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Needs Balance[edit]

These are the D&D Wiki pages in Category:Needs Balance. You are encouraged to go in and fix them. If the issues are resolved, please remove the "needsbalance" template from the article.

If the balance issues of an article are irresolvable, substitute the "needsbalance" template for a "delete" template.

Adding the Needs Balance Template[edit]

To request a page gets balanced please and add the code below to the top of that page. Please do not remove any content from the page when adding this template. The discussion about its balance should take place on its talk page.

{{needsbalance|<!--Insert why this article is not balanced here.-->}}

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5e Pages[edit]

5e Articles with a "Needs Balance" template.
Page Name Notes
Abomination (5e Class) See talk page.
Airrans (5e Race) Too many traits that do far too much.
Alchemist of nonmagic (5e Class) Alchemical Knowledge is too vague an should not be left up to DM, because they can make your potions either impossible to get or give you materials to make hundreds.
Alchemy Jug of Potent Spirits (5e Equipment) Percentages for effects besides 50% for resistances, and certain effects that trigger on a d100, do not exist in D&D 5e.
Aligotarian (5e Race) Traits don't make sense. Large sized races need to referance the large player character variant rule.
Android, PF Variant (5e Race) Overloaded with traits and strong abilities. I'd reccommend you read the Musicus_Meter_(5e_Guideline) and the 5e_Race_Design_Guide.
Animal Companion (5e Feat) Being able to gain a CR 2 ally at 4th level is too strong. Compare this feat to the revised ranger archetype feature.
Animated Armor (5e Race) See talk page.
Anthropomorphous Wind (Windmen) (5e Race) Levitate as a cantrip is kinda broken, especially at 6th level
Aqueous (5e Race) The issue with this race is not that the traits are overpowered but simply that there are too many of them. The number of traits needs to be dialled back and the traits themselves need to be reworded to make more sense. See Race_Design_Guide and the Musicus_Meter_(5e_Guideline) for the proper wording and balancing techniques.
Arcane Form (5e Feat) Starts by giving you the equivalent of an epic boon (boon of resilience), then adds more stuff on top of that. It is also preferable if the name of the feat can end the sentence "I am a ..." or "I am ..." 5e Feat Design Guide.
Arcania (5e Race) Granting flat bonuses to stats is not a race. This should be a class or a sub-class of some kind if anything.
Archer (5e Class) This class deals a broken amount of damage, and has far too many features that boosts its effectiveness in combat. This class deals more than double the damage of the fighter for example which makes four weapon attacks in a single turn. Both the Crossbow Specialist subclass and the Sniper subclass are extremely powerful and do not abide by 5e standards. The class in general has too many features, allows you to gain advantage on an ranged attack roll at 1st level, grants access to feat's effects, has round counting, penalties to hit, and allows you to dual wield two-handed weapons, among having numerous other instances of non-standard features throughout the class. See Class Do's and Don'ts (5e Guideline).
Archery Master A bonus action attack and double damage with bows allows a character to deal damage greatly beyond the bounds of what should be allowed in D&D, especially when combined with Sharpshooter.
Archivist Tradition (5e Subclass) See talk page.
Aries' Second (5e Equipment) This weapon can summon far too many elementals that last far too long.
Arisen (5e Class) Extremely questionable balance. This class frequently gains proficiency and advantages at a game breaking rate. Many things need to be adjusted such as: gaining the Extra Attack feat at 3rd level which is too early, gaining an ability score increase at 5th level (right after the ability score increase feat every character gets at 4th level and so on) as well as increasing all weapon dice, constant proficiency and advantage gains, immunity to exhaustion at 15th level, permanent doubled health at 17th level, not needing air at 18th level, and dealing 6 times damage to dragons.
Arkin (5e Race) Giving them gnomes cunning can work, however, the additional traits makes this race overpowered. There are a number of others things that don't make much sense when comparing lore to mechanics and this really should be worked on. In addition, there are plenty of grammatical errors and wording issues on this page that needs to be addressed before this can be considered a completed work.
Armor of the Undead Legion (5e Equipment) At first glance, this looks like expensive chain shirt with Stealth disadvantage. Then it mentions an "Abyssal Corruption table". I don't know what this is.
Aspidochelone (5e Creature) Ability scores are incredibly OTT.
Assassin, Assassin's Creed Variant (5e Class) Fails to define who counts as an "innocant". Expertise is not an actual keyworded mechanic in 5e, it is a specific class feature. The Creed #3 is not a game mechanic. The first level feature assumes the player is is it the starting gear provided by the class. This is only an option available to the player. If they decide to purchase their gear through random starting wealth, they would not have the blade the feature depends on. Also at level 1, using the class effectively in combat means your starting weapon should almost always deal 1d6+2d4 damage. At level 1. At this point, I'm done critiquing, this is clearly meant for an extremely specific type of game. A {{Design Disclaimer}} may be necessary, even after it is made technically sound.
Astrologian (5e Class) Haven't heard back from OP, so I've stopped working on it. Currently not in usable state.
Aura of Fate (5e Spell) I'm not sure how this works exactly considering multiclassing characters can have multiple kinds of hit die, also it seems like very powerful spell that scales without having to use a higher spell slot
Automaton Crafter (5e Feat) CR shouldn't scale to GP in a linear fashion.
Avali (Variant) (5e Race) I have a real concern over that Avalin Equipment Pack. Not just that it should be on its own equipment page but that a lot of the stuff in there that can be created outclasses several magic items in the game, are significantly lower in cost(consider magic item costs in the DMG) and can be created with a very low DC if at all.
Awakened Owl Bear (5e Race) Natural Strength basically gives 4 proficiencies, and Animalistic Understanding is a permanent Speak with Animals
Awesome Equipment (5e Equipment) Increasing ability scores past 20 is quite strong and was not taken into account when balancing these items. The items should also require attunement and is each individual item legendary or is the set legendary? If they are their own unique items as the description below states, each item should have its own page.
Azara (5e Race) Belongs in the monster manual. The traits need to be reworded to fit a race.
Azek's Will (5e Equipment) No weapon should have on hit effects that require a saving throw and this weapon shouldn't be able to pull any creature up to 60 feet towards you. The weapon also deals far too much damage when a creature is grappled. It can be on forever.
Azer (5e Race) Many of the traits don't go off the standard wording scheme. The Musicus Rating for this race as it stands would be at least a 7, however, the amount of traits they have is way too high and many of them could be simplified down. The reason for having a score of 7 despite a large number of traits is due to how many of the traits add in a disadvantage that balances out anything they give. In 5th edition races rarely provide a detriment and when they do its something minor like the drows sunlight sensitivity, however, this race provides one in almost every trait.
Azmari Lion (5e Race) The number of strong traits here are questionable as well as several of them need to be reworded to fit the 5e_Race_Design_Guide.
Azure (5e Race) This is still rough, terminology/formatting needs improving ("Can half the damage of 1 source", "1 to any other stat.", what is this "sever the chain", etc), and it is still overpowered.
Badger Lord (5e Race) See talk page.
Bahari-Samaki (5e Race) This race gets +4 Charisma via Ocean Charm, and a total of +6 ASI with subraces along with the massive amount of traits.
Bansheetouched (5e Race) Doesn't make sense and is lacking in flavour.
Barraki (5e Race) Issues on talk page not dealt with.
BattleCaster This feat is a whole other feat plus a bunch more. It's basically the Magic Initiate feat, but gives you more spells, as well as provides unlimited use of the Distant Spell and Quickened spell metamagic options, which usually require many sorcery points.
Battle Born, Variant (5e Race) There are way too many broken features in this race to justify trying to balance it out with Warring Thoughts.
Berserk Warrior (5e Class) This resembles an old, broken version of Berserker (5e Class).
Black Blood (5e Class) This class has a few questionable features including damage reflection, creating a clone, and has static bonus or negatives to ability scores and saving throws. Many features are not clear how they are activated (action, bonus action, reaction) and when the effect ends. See Class Do's and Don'ts (5e Guideline).
Black Mage (5e Subclass) This subclass far exceeds the power level of any 1st party arcane tradition.
Blackheart (5e Race) Large size issues.
Blend (5e Spell) A static +10 bonus? This isn't designed for 5e.
Blink Mage (5e Class) This class has instantaneous blinking, has an unavoidable ranged spell attack, grapple it without an ability check. The features Blink Rampage and also broken. Also, since you need to hit to activate blink strike, shouldn't Strength or Dexterity be your highest ability score?
Bloodbridge (5e Spell) "A cantrip shouldn't offer healing," DMG, pg. 284
Blossom Shifter (5e Race) Reaction seems incredibly overpowered due to it allowing the player to additionally dodge attacks using something other than AC, infinitely without any costs.
Bone Splinter (5e Race) See talk page. In addition, the lore is largely minimum and could do with expanding upon.
Bone breaker (5e Class) class reworked recently, needs reviewed/peer reviewed for balancing suggestions
Book of Time (5e Equipment) This item is overtly hard to access and can make you automatically succeed on 5 things... How is that even close to being balanced, and you are saying the there is no duration for the effect wearing off?
Boon of Archetypes (5e Epic Boon) now reads so that class-by-class handling is necessary.
Boon of Bold Charges (5e Epic Boon) -7? 5%? These values aren't used in 5th edition. "I have travelled 2000 feet to get here so I deal 2000% damage on my next attack, nothing personal god."
Boon of Evil (5e Epic Boon) nothing epic or interesting about this.
Boon of Immovability (5e Epic Boon) Hyper specific. Draw on the concept of being an immovable being rather then someone that simply get a crazy bonus if you bump into him.
Boon of Incredible Craftsmanship (5e Epic Boon) What did OP mean by this?
Boon of Incredible Dweomercrafting (5e Epic Boon) >crafting an artifact. >crafting. It's not happening.
Boon of Incredible Profession (5e Epic Boon) A lot of this should be up to the DM not the wording of some homebrewed boon. Speak English on the Wiki please.
Boon of Languages (5e Epic Boon) not really all that epic, warlocks get this pretty easily.
Boon of Monastic Tea (5e Epic Boon) Should be a feat if anything.
Boon of Perceived Time (5e Epic Boon) Not very epic.
Boon of Perfect Breaching (5e Epic Boon) Not very epic.
Boon of Rapidity (5e Epic Boon) Boon of blandness.
Boon of Recharging (5e Epic Boon) breath weapons are fairly weak, to begin with having a chance that it recharges is hardly worth an epic boon. If anything this should add this ability in addition to something that makes your breath weapon better. Then be changed to Boon of Dragon Breath.
Boon of True Primality (5e Epic Boon) So their +4 becomes a +6, there is no point making this scale with proficiency and then if they have a storm giants belt at level 20 which is pretty likely they can have 24AC? Plus shield that is 26? Plus a shield +3 that is 29AC? Where is the balance here.
Boon of Whirling Steel (5e Epic Boon) Boring. Needs work.
Boon of the Chis (5e Epic Boon) Unclear.
Boon of the Steelbond (5e Epic Boon) 20th level characters are still subject to bounded accuracy. This could possibly be adapted to have a temporary or circumstantial AC bonus.
Boon of the Undying (5e Epic Boon) Confusing and needs rewording. A boon of resurrection but with necrotic absorption and radiant damage is now worth nothing to an undead? Yeah no.
Boots of the Trickster (5e Equipment) This item has an extremely specific attunement requirement and provides a static bonus to ability score while having broken regeneration.
Bos Infernum (5e Race) *broken giant minotaurs from hell, yay!; Please read the 5e_Race_Design_Guide before making a race on the wiki. Also, read and see how this race stacks up on the Musicus_Meter_(5e_Guideline).
Bracelet of Ascendant Potential (5e Equipment) Does this item really give you another life every short rest, or is the wording unclear on the item? A few of the transformations are strictly better than the others with Humanite and the stones belonging to the homebrew races being much more powerful than the other transformations.
Brewmaster (5e Class) See talk page
Bringer of the Black Sky (5e Equipment) Inherent problem with ability score prerequisites, see talk page. Might be better treating this as a special weapon with a rarity (using the magic item template; it doesn't have to be magic) or have the additional properties unlocked with a feat or special training.
Bulbon (5e Race) This belongs in the sci-fi section. The lore needs work as it is rather confusing, there were humans that mutated due to their environment in a weird way and then came to planet earth? Doesn't make much sense. Mechanically it is balanced however the traits are confusing and don't have a consistent theme to them. More of an odd collection of traits.
Bungis (5e Race) Equipment works awkwardly as a racial trait. Wouldn't it be better to describe the items properly on respective equipment pages, then just give the race proficiency in those items? "You have proficiency with any weapon which deals ranged damage" should probably just be "You have proficiency with simple and martial ranged weapons", although that's really broad.
Bushi (5e Class) Freshly posted. Made for a friend of mine, for homebrew play. Single-Enter spacing isn't playing nicely, so needs some reformatting. Interested in criticism; --Dominator046 (talk) 22:23, 7 January 2018 (EST)
Card summoner (5e class) See talk.
Cat Sith (5e Race) :thinking: Please read the 5e_Race_Design_Guide.
Catarina Knight Armor (5e Equipment) See talk page.
Celestial Dragon (5e Race) Vastly more powerful than any other first-party race. See talk.
Chain of Impossible Strength (5e Equipment) The maximum bonus to an ability score a rare or very rare item can give you is +2 and +3 respectively and that is only when your maximum Strength score is 20.
Chamasin (5e Race)
Child of Phobos (5e Class) This class has a d10 hit die with 4 attacks and several features that frighten other creatures or augment combat. The class also has round counting, too many features, and a few features that are broken or overpowered(Phobias within 10ft of you grant you resistance to all damage, Fear Fuel, Spellbreaker, Mislead, deja vu, mislead) or break rules, see Class Do's and Don'ts (5e Guideline). Also, why is Strength not your highest ability score, and why is Charisma not listed at all since this is a class about frightening others?
Chiropterans (5e Race) The lore and the racial traits individually and together don't make much sense. As an underdark race wouldn't they superior darkvision or at least a limited form of it? As bats they would have echolocation or at least someform of it? Blindsight?
Chosen Undead, Variant (5e Race) Isn't much different from the race its based off and both are a mess wording and balance wise. See Race_Design_Guide and the Musicus_Meter_(5e_Guideline) for the proper wording and balancing techniques.
Chronolord (5e Class) A full spellcasting class should not gain features when it gains spell slot levels. The class also breaks the bounds of what a class should be able to do in 5e, with the class being able to cast multiple spells as an action, taking a full turn by your self is a feature, round counting, and other problematic features. The class also should be able to multiclass and have its spells moved to 5e Spells.
Chronomancer (5e Class) Features are ripe with a-typical parameters. Spells should be copied to 5e Spells.
Chthonic Vampyre (5e Race) So what happens if it doesn't feed? When are feeding they vulnerable to all damage? Can they move while feeding? Can they just feed whenever to anything they want? What are the conditions? Is it's creature type fiend? They are fiends not undead so why immunity to necrotic, the energy of death? All these questions and more need to me answered for this race to even be playable. See Race_Design_Guide and the Musicus_Meter_(5e_Guideline) for the proper wording and balancing techniques.
Cijelese (5e Race) Even though you may create a race for a specific setting d&d wiki isn't your personal storage unit, please follow the correct standard outlined in the Race_Design_Guide. In addition, the traits for this race needs work, see the Musicus_Meter_(5e_Guideline) for the proper wording and balancing techniques. Some examples are using seconds, something that isn't done in 5th edition, not following the rules for darkvision, it goes up and down in incremends of 60, also the elfs due to living in "twilight forests" get 60 so there isn't a real reason to not give them 60ft.
Circle of the Lost (5e Subclass) See talk page.
Clairvoyant (5e Class) Feedback on the talk page
Clamantes Hostia (5e Race) Lore and traits individually and together make little to no sense. Why do they know Celestial? If they are undead where is there undead trait? Hovering should be an individual trait and should have a speed attached to it. If they are children that were killed, and if they are now undead, why are they about the size of a goliath? What is this "long, thin hand with three fingers covered in black silk"? Overall needs major work.
Clawfolk (5e Race) See talk page.

