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This information was generated by the random tables in the Dungeon Master's Guide. Dates of historical events were determined with d1000.

Names and other text generated from fantasynamegenerators.com.


121 CE - Prophecy is foretold. If this prophecy comes to pass, the age of monsters will begin.Omens. The sky turns red. Two brothers threaten the monarchy. "One becomes many and many becomes one". Foretold by ?. Supported by ? Opposed by ?

177 CE - The Legend of the Red Spears Rebellion. The dwarves, elves and mind flayers across the world join forces to overthrow the vampire gods. Hundreds of thousands of people die within the first few months and it is said that tall the lands were stained red. The vampires were eventually trapped by their inability to cross running water, and were forced underground. No longer were humanoids the chattel of the undead, and the time of darkness ends. The mind flayers seize the vampire's strongholds and acquire great power, creating a new threat for other races.

676 CE - The Ridgestead Archipelago arises from the ocean.

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