, as they are largely descriptive and free of mechanics. At some point, I may write 5th-edition specific variants.

  1. Abyss
  2. The Coalescence – The Coalescence is a plane of eternal night, created by a long-forgotten race dubbed the "Old Ones".


  1. ChoronzonAlignment: CE, Realm: Far Realm. Domains: Death, War
  2. YodexheAlignment: NE, Realm: Plane of Shadow. Domains: Death, War
  3. AkassanAlignment: LE, Realm: The Pits of Industry. Domains: Forge, War
  4. Autumn GoddessAlignment: N, Realm: ?. Domains: Nature, Knowledge
  5. OakiderAlignment: LN, Realm: ?. Domains: Nature
  6. NestheneAlignment: CN, Realm: Material Plane, Domains: Life, Nature

The World[edit]


The first adventure must contain the following encounters:

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