This race has a score of 8.5 on the Musicus_Meter_(5e_Guideline). I would reduce the ASI's because getting a +4 ASI is already a lot and getting that much choice for your racial ASI is unbalanced. Then remove two to three of the small advantages they get to put it within a score of 6.

Cloak of the Fire Rat (5e Equipment) See the talk page, the item is extremely overpowered for an uncommon item.
Clugs (5e Race) In addition, the traits need work to bring this race within site standard.
Coldskin(Modified) (5e Race) Page needs to be moved to have a variant not a modified id. The traits are badly worded and use incorrect terminology. Incorrect encoded Musicus Ratings. There is nothing new or interesting about this variant, its just unspecific and vague for the most part.
Coldvein (5e Race) This race has 2 common damage immunities and 3 condition immunities, and +4 ASI. The bad parts, is not huge enough to merit this amount of natural tankyness
Colichemarde (5e Equipment) Okay, so you start with a rapier, then you increase its damage by one step, then you add the light tag, then you add a AC bonus. That's three steps overpowered.
Concentration Everfliers (5e Subclass) This... er.. this isn't how... sorcerous origins work?
Conjure Devil (5e Spell) Missing some basic information for this to function correctly (please compare with, well, the other conjure spells. Similarly, the CR needs adjusting (compare with conjure celestial)
Conjurer (5e Class) Breaks action economy. Overloads the map with summons.
Constructed (5e Race) In addition, to the race mechanics and the lore directly contradicting each other and the anti-fun nature that this race forces onto a PC, the traits are given are too strong. For example, Unarmed Defense shouldn't be given to races, see the warforged. This is also lacking SRD references and there are a few areas where wording standard isn't followed. Please read the 5e_Race_Design_Guide, the Musicus_Meter_(5e_Guideline) for traiting wording and balance and then the Help:When_to_Italicize_and_Capitalize.
Constuct Artificer (5e Class) Needs to make better use of 5e rules, particularly with respect to constructs, swarms, construction times, etc
Contract Bound (5e Class) See talk page.
Corollin (5e Race) The wording as well as general balance for the traits given here are questionable such as Enchanted No-Eyes giving them truesight and the number of traits that scale or are based around player level something that was purposely avoided in 5th edition. This brings up the next point, that being that this page doesn't follow the 5th edition standards outlined in the 5e_Race_Design_Guide and the Help:When_to_Italicize_and_Capitalize. Please read both before attempting to bring this page into playability.
Cosmic Channel What classes get this spell?
Coyouin (5e Race) Overloaded with too many traits. The traits require simplifications as they are very wordy making them unclear in certain cases. See Race_Design_Guide and the Musicus_Meter_(5e_Guideline) for the proper wording and balancing techniques.
Craven Edge (5e Equipment) See the talk page.
Crown of Thorns (5e Equipment) See the talk page. The item is also overpowered.
Crusaders (5e Class) This class has too many features at 4th level, improper save DC's, 3 saving throw proficiencies, and several overpowered features in Legionnaire's Blessing, Taunting Shout, Legionnaire's Might, and several others. See Class Do's and Don'ts (5e Guideline) as well.
Cryomancer (5e Class) The class has a few broken or overpowered features such as Heart of Ice, Ice Plate of the Frozen Knight, blood of ice, Ice Born, ect. and also has two common saving throws. The class also gains a more than 1 feature or spell slot level at several levels.
Cryomancer 2.0 (5e Class) The class should not gain multiple features when it gains a level, and should also not gain features when the class gains an ability score increase or when it gains a spell slot level.
Crystal Pick of Minerals (5e Equipment) Needs rewriting so that it actually uses the rules. What is a "sonic" attack, and why does this vulnerability deal 50% more damage instead of what 5e vulnerability actually is? What is the Armor Class and Hit Points for, the item itself? What is the damage, is this a weapon? Shouldn't the shock lightning damage?
Crystallite (5e Race) There is a lot here that doesn't meet the site standard for balance and traits are worded incorrectly throughout. I'd recommend reading the 5e_Race_Design_Guide as it gives an excellent breakdown to fix such issues and then reading the Musicus_Meter_(5e_Guideline) to help inform you how to correctly word and structure racial traits.
Cutebold (5e Race) The terminology and wording of traits are terribly off. The formatting is broken through the overuse of images. The flavor/lore of the race is pretty cringe worthy. Even simple spelling/grammar is incorrect throughout the page. Please read the 5e Race Design Guide and well as the rest of the content on the Help:Portal.
Cyk'n (5e Race) See talk page.
Daemon Eater (5e Class) Various from Class Do's and Don'ts (5e Guideline). The class also has far too many features, a broken amount of damage output, far too many skill proficiencies, numerous overtly broken or extremely powerful features, and many other issues. Also in most cases this is just a strictly better monk.
Dagger Master (5e Subclass) Issues on talk page have not been addressed
Dagger mage (5e Class) Feature spread needs improving, I find myself saying yet again (3rd time today): "some levels have no features, whilst some levels you gain a feature and a new spell slot level.
Dance Fever (5e Spell) Doesn't really make much sense?
Dancer (5e Class) At a glance I noticed several little errors, needs going through with a toothcomb, I'll do this when I get the chance.
Dancer (Variant) (5e Class) See talk page.
Dark Abberation (Variant) (5e Race) See talk page.
Dark Magic (5e Spell) the variant is of questionable balance. also as a bonus action?
Dark Spear (5e Equipment) If this is a sentient weapon, please use the formatting for sentient weapons and be clear on what would cause a conflict. Non-5e terms need correcting ("free actions", "health")
Dead King's Blade (5e Equipment) This weapon has a +3 bonus, can store up to 8 levels worth of spell slots, and has another effect in King’s Decree.
Deadly Initiator (5e Feat) +5 and advantage on initative rolls with high dexterity means your almost guaranteed to be at the top of the initiative list, giving you a +1 or +2 bonus on all attack rolls. The dps benefits alone are overpowered.
Death Dealer (5e Class) A full spellcasting class should largely not have features when they gain spell slot levels, and when they gain ability score improvements. The class also shouldn't have two common saving throws, among having a few too many powerful features.
Death Magus (5e Class) See talk page.
Death Pact (5e Spell) Full of errors.
Death Qaz (5e Race) Largely overpowered due to the strength, frequency and amount of traits this race receives. Please read the 5e_Race_Design_Guide. In addition, this page lacks the SRD references cited here.
Decomposers (5e Race) The strength and the number of traits causes this race to be too strong comparatively to an first party race. Please read the 5e_Race_Design_Guide before you create a race on the wiki.
Deep Curse (5e Subclass) Not sure what "while in your normal form" means, there's no mention of changing form anywhere else. "Cursed Gift" makes magic missile too powerful, as it makes many separate damage rolls, and the saving-throw-reduction thing is quite awkward (additional rolls on a round-by-round basis should be avoided; and given Constutition will be +4 or +5 at this stage, you may as well say the spellcaster has disadvantage on their saving throws)
Dem'Fe (5e Race) All these ASI's? A single sub-race? Being naturally adapt to the desert but no trait showing that? hmmm... this really makes me :thinking:. Reading the 5e_Race_Design_Guide should address most the balance issues here as well as fixing the concerns with the single sub-race and the +6 ASI.
Demon Huntress (5e Class) One dead level. Unarmoured Defense doesn't quite make sense (how does Str come into it? Why wouldn't Dex be a factor?) Doesn't really have a unique core feature, in fact most of this seems to be copied from the rogue class.
Demonic Assassin (Balanced) (5e Class) Demonic Possession doesn't say what action is needed, or how many of the traits you know. As such, it's difficult to determine how well balanced this is. The lore is a bit confused.
Derro (5e Race) Magic Resistance is overpowered. No race should be allowed to have it. Nerf it or trade it for something else.
Devas (5e Race) Racial traits are poorly defined and are not exactly functional.
Dimensional Lock (5e Spell) No attempt has been made to adapt this to 5e. Range and duration need fixing. Could probably be a ritual. Text needs to refer to spells that exist in 5e.
Disease Elemental (5e Creature) I know you can technically set attack bonus to whatever you want, but why does it only have +2 to attack, given those high ability scores? I think it should also set itself to one particular disease rather than a "random disease", as some diseases are way beyond CR 6. Average damages for attacks are incorrect. Hit point calculation is incorrect.
Divine Horseman (5e Race) The wording and traits given are strange throughout and resemble what you would give a class rather than a race. Read the 5e Race Design Guide to get a better idea about how to communicate your race and then read the Musicus Meter (5e Guideline) to get an idea about how traits are worded and communicated.
Divine Intervention (5e Spell) Needs to make some sense.
Dominion Overlord (5e Class) This class is completely overloaded and far more powerful than any first party class.
Doom Guy (5e Class) See talk.
Doomed (5e Background) Design Disclaimer said: "Made to be a roleplay challenge. Doesn't have flaws because, as you'll see, the background itself is a flaw". This does not resolve the issues on the talk page. A flaw is a roleplaying suggestion, not a mechanical drawback. Furthermore, the background describes what the character is now, not what they were doing before they were an adventurer. This is so far out of background design, that it's not a case of "design disclaimer", but a case of finding better design space for it. As I suggest on the talk page, a template would be good.
Draconic Angel (Variant) (5e Race) Way too powerful and too many traits. I recommend comparing this race to the harpy or EEPC's Aarakocra. Steps have been taken to improve this race since its mark for deletion, however, it still requires more work before it meets Wiki standards.
Draconic Harmony A legendary magic weapon has a +3 bonus to attack and damage rolls, so this is very overpowered (and I assume that the +6 to "melee attacks" is only with this weapon, not all melee attacks.)
Draconic Warrior, Variant (5e Subclass) Draconic Blade: getting a +1 weapon that early is too strong, and what is "true" damage? Do you mean typeless damage? Getting +4 AC when unarmored is too much, since it stacks with the Unarmored Defense class feature of the monk and the VGtM lizardfolk's scales.
Draconic Warrior (5e Subclass) 7th level gives you a whole bunch of powerful features.
Dragon (5e Race) This race is incredibly overpowered giving truesight along with various innate spellcastings.
Dragon (Variant) (5e Race) Vastly more powerful than any first-party race. Perhaps this can be reworked into a composite character?
Dragon Knight, Variant 2 (5e Class) This class should not be a sorcerer with a d8 hit die. The class has far too many features for a full spellcasting class and you get a dragon? This class takes all of its non-spellcasting features of the dragon knight class and adds full spellcasting on top of it.
Dragon Mage (5e Class) Dragon's Magic is structureless and vague. It's impossible to determine overall balance, as we have no idea what the magic capabilities are. Did the author not have access to the PHB? Is it the equivalent of full spellcasting? How is this balanced with the class's good melee capability? Various mechanical errors throughout.
Dragon Rider (variant) (5e Class) See the talk page.
