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Autumn Goddess[edit]

A full circle or a moon.

Domains: Moon, Civilization
Warpriest Domain: Sel√Ľne

Spring Goddess, Summer God, Autumn Goddess, and Winter Goddess are the unaligned seasonal Minor Gods. When the Major Gods created the physical plane, they also created the Minor Gods.

Autumn Goddess is notoriety as phthino and the autumn-moon goddess.

Autumn Goddess is worshiped by all races; the majority of people, especially in human cultures. The hierarchy of the temples and religious organizations from lowest to highest are the worshiper, laity, novitiate, acolyte, adept, apprentice priest, priest, curate, bishop elect, bishop, cardinal elect, cardinal, high priestess, high priest, matriarch, and patriarch. Most organizational clerics are devoted clerics. Most organizational paladins (except for knightly orders) are ardent paladins, protecting paladins, and virtuous paladins. They must worship and sacrifice at all four phases of the moon cycle and they must be at a shrine, chapel, or temple on every full moon. The festival Autumn Goddess celebrates is the high festival, on the 14th day of Ennea (September) which is the full moon and is known as Sehamine's Autumn Moon. Autumn Goddess asks of her followers the following:

  • Be mature and seasoned in the full build of the seasons and the moon.
  • Do not fear or condemn what is hidden or what you do not know.
  • Seek true knowledge, hidden wisdom, and unknown strength.
  • Work with others to achieve the greater goals.

This minor god is more involved in the physical plane than the major gods. Minor gods have shrines, chapels, temples, worshipers, and clerics. Autumn Goddess has temple complexes and religious systems built around the number 4 (a sacred number). In or near metropolitan areas or capitals there may be temples, cathedrals, monasteries, and spiritual universities. Temples have four or more clerics lead by a bishop. Cathedrals have ten or more clerics led by a cardinal. Monasteries have ten or more clerics led by a cardinal. Spiritual universities have thirty or more clerics led by a matriarch or patriarch. As four is a sacred number, the altars are four square feet with four attending priests. Cathedrals, temples, monasteries, and shrines are built in squares. The city of Helmskeep is dedicated to Autumn Goddess, but contains individual temples to the Spring Goddess, Summer God, Autumn Goddess, and Winter Goddess. In Bronze City the Holy Cathedral of Hope is dedicated to the four Minor Gods (Spring Goddess, Summer God, Autumn Goddess, and Winter Goddess). Here there are also eight Crusader sects, the Crusaders of Water, Crusaders of Wind, Crusaders of Stone, Crusaders of Spring, Crusaders of Summer, Crusaders of Autumn, and Crusaders of Winter. The Crusaders of Autumn are Zealous Paladins dedicated to Autumn Goddess. Within each Knight Order are titles, positions, and responsibilities. Tribute High Knight (head of the order), Tributus High Knight (second in command), Weapons Master, Lore Master, Treasurer, Champion of the Year, Honor Guard, High Judge and Executioner, and Master of Ceremonies.

Cleric Training[edit]

Clerics must meet the standard clerical requirements and can be from any race and any alignment.


A divergent and evil cult of the Goddess Phthino is Ozz-heir, New-Moon god, the god of darkness. There is constant violence between the Moon Cults, the female idea against the male idea.



  • The past leads the student here, where the foundation of the future is made in knowledge, wisdom, and strength.
  • Only in the autumn colors is the fullness of the divine seen and understood.
  • Leaves must fall now to provide life tomorrow.

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