Dragon Thorn (5e Equipment) What. Was this supposed to be a magic weapon?
Dragonblood Outcasts (5e Race) The sub-races are overloaded with traits and not balanced compared to the other sub-races(ie: 30 feet of flying and a 1d6 natural weapon that can knock targets prone compared to two cantrips and two martial weapon proficiency's). If you are still working on a race and it isn't a completed product please add a {{WIP}} template at the top of the page.
Dragonfang Longbow (5e Equipment) See talk page.
Dragonknight (5e Subclass) See talk page.
Dragonsbane (5e Equipment) This weapon provides far too many powerful effects, has round counting, and can transform you into any type of metallic dragon.
Dragonslayer (5e Equipment) Okay, so this item has a +3 bonus to attack and damage (like a regular very rare weapon), but also deals +2d8 damage and another 2d10 damage against fiends? (and "abyssal creatures" - fiends, then?) That alone pushes the boundaries of legendary. The other features are not defined satisfactorily, e.g. What does the acrobatics check of "full-frontal assault" do?
Dragonsoul (5e Class) What I just said at the near-identical Dragonslayer (5e Class)
Drainblade (5e Equipment) This is not well balanced for a legendary weapon, and it should acknowledge that "oversized" is a variant rule (that I'm beginning to regret.)
Drakegun (5e Equipment) See talk page
Drakki (5e Race) Doesn't follow 5th edition standard nor site standard. Please read the 5e Race Design Guide and the Help:When_to_Italicize_and_Capitalize.
Dread Fighter, Variant (5e Class) A more powerful version of an old version of Dread Fighter (5e Class), which was already of questionable balance.
Dread Master (5e Subclass) See talk.
Dream Walker (5e Class) Seems to be same as Warg (5e Class), which are you keeping? As I mention there, Warging is overpowered. If it were a spell, imagine what level it would be. Dominate Person is 5th level (you would have to be a 9th level wizard), this gives you vague control over a humanoid for 1 minute. Warging gives you perfect control over a humanoid indefinitely.
Droid (5e Race) Uses weird terminology in several places. What is "once per battle instance"? Read the information presented in the Help:Portal, specifically the 5e Race Design Guide.
Druid (WoW Version) (5e Class) This class has improper spell save DC's, round counting, numerous spell like features that should go on a spell list, critical healing, a broken amount of healing, bonus action catnip casting, overpowered cantrips at 1st level, and numerous other questionable features that largely do not follow Class Do's and Don'ts (5e Guideline).
Druid of The Zerg Fairly comprehensive example of what not to do with a class. Could you not just make the statistic for the zerg creatures, then allow a PHB druid to wild shape into them?
Drunken Mystic Boxer (5e Class) This class is largely a copy of Alcoholic (5e Class) and the Mystic Fist (5e Class) put into one class with several exceptions. The class needs a lot of balancing edits(mainly the unedited combat features of both classes) and should have far less features before it can be considered balanced and usable. See Class Do's and Don'ts (5e Guideline) as well.
Dryad, Variant (5e Race) A poorly formatted and overpowered version of the Dryad_(5e_Race). Doesn't use the preload, used 'Wisdom +1', etc.
Dualist (5e Class) Questionable design and balance, see talk page.
Duelists Vest (5e Equipment) Facing is an optional rule in the DMG, so should be made to work with that. Even taking that into consideration, this breaks the upper cap of light armor AC. With a Dex bonus of +5, this grants AC 19.
Duerdog (5e Race) Largely overloaded with overpowered traits. This is easily better than any first party race by a good few miles.
Dunkleonoid (5e Race) Need to explain the ramifications of Large size. Can they use Large weapons? What is this underwater walking speed, is it for walking along the sea bed, or is it supposed to be a swimming speed? All traits considered, this is overpowered.
Dusksong & Dawnsvoice See talk page.
Earth Shield (5e Spell) Cantrips are not supposed to allow healing
Earthmen (5e Race) The majority of traits use the incorrect wording for what the creator is trying to communicate. In addition, some traits do things that break standard in a way that makes the race unbalanced. For example, giving the race a free 4th level spell slot to use on whatever they want. Please read the 5e Race Design Guide and the Help:When to Italicize and Capitalize for a better understand of standards as well as the Musicus Meter (5e Guideline) so you can see how traits are correctly worded and communicated.
Eastern Dragonborn (5e Race) The subraces are unbalanced comparing them to each other and even individually they are pretty strong. Especially the Air based one. Flying is a largely dominating feature in the early game and comparing this to the first party aarokcra it's quite powerful. I'd recommend reducing the number or strength of the sub-classes and specifically reduce the pwoer of Air.
Ebon Blade (5e Equipment) I see you did some wordings, but it does not fundamentally balance the weapon as a whole. For starters, why should an Ebon Blade be a specific 1d10/2d6 sword (which is unorthodox) when a holy avenger can be "any sword" with a +3 bonus? What is the rarity of Ebon Blade? What about the constant hit point regeneration that disregards hit point economy? See talk page for more comments.
Elan (5e Race) While giving a saving throw proficiency seems interesting it should be changed to allow them to swap ones that they're already proficient because getting an extra saving throw proficiency is big. In addition, consider giving them another trait that isn't linked to saving throws since this race will almost always have advantage on saving throws given their first trait. Swapping it out for telepathy, levitation, minor telekinesis and the likes would make the race more flavourful and less overpowering.
Elemental Pugilist (5e Class) This class's unarmed strikes do too much damage, and the class seems to have a lack of features.
Elementalist (5e Class) Mostly doesn't make sense?
Elementling (5e Race) The subraces vary too largely in strength and overall the race is missing the streamlined layout first party races have. See how the Genasi are done in the first party's Elemental Evil Players Companion as they are a close comparison to this race.
Endathar (5e Race) Ihe wording is unclear and the races main trait is a mess, consider reading the PHB to see how racial traits are worded.
Enforced Leather Armor (5e Equipment) The AC is way too high for light armor.
Ent (5e Race) See talk page. Also, Ent's are Copyrighted by JRR Tolkien which is why everyone else uses Trent's, this page reuiqres a CD tempalte. See the Treant_(5e_Race) for a better example of how this concept done.
Equestrians (Aleithia Supplement) (5e Race) Compare this to any first party race and you will notice every issue from balance to formatting to wording. Please read the 5e Race Design Guide before creating race pages on the wiki.
Erradiagos (5e Race) The racial traits are worded poorly and the traits given are too strong compared to the first party. In addition, Blackvision could be done in a way that doesn't involve forcing the player to be a huge burden on the rest of the party for a maximum of 8 hours.
Ethereal (5e Race) See talk page
Ettin (5e Race) The lore, traits and the random height and weight table are off, out of site standard or too strong. Specifically, the Large size of this race pushes it over this over edge.
Ex-Blood Doll (5e Background) roleplaying features should not have any mechanical effects whatsoever.
Extraterrestrial Being (5e Race) It is difficult to understand what this races traits are trying to communicate. The page requires rewriting.
Fate and Fortune (5e Equipment) Rolling a d100 on every attack roll for an effect that rarely occurs is hardly good design.
Field Medic (remade) Don't know if this is finished or not, but obviously at-will hit-point restoration is overpowered, basically making Hit Dice redundant.
Final Spark (5e Spell) See talk page
Fists of Balance (Regressed) This listed as nonmagical even though it is clearly magical and would ideally be listed as a magic weapon, if not a monk archetype or variant rule. 5e doesn't have "[15/-]" damage resistance, nor a "knuckle" weapon type.
Forge Breaker (5e Equipment) The concept of this weapon does not work well in 5e, as 5e does not have weapon breaking rules anymore. See the talk page.
Frieza Clan (5e Race) In 5e, a race should avoid providing bonuses that increment beyond 5th level. Several other effects fly in the face of 5e expectations as well, such as Dexterity scores actually decreasing with level. Perhaps to replace some of these racial features, this race should have a race-exclusive class or feats, as suggested on the talk page.
Galvanizer (5e Class) Needs a better feature spread. There are dead levels and overburdened levels.
Gambeson (5e Equipment) Straight up improvement over studded leather. The armor also provides nothing new compared to the more balanced plated leather armor.
Ghoul (Tokyo Ghoul) (5e Race) Vastly more powerful than any first-party race, beyond repair. See talk page
Giant Door Shield (5e Equipment) Says its a two-handed weapon, but description implies it can be "wielded in one hand". The traits are a bit non-5e. For example, a charge-type effect is something that should happen if you move a certain distance, rather than something that gives you extra movement; It doesn't define how a creature is "caught in the line of movement", since you can't move into spaces occupied by enemies; a "line area-of-effect" would normally be cause for saving throws rather than multiple attack rolls. Finally, "Skills/Traits" are functions of character training, not inherent to the weapon itself (unless you make it magical)
Gladiator (5e Class) I hope the rewrite is still in progress? Still a bit muddled. See if you can spot what isn't correct about the weapon proficiencies; then look at "Weapon Master" at 7th level. There are some dead levels, and yet other levels where you get multiple features. Keeps referring to a "gladius". This is a shortsword. Cultural renaming is done at the campaign level. Many features do not make sense.
Glass Cannon (5e Class) Does way too much damage too easily for little drawback. See talk page.
Glyphic Tiles (5e Equipment) The glyphs provide far too much for only legendary item(mainly the charges need adjusting and other effects need balancing). The item should also not have round counting and the wording needs cleaning up.
God Child (5e Race) This is so ridiculously overpowered that it's completely unusable. I don't even know where to begin. This needs to be brought to a more reasonable power level and brought in line with the core races.
God Eater (5e Class) Poorly designed features, some of which are incomprehensible (particularly the core feature, god arc). All of the features are combat related: a good class has interaction and exploration features too. Refers to "oversized" weapons, this is a variant rule that should be linked to and noted at the top.
Graug (5e Race) AC bonuses too large, 1d8 unarmed strike, ect. Interacts poorly with class choice.
Grave Walker (5e Class) See talk page
Great Wyrm Force Dragon (5e Creature) See talk page.
Greater Disguise Self I like this spell. I think it is fun, but it could use some adjustments because I'm not certain that its quite a level 6 spell unless it physically changes you. Which needs to be stated in some way. .
Gromril Armor (5e Equipment) Combines several magic items: armor of fire resistance (rare), armor of cold resistance (rare), and part of armor of invulnerability (legendary). This is not a mundane item. Even if it is nonmagical, it should be treated as a legendary magic item (c.f. adamantine armor)
Gun-sword (5e Equipment) 2d8 damage. The most damaging weapon in core 5e is the heavy crossbow at 1d10.
Gunchuks Why do you get two attacks. How is this faster than, say, a club (which are the statistics you use for a nunchuck). Or is it a joke?

A nunchuk is far faster than a club. Watch anything with Bruce Lee in it.

Haibane (5e Race) Powerful Halo is a infinite torch with Guiding Halo being a infinite torch for creatures with darkvision. Powerful wings giving 60ft of flying is also incredibly overpowered.
Hala-Kiir (5e Equipment) A longsword does not deal 2d10 slashing and 1d6 necrotic damage and this weapon has the potential to gain far too many charges.
Half-Basilisk (5e Race) At 1st level, stunning a creature for even 1 round is a big deal, but here we have a feature that uses round counting, and stuns a creature even if they pass the saving throw!
Half-Devil (5e Race) Blatently overpowered, wording for trait not only deviates from standard but contributes further to its overpowered nature. This is stronger than the first party's tiefling but also comparatively stronger than every first party race including the pureblood yuan-ti, which is already considered to be overpowering. Sub-races are not defined. For example, can you go down the path of magic, receive the benefits of such a path as well as receive the benefits gained from being born into a gnomish society? Why would be born into such a society grant such a clearly race specific benefit? Why would creatures of such obviously evil origins not be shunned and cast out of these societies equally if not more then tiefling's are?
Half-Mimi (5e Race) This race is a condition immunity and Magic Resistance is a incredibly more powerful version of Gnome's Cunning.
Half-Saiyan (5e Race) This race has a transformation of easily questionable balance. See Class Do's and Don'ts (5e Guideline) as well as the 5e Race Design Guide. In addition, this is almost exactly the same as the Saiyan (5e Race).
Half Ghost (5e Race) Spectral Body gives an incredibly high unarmored AC, along with the vast amount of traits this race gets.
Headsman (5e Creature) Waaaaay too strong for an ordinary headsman. For example, it has a higher Strength score than a gladiator.
Healer's Robes (5e Equipment) Needs to be changd to a magical item
Heartless (5e Race) See talk page.
Heated Hands There isn't an "immediate" casting time or a "melee" range, and you can't use spell slots to cast a cantrip. Please see the spell information in the PHB. Does the caster need to use an action to melt the ice?
Hellish Overlord (5e Class) This class shouldn't give you access to a feat, and is too powerful due to the class's Extra Attack, a large amount of minions that overload the map with summons, a d12 hit die and heavy armor proficiency, advantage on attack rolls, and the casting of spells and other powerful effects for next to no terror points. The class also shouldn't have an effect that requires an on hit saving throws with every hit and effects that give out gold or enslave others. See Class Do's and Don'ts (5e Guideline) as well.
Helmet of Fate (5e Equipment) So you get numerous spells that you can cast for free and 3 extremely common resistances with this item.
Heritage Rebuke (5e Spell) seams like a lot of stuff for a level 1 spell to do
Hero's Tunic (5e Equipment) This is better than armor that costs ten times as much. If this is solely for Hero of time (5e Class), why not just have the class offer a +2 bonus to AC while wearing a chain shirt?
Hiltless throwing dagger (5e Equipment) Basically identical to the dagger in the SRD, except it deals more damage and costs more.
Holy Knight's Blade (5e Equipment) This blade shouldn't be able to negate spell casters spell slots. Also why would you ever use the shortsword form over the longsword or greatsword form?
Hook Sword Needs a rewrite. Should be no better at tripping than any other reach weapon (e.g. whip), but you should be able to link them together to give it reach.
House-Elf (5e Race) Innate Magic is different from the standard innate spellcasting such as Infernal Legacy, but the main problem is gaining the 3rd level spell blink at 2nd level.
Human Puppet (5e Class) There isn't even any point to the Weaponized Body feature, as the shortsword I start with deals more damage and you should not be able to attack with it as a bonus action. Touch of Needles and Weaponized Body also does way to much damage as you start to level up. The variable amount of damage and range the features do does not fit 5e very well, see Class Do's and Don'ts (5e Guideline). The class also has a few too many features.
Hunter, Companion Variant (5e Class) The class has static bonuses/negatives to skill checks, see Class Do's and Don'ts (5e Guideline). Also, Natural Explorer has far too many effects, there is not a reflex save in 5e, and the class shouldn't have a custom spell slot table.
Hygeist (Demon) (5e Race) Living Shadow is incredibly overpowered, especially as a Fighter with at least 4 attacks per round
Imbue Harmlessness (5e Spell) No, you can't negate a creature's ability to harm the party with a 5th-level spell (and without a saving throw, no less!)
Imperial Gold Weapon (5e Equipment) What is a "wind elemental"? Is it like an air elemental? Celestial Bronze and Stygian Iron need wikilinks Is this a magic weapon or nonmagical?
Imperial Warden (5e Class) see talk page
Incarnated Barrier of the Void (5e Equipment) Ability score requirements are odd and this item shouldn't require attunement by a homebrewed class as that is extremely restrictive. The armor should also not have round counting and numerous extremely powerful effects.
Infernal Axe (5e Equipment) This weapon provides far too many powerful effects, there is no duration on the summoned creature, the curse is not really a curse for a lot of creatures, and this weapon can gain a +8 bonus to hit against celestials.
Inspiration Potion (5e Equipment) See talk page.
Ishtar's Babylon Gate (5e Equipment) There is no such thing as free actions in 5e, the item shouldn't have round counting, what does pinned mean, and this item shouldn't be able to make several creatures make up to 10 saving throws(why is this even a thing?). The item could also be much clearer on its effects.
Jewel of Fists (5e Equipment) It seems like this can be used to attain insanely high ability scores, without attunement. By comparison the manual of quickness of action is of the same rarity, but increases Dexterity (and only Dexterity) by +2 instead of +15.

The weakness imposed by this item assumes the use of targeted attacks or called shots, even though this aren't part of 5e without variant rules or DM fiat.

See talk page.
Jotun (5e Race) Jotun Pride is incredibly powerful, because there's nothing to prevent them from making everyone their personal enemy
Jumper +4 Con, absurd abilities, and not focusing on how jumping in combat is perfected by this class, shows me that the 5e Class Design Guide was not read beforehand.
Karnit (5e Race) Sneaky, sneaky gives infinite hide actions in a turn, which is incredibly overpowered as a rogue, and upgrades somehow?
Kataima Incarnate (5e Equipment) Dual Blade form allows you to gain a +6 bonus to attack and damage rolls total and allows you to gain an extra attack through haste however many times you want without penalties. Plus, the greatsword's effect is far too powerful, and this weapon has far too many effects in general.
Kenpachi (5e Class) This class has round counting and deals far too much damage with Katana Upgrade and Extra Attack. The class also shouldn't be able to make more attacks than the fighter at earlier levels, and the class has too many combat features in general. See Class Do's and Don'ts (5e Guideline).
Kineticists, Variant (5e Class) Abilities aren't quite balanced for proper use in a campaign yet, could use a little input or other changes.
King of Games (5e Class) See talk page
Knight of Bretonnia (5e Class) See talk page
Kyuubi no Ookami Could do with rewriting to better use 5e rules (and to correct spelling and grammar.)
Lawgiver (5e Class) See talk page. Double check those points to get this page usable.
Leadership (5e Feat) Needs to be aware of the actual rule for followers (in the DMG)
Lich Knight (5e Class) Overpowerd class(high number of extra attacks with other features and Lichdom), also could this class be converted into an Warlock Pact?
Life's Interruption (5e Equipment) No weapon should be allowed to do 2d8 damage, also is this even a mundane weapon because the description says the weapon requires attunement, give a +2 bonus to attack and damage rolls and gives you advantage on Dexterity saving throws.
Livingsteel (5e Race) This gets way too many resistances and immunities.
Lone Walker (5e Class) Two common saves. Numeric bonuses and penalties to skills. Weak 1st level. There are no "exotic weapons" in 5e. Says "one skill based on Strength", but there is only one Strength skill. Ammo crafting doesn't appear related to the crafting downtime activity. I believe this class was written without having first read the PHB.
Longknife (5e Equipment) Variable type of damage. Also see talk page.
Lullaby (5e Spell) This spell is too powerful for a cantrip. See the talk page for details.
Lupox (5e Race) Despite supposedly being a 5th edition race includes racial bonuses to skill checks, which 5E has done away with. Additionally, there's no such thing as extraordinary abilities (a 3.5ism) in 5E.
Machete (5e Equipment) Realism and consistence. Machete shoudn't make more damage than a scimitar. Machete is similar to kukri which also isn't a d8 weapon in this wiki.
Mageblade, Variant (5e Class) A lot of this is awkwardly worded and not to 5e design standards.
Magician Overlord (5e Class) A spellcasting class should largely not have features when they gain spell slot levels, and when they gain ability score improvements. The class also has several broken or overpowered features such as Despair Aura past I, Low Tier Magic(and other tier magic as you are gaining metamagic effects for free), Dark Wisdom, Create High Tier Undead, and several other class and subclass features as well.
Magister Magi (5e Class) The class entails playing two characters at the same time with magic. Needs rewording and context to some abilities see talk page
Magus (Halfcaster) (5e Class) I need a free hand to cast spells, so half of the fighting styles are no good. The text for the archery style is wrong. Furthermore, since they cannot use an arcane focus, they ought to have a spell component pouch as starting equipment, unless you want the player to micromanage M components.
Maiden's Children (5e Race) Total +4 ASI. A little over-the-top. Seers makes no sense. What does it mean by "use foresight"? Is that a spell? It certainly isn't a 5e mechanic. Then it just gives a bonus to some checks out of nowhere. Are those permanent bonuses? Temporary? What activates them? What do those bonuses represent?
Mascot (5e Class) It may be a joke but it also needs to make sense. 5e doesn't have "critical failures" so that needs explaining. Nor does it have "critical success" for ability checks and saving throws. The gadgets aren't too well explained (can I reacquire when I lose one? Can I pass them out to my friends?)
Mask of Deformation (5e Equipment) Unclear why you would put this mask on. Do not know what a "decayed" ability score means, and other detriments have no mechanical definition. The deformities basically render the PC unplayable for an indefinite amount of time, this is not a good player experience, does not lend itself to storytelling unless the player really wanted to sit out a bunch of adventures or retire the character.
Massive Greataxe (5e Equipment) See talk page
Master of Change (5e Class) Isn't this just a far better sorcerer? A full spellcasting class should also largely not have features when they gain spell slot levels, and when they gain ability score improvements.
Master of the Sword (5e Class) See talk page
Mechanical Pet (5e Equipment) This item does not seem to be made for 5e and is seems to give you a free pet that stats are not adequately described.
Mechanoid Brawler (5e Race) h0W iN 1nT3r3$tInG!!111 So, here is where you should read the 5e_Race_Design_Guide before you start creating a race. Once you are done rethink your race a bit based off the information there and then use the Musicus_Meter_(5e_Guideline) to see the correct way to word and balance out the traits. Then I'd say pay close attention to the lore sections of the race guide and have another go at the lore as it is lacking as well as going against some standards there.
Mediator (5e Subclass) 3rd and 9th level features emphasize strong Charisma, but the 3rd level feature emphasizes strong Intelligence. If my Cha is my primary or secondary ability score, then Meticulous Negotiator isn't much use.
Memory Make Mage (5e Class) Memory Bank is very vague, puts a lot of onus on the DM to assess new spells on the fly, potentially abusable.
Mercenary Armor (5e Equipment) This is more powerful than any nonmagical medium armor in the SRD, but 1/3 the price of half plate.
Metalborn (5e Race) See talk page
Metamagic Mastery (5e Feat) Feats should -not- be limited by class or class features. The Metamagician feat is a better version of this.
Meteor Knight (5e Class) See talk.
Meteoric Greatsword (5e Equipment) How is a reach weapon that deals 6d12+12 damage even close to being balance? Isn't the point of magical items is that you find them, so couldn't you find an augmented meteoric greatsword? The weapon also has at will teleportation.
Miaodao Possibly Overpowered. It's better than before, but hasn't been playtested.
Mighty Gauntlet (5e Equipment) 5e doesn't have weapon sundering (you are thinking of 3e), and this is clearly too heavy to be a finesse weapon.
Mind Field (5e Class) I must advise against temporary ability score ("stat boost", ugh) changes. Look at how 5e SRD:Enhance Ability works.
Momentum Warrior (5e Class) Dubious balance. If I have an AC of 18, I have a +6 bonus to attack and damage rolls with unarmed strike ("only unarmed strikes?" Well, that's 7 damage, the average of 2d6). At 18th level, I have a +13 bonus, which is absurd. Throws in "you get a monk's martial arts feature" like its a trivial thing.
Monk of the Outer Planes (5e Class) At 14th level your base AC is 23. The expected cap (before circumstantial bonuses) is 20. There doesn't seem to be any reason to invest in Strength, so not sure why it is used in "fists of fury". What is the DC for "Indominable"? Has two "strong" saves. Has proficiency in "unarmed strike" and "simple weapons", even though an unarmed strike is a simple weapon. Extra attack needs to explain how the extra attack words (try standard wording for this). Well that's for starters I guess.
Monsoon This needs more of a balancing factor than cost. Why not use the burst property? Also "light crossbow" isn't a category. Is this simple ranged or martial ranged?
Monster Hunter (5e Class) Feature spread needs looking at. On some levels no new feature is gained, whilst on others you gain two - including the ASI levels! 1st level is quite weak, like a poor man's ranger.
Monstrous Strength (5e Feat) Increasing the prerequisites doesn't allow for a feat to be more powerful. They are there to ensure that a player can actually use a feat, not as a gate to keep them from it.
As for the adjustments since it last had the needs balance tag. The parts that reaalllly warranted balancing are advantage on both strength and constitution saving throws. Both of which were left while the things that make it unique were removed.. so it still needs balancing
Mudra shinobi (5e Class) Just to say, with Bird, your passive perception is "always on"; you can't choose to use it instead of an active check.
Multicasting (5e Feat) You can already cast a spell thats and action and one that is a bonus action on the same turn. And changing it to cast 2 spells that are actions is kinda a big deal (think capstone abilities)

See talk for further discussion

Multiplectic (5e Race) Clone Self. So there's me and 6 clones carrying identical equipment. It doesn't say how they act except "they take telepathic orders", so I assume they move and take actions as the player directs. I can use them to box in enemies and block their movement. My damage output each turn is 7d10 (say, with a longsword or fire bolt; at 5th level my damage output becomes 14d10). If I have the axe of the dwarvish lords, now I have six more copies of it. A clone might only have 5 HP, but I can make a new one every turn. Since a clone is identical to me, they can make their own clones too.
Naruto: Shinobi (5e Class) Inherits the mechanical failures of Naruto: Ninja v3 (5e Class) and adds some of its own. For example, the Path of Silence is absurd: At 7th level your regular weapon attack is +1 magical finesse 2d8 damage + 3d6 damage (sneak attack on every strike), which makes you wonder what the point of the martial arts feature is.
Necklace of zeus blood This needs completely rewriting. The traits are just not right in the way they are worded or with their mechanical effects.
Necromancer, Variable (5e Class) Refers to "durability", which is not a 5e thing. No feature at 2nd level. Has spell slots but no spellcasting feature. The necromancer spell list says that you know an awful lot of spells, more than any other class. Many features do not work or are insufficiently explained.
Needle Gun (5e Equipment) Surely this should be a renaissance item? The cost doesn't seem correct in comparison to the DMG firearms. The reloading special rule doesn't make sense. How can be both a rifle but also fire musket balls?
Needsbalance (5e Template) horribly overpowered what the hell man
Nephilim (5e Class) Spellcasting is a mess (doesn't say what spells you know; and no, cantrips shouldn't give people hit points back; and these cantrips do not have enough information to be spells.)
Nightbringer Incomplete definitions (Advantage not given circumstances; incomplete extra attack; "gain resistance to mental/psychic damage"; "critical fails on both 1s and 2s" (5e doesn't have critical fails); "gain +5 and advantage" (the advantage mechanic is designed to replace numeric bonuses); "immediate action" (5e doesn't have immediate actions); etc
Ninja, Naruto (5e Class) See talk page
Oath of Sacrifice (5e Subclass) The level 20 ability Ultimate Sacfrice is Game Breaking, makes the character into a unstoppable fighting force
Oath of the Deep (5e Subclass) This subclass gains access to mores spells than the regular paladin, and has overpowered features in Channel Divinity/Channel the Deep and Avatar of the Void.
Original Warcraft Shaman (5e Class) A full spellcasting class should not have features when they gain spell slot levels.
Ork (Warhammer 40k) (5e Race) Race uses round counting, does not take into account how powerful the Large size is, so the race is overpowered, and has ability score increases that resemble earlier editions(negatives don't balance out the positives).
Overlord (variant) (5e Class) See the talk page. While not necessarily too overpowered, the class has countless other issues.
Paired Shamshir (5e Equipment) 1) A shamsir is as-near-as-dammit a scimitar, which is already in the PHB. You can fight with two scimitars already. The special rule that this entry provides is awkward and unnecessary and not inherent to the weapon (if I can make a "both weapons swing at once" attack with these, why not scimitars, or any other light weapon?) 2) We shouldn't have a single set of weapon statistics to represent two separate weapons.
Paradox Men (5e Class) See talk page
Paranoid Agent (5e Background) roleplaying features should not provide mechanical benefits
Path of the Berserker (5e Feat) Does not fit with the design philosophy of 5e feats; I suggest reading the 5e Feat Design Guide.
Path of the Gorechosen (5e Subclass) Unrelenting is basically a stronger version of "Frenzy" from the Berserker, adding a very significant damage increase WHILE getting an absurdly high health regen at that. While Unwavering is okay, i think increasing the chances of a critical is especially strong in a barbarian who gets more critical damage dice, as well as in an subclass that gets a third attack per turn. Meanwhile Unstoppable is just outright overpowered in every single aspect, the free damage bonus being insane and stupid (as if the total damage output wasn't off charts already).
Pathiel (5e Creature) Ability scores could be toned down. Try to think of them on a scale of 1-20, then in exceptional creatures a few abilities can go over 20 (but not by much)
Persona user (5e Class) This needs some serious rewriting. "insta kill spell" - that's not a term I want to see anywhere in D&D.
Phantom Disaster (5e Equipment) It is a poor design choice to make each attack separate into 4 arrows, since that is 4 times as many attack and damage rolls you need to make. An enemy of an enemy is also overpowered.
Phoenix Blood (5e Subclass) see talk page
Piper (5e Class) Feature spread needs improving. There are some levels where nothing new is gained, and yet other levels where you get a feature and a new spell slot level. Missing information and incorrect terminology throughout (e.g. rat swarm doesn't say what the save DC is for maintaining concentration; repeatedly refers to "major action" which is not a thing.)
Placebo Enhancer (5e Equipment) See talk page
Plague Doctor, Variant (5e Class) The class feature spread needs to be looked at.
Plague Rat (5e Race) Easiliy giving diseases to other creatures is not even close to being balanced, see the contagion spell for reference as it is a 5th level spell that might give a creature 1 disease.
Poison kill (5e Spell) Im not sure the numbers line up for a 4th level spell and the execute should probably be adjusted.. as of right now is a less than a 1in46656 chance
Porenteram (5e Creature) Thanks to Bell Charm, one or two rounds is enough for this creature to prevent the entire party from doing anything to harm it. There's a different between "challenging" and "just kind of not fun."
Power Armor VII (Aquila/Imperator Armour) (5e Equipment) See talk page.
Predator Hunters mask (5e Equipment) This needs to have a better grasp of 5e. This is categorized as a suit of light armor. If you wear this, that's all you're wearing. You could perhaps use the "partial armor" variant rule. You don't need to say "all attacks count as Sneak attacks". "thermal vision" and "x-ray vision" are not explained in game terms - is this for a campaign in which they are defined?
Primitive Warrior (5e Class) This class has the barbarian's rage and better martial prowess than the fighter combined into one class. Then the class has a broken unarmed defense and several other extremely powerful or broken features.
Projectionist (5e Class) Stub template was removed, so presume this is presented as complete. See talk page for issues.
Psion, Variant (5e Class) See talk page.
Psion (5e Class) See talk page.
Puppeteer (5e Class) There are no spell slots available, making it difficult to figure out if there even should be a spell list associated with this class.
Puppeteer (5e Spell) Comparing this 5th-level spell to dominate monster, it seems like it should be around 8th level. Either spell allows you to take control over any creature within 60 feet with one failed save, but for several reasons this one is much better in a combat situation, especially against a single boss-like creature.
Pyromancer's Parting Flame (5e Equipment) "caestus" is not a base weapon type. What is an unarmed weapon? Doesn't explain what the "+2" is. Doesn't define (as usual with homebrew items) what has a "soul" and can I carry a bag of rats, killing some whenever I want to top up to maximum, also does it work on undead and constructs as well? This magical weapon is also very strong for a legendary weapon as it gives you lots of bonus damage, some temporary hit points, extra fire damage, and resistance and advantage on fire based effects.
Pyromancer (5e Class) A full spellcasting class should not have features when they gain spell slot levels, and when they gain ability score improvements. The class also has several broken or overpowered features such as Smoldering armor, damage improvement at 4th level(Dancing with the Flames), immunity to fire damage at 5th level, With Fire and Sword, and most of the class's other features as well.
Quantumancer (5e Subclass) By new user, not yet playtested, looking for feedback
QuickArmor (5e Equipment) See the talk page.
Razen Blade (5e Equipment) The bulk of this text describes how the weapon is made, which is nice, but magic item creation is a campaign-level process determined by the DM (see the DMG). That leaves us with a +1 weapon (already an uncommon item in the DMG) with changed damage dice. It makes the most sense to do this with a dagger, it's like having a greatsword that you can dual-wield and throw and Small creature can use. I wish it were more interesting, in any case the rarity should be increased.
Real Dragon (5e Race) Direct upgrade to the dragonborn from the PHB.
Redbull (5e Equipment) 8 levels of exhaustion, you say? You mean more than it takes for you to keel over dead (6 levels)? Also, that is some hyper-accelerated exhaustion-purging, considering that normally it takes a full long rest (and some food and water) to rid yourself of one level.
Reflectionist (5e Class) Didn't get far before there was a problem. Deflect: 1) "mitigating 1d4 damage.", 2) "free action", 3) "within the path of the attack". These have no definition in 5e mechanics. I know what its trying to get at, but it needs rewriting. Also, rolling a die to reduce damage is OK in limited cases, but it's not good to have that on every incoming attack. More problems further down, I see things like variable round-counting, which isn't done in D&D anymore.
Relentless Will (5e Feat) See talk.
Revert Time (5e Spell) A healing spell that is effectively "cure wounds but cures more," and is exclusive to classes that normally lack robust healing spells.
Revolutionist (5e Background) "short swords" is not a background proficiency, nor should backgrounds provide weapons and armour
Rhumnam (5e Equipment) Uh.. needs a little refinement, e.g. the +3 benefit needs writing out in full. How often can the magic missile be used? it says "6 blasts" but it has "5 slots"?
Rider (5e Class) The beastmaster ranger gets a CR 1/4 creature at 3rd level and you get a CR 3 creature at 1st level? The also is far too strong in combat with advantage on attack rolls, a blade that deals extra damage, the Might feature, a 3rd attack at 11th level with a pet, and various other combat focused features.
Rift Weaver (5e Class) See talk page
Rimefire (5e Equipment) The blade itself deals a large amount damage, you can cast infinite counterspells with the blade, and you can potentially regain a broken amount of spell slots or deal a large amount of damage with the weapon's gained charges. The weapon also doesn't require attunement and shouldn't unlocks additional effects through extremely specific circumstances.
Ring of Knowledge This item has static bonuses to skill checks, which is not a thing in 5e.
Ring of Solomon (5e Equipment) Has a lot of features and replicates the effects of a number of powerful magical rings, most of which are rare or very rare, and one is even legendary.
River Demon See talk page for list of issues.
Robes of the Fallen (5e Equipment) This item provides far too many benefits for an artifact, and can make you immortal.
Rope Dart (5e Equipment) The special attacks represent specialist use of the weapon, not inherent to the weapon itself, so should be moved to a feat or a class feature.
Rune Craft (5e Class) See talk page
Runepriest, Variant (5e Class) Basically a souped up warlock mixed with cleric. It effectively has short rest spellcasting without being "true spellcasting" (IE not subject to annoying things like counterspell or dispel magic), and gets glyphic inscriptions rather than invocations. Except you get a lot more glyphic inscriptions than you would invocations, you get them faster than you would as a warlock (IE you get your 3rd inscription at 3rd level with rune priest level, where as you don't get your 3rd invocation until 5th level as a warlock) and a bunch of them look better than anything you'd ever get as a warlock. Oh, and you get two good saves (Wisdom and Constitution).
Runeterra: Marksman (5e Class) See talk page
Sadistic Assassin (5e Background) Skill selection is too broad. Has 6 proficiencies/languages in total. Features should not provide a mechanical advantage such as advantage or resistance.
Sai Swords (5e Equipment) A hasty conversion from a 4e page. This doesn't work in 5e. Plus a sai would just be a monk weapon (simple weapon).
Saiyan, Variant (5e Race) Among smaller problems, there's no clearly limit to how long SS4 or other transformations will last, and there is no defined drawback to staying in these forms. One could hypothetically use an action to succeed on a difficult-but-not impossible Constitution saving throw, then gain a "+12 Str" and "-12 Int" indefinitely.
Saiyan (5e Race) This race still has a transformation of easily questionable balance. Gargantuan size, 1d8 unarmed strike with 10-foot reach, Frightful Presence, resistance to non-magical physical damage all at level 1. In addition, unexplained words(Blutz Waves?), incorrect capitalization of words(damage types), large areas of text bolded(statistics of the transformation), vague terminology("You Constitution and Strength increases by 1" when it should be "Your Strength and Constitution score increases by 1."). Please read through the relevant sections of the Help:Portal such as the Class Do's and Don'ts (5e Guideline), the 5e Race Design Guide, the Understanding Bounded Accuracy (5e Guideline) and of course the Help:When to Italicize and Capitalize.
Saiyan Fighter (5e Class) The class has various issues. See Class Do's and Don'ts (5e Guideline).
Samuel "Bostock" Barreller (5e Equipment) The 1500 year history puts huge onus on the DM. The weapon is extremely weak when you first get it, and has round counting, and damage counting as well?
Schrödinger's Von Neumann–Wigner Quantum Revival Automatically casts when dead.
Scribe (5e Class) Core feature conflicts with the magic item rules in the DMG. The DM decides on the cost, availability, and creation process of creating a magic scroll. The recommended values of a 1st level spell scroll are a fraction of the cost presented below. Even if the campaign requires this class's method of making scrolls, the costs are beyond the means of low-level PCs, giving the class not much to do for a long time. d4 hit dice. Scribe Tracks seems to be describing occupation: anyone attempt these tasks anyway, using a downtime activity.
Sea Dragon (5e Creature) TIs current Challenge Rating of 16 is a vast overestimation of the current statistics (which put it roughly around CR 10). This could be fixed most easily by changing the CR, or giving the dragon a decent Multiattack.
Seed Wha is this i Can't even
Sellsword (5e Subclass) Coup de Grace still needs to be changed to a reasonable power level, and not be brokenly overpowered. Please compare this subclass to the thug.
Shadow Assassin (5e Class) See talk page
Shadow Hunter (Balanced) (5e Class) This class seems to be a much more powerful version of the rouge, with a fighting style, an extra attack, bonus to damage, and other powerful features. There is also no such thing as a free action in 5e, see Class Do's and Don'ts (5e Guideline).
Shadow Katana (5e Equipment) Strickly better than all 1st party weapons such as the rapier.
Shadow Knight (5e Class) This class has too many features at lower levels and has features when it gains spell slots. The class also does not use regular half spellcasting. Finally, the class's spells should be moved to 5e Spells and should provide a link to them instead of having them listed in the class.
Shadow Reaver (5e Class) Rewrite in progress.
Shadow Walker (5e Class) See the talk page, the class has too many proficiencies, two common saving throws, a feature like sneak attack, 1/2 spellcasting, features when it gains spell slots, among various other powerful or broken features.
Shadow Walker - Variant (5e Class) This class has too many proficiencies, two common saving throws, too many features, and deals far too much damage.
Shadowrend (5e Equipment) The mechanics here are all over the place, not very "5e", and often nonsensical.
Shadowsoul (5e Class) Several features have poor definition, see talk page.
Shambali (5e Class) See talk page. please leave CONSTRUCTIVE criticism only.
Shard of the Sentinel (5e Equipment) This shard becomes far too powerful with its transformations, gaining spells, healing, and spellcasting bonuses. Magical items also shouldn't level up and become more powerful.
Sharpshooter UA variant (5e Subclass) See talk page.
Shatter Shield (5e Equipment) See the talk page.
Shattered (5e Class) This class's balance also needs to be looked at. 4d10 Force damage at the 1st Level with full spelllcasting isn't okay.
Shi Yu Scarf (5e Equipment) Nothing should have an effect that requires an on hit saving throw with every hit. The Blue Crystal effect is broken, and A Thousand Graves has the potential to be game breaking as well.
Shield Knight (5e Class) Trip and disarm are optional rules, so Guard Maneuvers shouldn't refer to them. Various stacking bonuses should be replaced with 5e equivalents.
Shield Maiden (5e Class) The benefits are not scaled correctly for D&D 5e.
Shieldbearer (5e Class) Much of this depends on balance by obfuscation; --Kydo (talk) 04:59, 6 September 2017 (MDT)
Shieldman (5e Subclass) Abandoned by principle author, may need further tweaking to be balanced.
Siege Blocker (5e Equipment) So this is plate armor but there is a AC calculation based on your modifiers? This armor also gives resistance to very common damage types and mentions adamantine, which is no longer in 5e. There is also broken unarmed damage and a decrease to an ability score. Also, the augmentations seem to read as weapons is this on purpose(they give damage, spells, and one literally says it is a great sword)? There are various other problems with those as well including healing 1d25 per round(non-standard damage/healing rolls), storm damage, casting spells as bonus actions, and being generally overpowered.
Siren (5e Race) See talk.
Sky Mage (5e Class) See talk page
Slayer Controller (5e Equipment) Controlling all dragons with no saving throws for an infinite duration is not balanced.
Slinger's wand (5e Equipment) A +2 rare weapon should not have additional effects. The weapon also has a full round action and other design errors(casting a spell that requires a spell slot as a cantrip?).
Sniper Rifle (5e Equipment) No reply on talk page.
Soul Eater, variant (5e Equipment) So this weapon's curse rarely happens and in return, you get a rare +1 weapon that does not require attunement that can deal an additional 4d6 slashing damage? That is not balanced.
Soul Reaper, Variant 2 (5e Class) Lacking in strength/ features in certain areas and most benefits taken from this class come with significant unexplained downsides. ie: Why would a emissary of death have vulnerability to physic damage?
Soul Warden (5e Class) This class has static bonuses or negatives to ability scores, round counting, and several extremely powerful features in Spirit Double, Partial Animation, Sacrificial Souls, among several others. The class features also do not match the Soul Warden table. See Class Do's and Don'ts (5e Guideline).
Soul melt (5e Spell) Yet another instant-kill-9th-level-spell. You should not be able to one-shot a legendary creature or other boss. Maybe if you weaken it first... but power word kill spell already does exactly that. This spell also shouldn't work on constructs or undead, and should recognize that a wish or true resurrection spell should allow the target to revive.
Soul thief (5e Spell) This 2nd level spell apparently doesn't consume a material component, yet apparently lets you learn languages, gain feat-like benefits, and potentially even raise your Intelligence score—permanently—virtually every time you cast it successfully. Depending entirely on how generous your DM is with its unusual casting requirement, it's either incredibly overpowered or practically useless.
Soulbowman (5e Class) See talk page.
Space-Time Knight (5e Class) A sorcerer+rouge+monk in space time is not balanced. Choose the power of just one class. Also, this page uses round counting, free actions, etc.
Space-time Wizard (5e Class) This class has an absurd amount of features that upgrade without adding the upgrade to the class features table, see fighter and extra attack. The class has too many features at 1st level and 3rd level. The class has a non-standard save DC(10 instead of 8). A few features have odd wording on when the feature is recovered and a few other things that don't make sense(proficience), see more info on Class Do's and Don'ts (5e Guideline). Energy Points and spellcasting are not sufficiently explained. Finally, multiclassing should be odd, among a host of other issues.
Spectral Thiefs Hand (5e Spell) See talk page.
Spell Mastery (5e Feat) This is outright better than the wizard's 18th-level feature, and as such, is too powerful.
Spellblade Variant (5e Class) This class deals far too much damage with arcane blade, and numerous archetype features are overpowered or broken.
Spellfire Wielder (5e Class) This class mentions standard actions, has round counting, and can deal an absurd amount of damage at 1st level. See Class Do's and Don'ts (5e Guideline) as well.
Spellfused (5e Class) This entire class is designed around at will spellcasting. While this is unique, it is broken or overpowered in numerous instances. See the talk page for specific examples.
Spiked Gloves Okay, now it's versatile. How can a gauntlet be wielded in two hands?
Staff of Cats (5e Equipment) Actions as turn-based mechanics are missing.
Storage Magician (5e Class) Features need a better spread: sometimes you get a new spell slot level and a feature, but on other levels you don't get anything.
Storyteller (5e Class) Severly overpowered and vague; see talk page.
Summon Food (5e Spell) Isn't food supposed to cost money? Are we stealing it from the local market? I'm confused if this is trying to be a different kind of goodberry without the healing
Summoning of the anthill (5e Spell) Needs some mechanics to explain how this works.
Sun Shard (5e Equipment) Overpowered; Grants immunity to two different sources and deals 2d12+3d8 fire/radiant damage. Weapon damage is not interchangeable. There isn't a limit to Blistering Crash, which requires a DC 23 Dexterity save and deals 6d20 damage. The Flames Armor ability grants you the ability to cast a 4th level spell at will whilst granting a +3 to AC.
Super Hero (5e Class) This class has two common saving throws, any four skills(should be 2 if any), a d12 hit die, more powerful features than the fighter and deals more damage then them earlier, and it has the expertise provided by the rouge.
Support Boost (5e Feat) Thoroughly overpowered. At just 4th level (or 1st level if you're playing a variant human) you can become absurdly powerful. For example, cure wounds allows you to restore a number of lost hit points equal to 1d8 + your spellcasting ability with a first level spell slot. With this feat, it becomes 2d10 + your spellcasting ability, for just a first level spell slot. For comparison, cure wounds cast using a second-level spell slot restores 2d8 hit points.
Swashbuckler, Variant (5e Class) Some dubious design here and there, e.g. Razor's Edge 2. I've seen weapon die increases to make simple weapons more viable, but now a one-handed weapon deals 1d12 damage; or longsword wielded in both hands deals 1d20 damage. I guess a greatsword deals 2d10 damage? Madness.
Sword Keeper (5e Creature) Way too weak for a CR 12 monster. Consider granting it Multiattack.
Sword of Demonkind Shouldn't this be a cursed weapon? The effect seems quite weak for a Balor to take over your body and possibly kill your PC. This weapon also uses a contested throw of charisma saving throw contested by the Balor's Wisdom throw.
Syl (5e Equipment) This weapon does not use a saving throws when inflicting long-term madness(which is option for DM to allow), and the weapon itself deals far too much damage. Also how does this weapon have the Reach, Versatile (3d12), Heavy, and Finesse properties? This weapon also has next to no properties for a sentient weapon except for just wanting to deal too much damage.
Sync Masters' Wrap (5e Equipment) I feel this should have more restrictions. It's trivial to have one or more hirelings follow you playing music, you could have advantage on all "combat rolls" (do you mean attack rolls?)
Tazer, Variant (5e Class) Parts of this are very hard to follow. Some mechanics are quite "non-5e". Multiclassing mentions a "Taser artefact", and starting equipment says "artefact(irremovable, skin melded)".. wuh?
Tears of Denial (5e Spell) just a really weak version of revivify, so weak that it becomes completely situational
Tecknik What are you trying to achieve with this? Is it Light or Two-Handed? Pick one. Is it magic? Is it for a specific campaign?
Templar's Cross (5e Equipment) What is a "smite spell"? This weapon is the same as a Holy Avenger, except it deals more damage and it lets you cast some spells and whatever this smite spell thing is but then reduces the rarity from legendary to very rare! Also needs rewriting to meet standards.
Tenki Knight (5e Class) Narrow lens. Healer seems really broken at high lvl, at max lvl you can use 8D12 healing with a 1st lvl spell slot until you run out of spell slots.
Thaumic researcher (5e Class) I'm afraid a lot of this doesn't work, incorrectly calculated DCs, incorrect scaling of bonuses,
The Amulet of Control (5e Equipment) I think this was made for the wrong edition of D&D? Hmm, but it does mention bonus actions... what a mystery!
The Dual Paths of Roskenlan (5e Equipment) This item has numerous non-standard mechanics, is outright broken in places(additional AC, automatic critical hits, and most of the item's other effects).
The Gauntlets of Zerthimon (5e Equipment) Since +3 weapons are very rare, we should expect a +3 legendary weapon to have some added benefit. This has permanent advantage on attack rolls against 75% of creatures PCs are likely to fight, and that's for starters. Also doesn't link to what a "ward cestus" is.
The Hybrid Blade (5e Equipment) You do not do percentage calculation in D&D. You either deal an additional damage, however small. Plus, you deal less damage when you choose necrotic damage, then why even bother to choose it in the first place?
The Ring of Power (5e Equipment) As written, this is just a worse version of the ring of invisibility. What is the DC of the check that must be "successfully completed"?
The Shaed of Shadows (5e Equipment) This item provides far too many benefits for an artifact, and can make you immortal.
The Sword of Founding Does not fully explain what the effects of severing a limb is. Also, removing a limb 1 time in 10 is a bit overpowered, perhaps the target should be allowed a Constitution saving throw.
The Sworde of the Wynde and Sea (5e Equipment) This weapon has a overpowered bonus to its attack and damage rolls and has no other effects.
Thinuaran Blade (5e Equipment) See talk page
Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker(5e Equipment) See the talk page.
Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker (5e Equipment) The first minor beneficial property is actually pretty major. It also grants an extra attack, and is a +4. Both of these things are far outside the games norm.
Thánatos & Vita (5e Equipment) This weapon's curse should actually have a meaningful negative effect instead of giving you extra damage. Also, a +2 legendary weapon that can make an extra attack as a bonus action is not balanced, see swift rapier.
Time Stride (5e Spell) See talk page.
Tinkerling (5e Class) Definitions need improving. For example, we're not told that the "a small, handheld contraption" is. Is it a thrown weapon? Is it an object you can throw to a point within 60 feet like a grenade? Is the effect determined when you build it or when you throw it? Are the materials used to create it conjured out of nowhere, or should there be a gp cost? Or is that what tinker points represent (tinker points are not explained)
To Ashes (5e Spell) Um, Scales without using higher level spell slots, and its really ambiguous as to how you actually calculate damage? what if i have multi classed and have different sized hit die
Toshaka's gift (5e Spell) Allows for too many game breaking mechanics. Casting this with every spell slot available before a long rest. Or just taking a week to prepare for a large adventure by stockpiling stones

See talk page fore more discussion

Transmutation Alchemist, Variant (5e Class) Apparently this class has specification and balancing issues
True Healer (5e Class) This class is beyond broken with a d10 hit die with full spellcasting, 4 skill proficiencies, proficiency in all saving throws, and multiple game breaking features. This class also has round counting, damage reduction, and many features do not state what level you gain the feature at. See Class Do's and Don'ts (5e Guideline).
True Summoner (5e Class) Seems... pretty overpowered, largely because this seems to be a conversion of a powerful Pathfinder class. (I remember it being considered so powerful Paizo made an officially nerfed version of it, even.) Among other things, it has full casting and more cantrips than any other class, plus effectively a second character that is arguably better than some PCs would be on their own.
Ulfren (5e Creature) See talk page.
Undead Longbow (5e Equipment) Poor design, with multiple stacking saving throws per at-will attack. This is why many magic items have charges. Doesn't explain what the "undead minion" is. I guess you could top up to maximum minions by killing some sheep or whatever?
Unicorn (5e Race) Trample and Hooves traits are overpowered.
Unmade (5e Race) Uses round counting, grapple as a bonus action, Broken Life and Undying curse trait, and the race as a whole is overpowered.
Untouchable (5e Subclass) Literally every part of this subclass is overpowered
Ursian (5e Race) How does this race hold weapons? Also, the race needs to change round counting (3 turns) to something else(until the start of your next turn, 1 minute, ect.). Also the Resemble Bear trait could probably be changed to you can permanently act like a bear.
Vampire Slayer (5e Class) Advantage is supposed to be a circumstantial benefit, but Equaliser gives you advantage for whole battles. Consider a different benefit. Doesn't say what the base statistics are for a stake. Wording on Extra Attack is incorrect.
Vanguard (5e Class) This class shouldn't get numerous bonuses to AC(you can get up to +7), no longer receive exhaustion, and also numerous powerful archetype features(Heavy Weapon Master).
Varied Caster (5e Feat) An inferior version of Magic Initiate feat, I suppose. The wordings are ambiguous and confusing as well. (By the way, if I'm not supposed to add this template, please let me know - I just couldn't stop myself.) --WeirdoWhoever (talk) 03:39, 4 April 2017 (UTC)
Vault Suit (Treated Lining) (5e Equipment) A plain 13 AC light armor is not balanced.
Viktor's Teachings For Adran (5e Spell) See the talk page.
Vins Dagger (5e Equipment) KK I think it's clear that the OP hasn't read the rulebook or has mistaken it for 3rd edition.
Viperfish (5e Race) If taken at face value, Lantern's Light is comparable to 7th-or-8th-level spell but can be used at will. Light Camouflage can apparently be used to emulate a 2nd-level spell, at will, under typical dungeon conditions.
Voidblade (5e Class) Poorly balanced. "All is dust" is pretty bad for example.
Volki (5e Race) Devotion [sic] is undefined.
Vorpal Rabbit (5e Creature) As noted on the talk page, "Challenge 1" is too low for these statistics. Another page has been made to represent the "killer rabbit of Caerbannog," too.
Wabbajack (5e Equipment) To use the staff you choose a target; but then most of of the table results say "nearest creature" or "random creature" or "choose a target", etc
Wabbajack Remastered (5e Equipment) Shouldn't the wabbajack be an artefact? Anyway, this is full of non-D&D terms: "12 seconds", "30 minutes", "30 seconds"; "Heal 1d4 to every creature"; "heal 2d4"; many of the entries are poorly written or defined; has far too many charges - it might be funny once a day or so, but 8 times a day is going to get obnoxious. "Make 3 spells in one attack" doesn't make any sense. Are the "spells" the entries on the table, or are they your own spells? What is the "attack"? Are you making an attack roll?
Wand of Sparkling (5e Equipment) Cantrips do not level up to use spell slots and this item shouldn't be able to change your ability score modifiers.
Warchief (5e Class) Followers should not allow you to gain a follower of CR equal to your level as that is extremely overpowered. Morale boost also shouldn't give even just you advantage on skill checks and saves for 1 hour. The class also shouldn't gain 5 death saving throws to die, leave a feature up to the DM to decide(avoiding attacks with no cost is also broken, your DM can also set the DC to 10), and several other broken and overpowered features.
Warcraft Death Knight (5e Class) Why is the runes and rune level spread so uneven? Shouldn't it be like the warlock slot level spread? We've got levels where you get a class feature and a new spell level, and a level where you don't get a spell slot level or a feature.
Warden "old school" (5e Class) This class has damage reduction and can get above 20 Strength or Constitution. The class also uses terms such as per combat, see Class Do's and Don'ts (5e Guideline).
Warforged, Variant (5e Race) This race receives way too much and gain some of the best parts of the Dwarf, Elf and Human/V. Human. Also, the page and traits read poorly and need to be reformatted so users of the race know what they are getting. These concerns are similar to those outlined in the talk page.
Warg (5e Class) The "warging" feature is abusively overpowered. Incorrect terminology used throughout. Roguish archetype with mind control. Still has the problems of mind control as well as several features' terms need to rewritten to 5e standards. As is stands now, this class is just another broken mind control class.
Warlock Patron: Celestial (5e Subclass) see talk page
Warpriest of Asgard (5e Class) OP seems to be confused as to what edition they are writing for
Way of the Hermit (5e Subclass) Does not take care with the various stacking bonuses.
Way of the Kuda Spirit (5e Subclass) Since the only benefits you gain at levels 6 and 11 are minor upgrades, I'd recommend having new features unlock at those levels as well. Also, Energy Charging and Dash both need to be given a duration, and better wording for the upgrades. Also, what kind of action is used to activate them? Kuda Spirit also needs a duration change (5e doesn't have round-counting). I'd suggest 1 minute, which is equal to ten rounds.
Way of the holy runes (5e Subclass) Basically every single feature is over-powered.
Wendigo (5e Class) Not balanced and very disruptive, see talk page.
Wendigo (5e Race) Too many traits and most traits are overpowered. Requires a major reword. To answer your question, it would rank well over twice the average rank for PHB races and is done as if it is a monster rather then a playable race. Refer to Volo's guide and see how he takes creatures from the monster manual and turn them into races that can actually function within an adventuring party.
Wetboy (5e Class) Items do not have a duration and could probably be created in 5e Equipment and linked here, Armour of Darkness is overpowered(it is armor byw), Crippling Strike gives access to too many options, Shadow's Swiftness is overpowered, Perception makes Perfect needs its duration changed to be standard(see Class Do's and Don'ts (5e Guideline)), multiclassing prerequisites are always odd, and the archetypes needs fixing up.
Wheel (5e Equipment) This is blatantly superior to any martial melee weapon in terms of damage, also acting as a shield, and requiring only one hand to wield, yet has no apparent drawback.
White Dwarf (5e Subrace) two elemental resistances, plus cantrips, and also a super overpowered ability that doubles your spell damage with a comparatively small drawback
Wiccan (5e Class) See the talk page.
Wild shape master (5e Feat) this currently does not meet the proper scope of 5e feats. 5e feats are not meant to be class exclusive.
Wind Of Destruction (5e Class) See the talk page and Class Do's and Don'ts (5e Guideline).
Windwalker (5e Class) This class has round counting, multiclassing prequiresites are odd, and a few features such as Wind's Flurry and Wind Shield are overpowered. See Class Do's and Don'ts (5e Guideline).
Witch (5e Class) Various from Class Do's and Don'ts (5e Guideline), 10 minutes per witch level, five feet per level, spiritual sources(?), 3 turns, and a few broken features(right of exorcism stunning, Spirit Bonds, most of the archetype features, possessing bodies, large number of spells at the classes disposal, ect.)
Witch Doctor (5e Class) See talk page
Woad Warrior (5e Class) See talk page.
Wolf Knight Greatsword (5e Equipment) Seems to be a better version of the holy avenger, making the weapon not really unique.
Wrestler (5e Class) There's quite a bit here that doesn't work well, it should be obvious where, but I can go into detail on request. One DM has found the damage output too high.
Wyvern (5e Race) Sorry, the design disclaimer doesn't excuse this. Firstly if something is obviously overpowered, there needs to be some guide on how much more powerful so that encounters can be adjusted appropriately. Secondly, consideration needs to be made to how this effects the other players. Thirdly, the physiology of a wyvern makes many class choices difficult to function (e.g. how does a wyvern wizard get components from a pouch or scribe a scroll?) Fourthly, and critically, a wyvern is possible using existing design standards by making a class for it. This resolves the class conflict, and allows the "overpowered" traits to be spread over class levels.
Xianghua (5e Feat) Perequisites are WAY too specific and the benefits are WAY too powerful. Doesn't fit the scope of 5e feats at all. Having resistance to every type of damage essentially doubles your hit points and dealing an extra 2d6 damage almost doubles the damage you deal on your turn. It's essentially an overpowered rage. Feats should be able to be taken by almost any type of character. This should be an monk archetype called "Way of the Xianghua" or something that grants something modeled and balanced after the Barbarian's rage ability.
Xianghua (Rebalanced, 5e Feat) Not necessarily unbalanced, but it's still so specific in its abilities that it should a class archetype like a Monastic Tradition, not a feat.
Yami (5e Equipment) This weapon can literally cancel out 3 spells(non-holy whatever that definition means) of any level. There is also the basic fact that this is a +3 weapon that deals 2d6 additional damage, and has additional effects.
Yegg (5e Class) Many of the features aren't great. What does "reverse engineer a trap" mean? Some features allow advantage where I think expertise would be more appropriate. Ultimate haggler tries to add a mechanic to something normally under DM adjudication. Weapon proficiency says "Simple, martial, and all crossbows" - crossbows are already simple weapons. Gets class features on levels where you also gain a new spell slot level, and then has nothing at 18th.
Yellow Jacket (5e Equipment) Original "needsbalance request" A +3 weapon is already very rare. Suggest making this legendary, or removing or reducing the bonus (you don't have to have a bonus you know). The wording doesn't make sense. ("a target marked by Yellow Jacket is prone one of the following...", huh?, and there's round counting and stuff.

Notes after balancing The text itself has been altered to make (more) sense. The following topics were added/altered to balance this item:

  • Reduced to a +2 weapon (instead of +3).
  • Added a time limit of 6 rounds for the mark (instead of no limit).
  • Added the restrictions that the marking can only be applied to 1 creature at a time and can't be reapplied when it fades (instead of no limit).
  • Reduced the dice rolls for the duration of the effect from Volatile Mix, 2 and 4 to a 1d4 (instead of a 1d6).
  • Changed Volatile Mix, Paralysis to paralyze the target (instead of the target losing consciousness and falling prone).
  • Better defined the Fright effect with the addition of a 1d20 roll to determine the state of fear.

Some suggestions/ideas for additional ways to balance are:

  • Limiting Deadly Venom so the additional damage can only be applied once per round (instead of multiple times due to extra attacks).
  • Adding the rule that the mark of the Yellow Jacket can only be applied during an Attack Action. (so not during a bonus action or reaction)
  • Allowing creatures effected by the Fright and Altered Mind effects to do a DC 16 Wisdom saving throw at that start of it's turn to snap out of it.
  • Changing it so that Deadly Venom is one of the sub-types of Volatile Mix and Double Vision becomes it's own separate effect. (Makes more sense effect-wise)

Further balancing might still be needed.

Yellow Sun Kryptonian (5e Class) Not even slightly balanced.
Yoru Mmmmm.... needs rewriting somewhat, see talk page

4e Pages[edit]

4e Articles with a "Needs Balance" template.
Page Name Notes
Abyssal Murderer (4e Paragon Path) The attack powers will need the Weapon or Implement keyword, or otherwise have an inherent tiered bonus (or they are going to miss a lot)
Angel, Variant (4e Race) to many attribute, too powerful attributes, and missing encounter power.
Artificer (4e Class) You can't dual-wield a staff and a blade, since the staff is a two-handed weapon. The bonus Blade Opportunity feat pushes them to use a blade, so staff is quite inappropriate as their implement. The Rune Caster feat is a mandatory bonus feat for the artificer, and can only be taken by an artificer, so it's not really a feat, it's a class feature - not that it works, since none of the powers have a Rune keyword and it's less useful than taking Staff Expertise.
Asura (4e Race) Propose these changes: Name change, I might include this in the magazine, so we need to avoid copyright issues with GW2, it's also confusing with the Hindu asura which has been a monster in previous editions; Asura Will needs changing, defense bonuses are usually there to make up a deficiency due to ability scores, but they are already guaranteed +1 will from their abilities; Ingenious Tinkerer should do something even if the character doesn't have those feats; Technobabble certainly shouldn't daze as an effect.
Black Lion (4e Class) Makes a poor striker, with no bonus damage anywhere. The author on the talk page argues that the Black Lion Lead's Mastery Path feature makes up for this, but a core striker feature should not be offloaded to an optional path that the character can't access anyway until level 11.
Blessing of the Ancients (4e Power) Is this a close burst or an area burst? Implement attacks do not target AC
Blood Mage Powers (4e Power List) Encounter powers should not have "(save ends)"
Blood Weaver Powers (4e Power List) Are these weapon or implement attacks? Also watch wording ("Upon dropping to 0 health for the first time in battle" -> "You drop to 0 hp for the first time in an encounter."
Bog Cloud (4e Feat) Does not scale to tier correctly
Brecht, Cerilian Human (4e Race) Is this part of a campaign setting? If it's not presented here, then just say "Common" for language. Ability scores fall outside of normal design guidelines. No such thing as a "cultural" bonus. Fluff needs to explain how every Brecht, from commoner to nobility, is trained in a superior weapon, and if they do have this trait you should drop the bonus feat.
Cabbage to Gin (4e Ritual) Is this on par with other 5th level rituals?
Cambion (4e Race) too many good things, three languages, Immunity, Summoning a swarm of demons, getting rid of these would bring it to the average 4e race
Chameleod (4e Race) The extra ability score choice makes the race far more versatile than the majority of other races. The immunity to flanking is to powerful for a racial and removes any sort of punishment for charging in, while there is a feat that provides the same bonus, racial traits are weaker than feats.
Chaos Meditator (4e Feat) Elemental Preference represents a permament defense bonus and proficiency, which is not in accordance with multiclass feats
Charr (4e Race) Large creatures change how the close burst mechanics work, they are larger and technically more powerful, you could give them a trait to define how close blast attacks work for them. But large creatures will have to squeeze through one wide hallways and most doorways, making them very vulnerable. In addition they will be unable to fit into smaller places that medium creatures would be able to, again limiting them immensely
Chirot (4e Race) Interesting concept but not very viable at the moment
Chitine (4e Creature) Too many powers; monsters do not have "daily" powers.
Color Bearer (4e Class) Class features are tied to specific piece of equipment, which seems to go against 4e class design philosophy; see talk page.
Couazol (4e Race) Godly Descendant is highly dependent on campaign, should be optional (i.e. a feat)
Cranes (4e Race) The traits are all melee weapon related, which rather forces class choice. Refers to a "winglord" class?
Create Minion (4e Ritual) Does not follow the standards for either summoned creatures or companion characters, breaks action economy, can have a proficiency in a superior weapon, implies that it can be used in combat but doesn't present the required stats.
Create Undead (4e Ritual) Does not say what statblock is used for the zombie minion (one from one of the monster manuals?) or how commanding the zombie ties into action enconomy.
Crystalline (4e Race) "Construct Traits" are a holdover from 3e, and make no sense in 4e. Suggest examining the mechanics for 4e Living Construct races (Warforged and Shardmind) and trying again. Crystal Shape needs careful wording. Compare with Prestidigitation and think of some mechanic other than a percentage roll (which 4e doesn't use).
Cullen (4e Race) Cullen Durability: Now some adventures might be entirely indoors/underground, some might be at night, some will be at day, so let's say that this will take effect 1/3 of the time. There are 4 defenses, so this trait is worth a bonus of +8/3. This is more than twice as powerful as a normal trait of +1 bonus to one defense.
Death Knight (4e Paragon Path) "light", "darkness" and "ice" are not 4e keywords. Death's Shroud is overpowered. Encounter powers should not cause ongoing damage.
Dellan (4e Race) The power seems to not be based off of a typical 4e system, additionally needs another secondary ability score. It needs some traits to make it more unique as well
Disrupting Spell (4e Feat) With respect to monster statblocks, there's no such thing as a "nonmartial power"
Djinn (4e Race) Magic compatible blind-sight, two full resists, Choice of any cantrip, large disease resist. Just to many good things all wrapped into one, perhaps create options with different abilities similar to Genasi.
Doomspore Myconids (4e Race) Though the communication is interesting it just provides a huge hindrance with role play and generally limits the player and DM. Having no additional traits other than the interesting telepathy. However the Racial power is far to strong, The zone it'self for only the one turn would be an amazingly powerful racial, but the sustaining and it being an Encounter makes it incredibly overpowered.
Draconic Heritage (4e Feat) Rapidly becomes a poor attack, since it does not benefit from enhancement bonuses.
Draenei (4e Race) No racials are highest ability mod, racial utilities gained by leveling do not increase in effectiveness, though you can make versions for higher level utility slots (PC's keep all utilities throughout their lives thus making theses undeniably better). Additional minor things 3 languages is a bit much with everything else, Custom languages should be avoided (perhaps choice of Elven, Draenei, or another fey language as that seems most appropriate to me)--Aitharious (talk) 21:58, 6 July 2016 (MDT)
Dragon's Rebirth (4e Paragon Path) Break their Stride: What is "special" about the standard action? Encounter powers should not cause ongoing conditions. Sigil's Defense: How long does the zone last for? Till the end of the encounter, or through a sustain?
Dragon's Wing (4e Paragon Path) Concealing Shadow: How long does the concealment last for? Falling From the Sky is a utility power, not an attack power. Forceful Tactics has no Miss, Effect or similar function required by a daily power.
Dragon of the Mid-Day Sun (4e Paragon Path) You can't take an immediate reaction on your own turn, so sweeping strike wouldn't work, nor would you be in melee 1 range if you've shifted away from your target. Siege is needlessly complicated.
Dragonborn (4e Racial Trait Variant) this is a straight upgrade to the normal dragonborn consider a re-balance, breathweapon needs "until the end of your next turn" for effects as it is an encounter in addition to damage removal or reduction.
Dragoneer (4e Paragon Path) Frightful Presence is not an attack power (You can't use Intimidate as an attack); it looks like it's trying to be a skill utility based on Intimidate's ability to force bloodied foes to surrender. Onslaught should be worded differently, since Reliable should be unique to martial powers, also you can't interrupt yourself (try Free or No action)
Dragoon, Variant (4e Class) Needs an immediate interrupt charge attack to enforce its mark. Jump seems unnecessarily complicated, and breaks the initiative flow in a way that interacts poorly with interrupts, ready and delay actions. Maybe it should be reworded to use the existing Ready Action rules.
Drehn (4e Race) Tentacle - Be specific that it counts as a weapon so that it can be used with weapon powers. Can it be enchanted? If not, it soon becomes worthless. What weapon group? Flail? Does it leave the characters hands free? If so, then it's broken. Would probably make a better encounter power. 4e doesn't have an aberration subtype: pick an origin and type.
Eagleborn (4e Race) Flight not restricted enough. Double skill roll is overpowered. Weapon proficiencies, whilst not broken, don't seem justified in the fluff.
Earth Rune (4e Power) Bursts are either Area or Close. "Earth" is not a keyword. Implement attacks have a damage type and do not target AC. Strikers should not be getting burst 3 attacks at level 1. Please refer to "How to Read a Power" in the Player's Handbook.
Eladradactyl (4e Race) Racial power does not make sense.
Elder (4e Race) Pretty close, but need more of an excuse than "strong headed" to justify not being dropped at 0 hit points, really doesn't fit the fluff either. Scrap Claws Hands if it's going to be half-hearted. If these guys can be claw fighters, give them a Claw Fighting feat.
Elementalist, Variant (4e Class) Weapon proficiencies give access to superior weapons. Chaos Power requires round counting, and gives the controller build a striker-like damage bonus.
Elf, Aethrzoen (4e Race) See talk page, issues with languages and weapons
Elf, Alfar (4e Race) Divine Experience is on par with paragon level feats, so needs replacing. Should have the fey origin
Elf, Gray (4e Race) Proficiencies in superior weapons. Reflex bonus when their ability scores already guarantee a reflex bonus. Daily power rather than Encounter.
Enduring Flame (4e Paragon Path) "Primordial" is not a keyword. Needs a power source.
Equipment (Arachonomicon; the Book of Spiderkind Chapter) Spidersilk is a new category of armor, but doesn't explain which classes are proficient in it (even the arachonomicon classes don't seem to have this proficiency).
Equipment Compendium (Stormforge Supplement) Level 8 items do not grant +1 enhancements; they are +2 by then - level progressions are all wrong, they are supposed to go up in steps of 5 per enhancement bonus. Ugh. Banshee's Fate is supposed to be a unique relic, so why is it given different levels instead of being an artifact?
Ettekin (4e Creature) Alacritous Grip needs a trigger and a range
Eye Jab (4e Power) "You must be able to reach your target [sic] eyes with your fingers..." - that would be range "melee 1", then? Daily powers should have a Miss or Effect, or be Reliable
Eye Poke (4e Power) Under normal circumstances, the blind condition causes the target to 1)grant combat advantage, 2)hit things with a -5 penalty, 3)not be able to flank. Any one of these might be OK for an at-will power, but the full Blind condition is overpowered.
Faceless Trickster (4e Paragon Path) What PC Race is being used for Doppelganger? The attack powers do not have the Weapon or Implement keyword, so they are going to miss a lot. Trick Blow is actually a power disguised as a feature, and should be formatted as such; also what is the range?
Fang Weapon (4e Equipment) 30 gp for +1d4 damage, +2 attack and High Crit to the spider rider's [B] damage is not balanced: this is better than a magic weapon at ten times the cost.
Felid (4e Race) Master Hagglers enters the realm of DM fiat. Glowing Eyes could and should be a level 2 racial utility power.
Ferocious Assault (4e Power) Why would the target not be targeted by the triggering attack? The trigger is that you hit with an attack; that would naturally be your target.
Ferocious Intellect (4e Power) You can't pull an enemy who is adjacent to you, which would be the case with non-reach weapons.
Findrei (4e Race) too many good traits paired with a good power, just needs a general reduction. Additionally needs to have the second secondary Ability score as per standard 4e
Fist Master (4e Class) What is their extra striker damage? (eg: Warlock's Curse, Avenger's Oath)
Flamespark (4e Power) No Action without a trigger, no implement or weapon keyword, Strength isn't a key ability for the Engineer, fixed plus on the damage, stuns as an Effect, and (save ends) to boot, doesn't improve at epic tier.
Flayerkin (4e Race) This race has some interesting ideas but it needs to change. No 4e race has any penalties associated with it. Traits should not give any bonus to ability scores. Dominate should not be on a racial encounter as it is (to my knowledge) exclusively reserved for level 29 dailies. Needs new traits to provide it some benefits that aren't ridiculous.
Forceful Strike (4e Power) As pointed out on the talk page, this is no different to a melee basic attack. Okay, now it's overpowered.
Forest Hylian (4e Race) The encounter powers encroach on the responsibility of classes. A Hylian with Forest Flurry or Forest Strike is surely a ranger. These are just elf rangers, aren't they?
Forgotin (4e Race) The Forgotin can learn 4 languages total included a typically forbidden language, need an additional ability score choice, should have some racial traits that actually do something, should have the immortal origin. With the powers, You don't need an at-will racial that's simply an attack. Bonuses to defenses shouldn't increase with level, and Wingstorm is quite powerful for a racial ability, though it could be fine with some tweaks.
Forneus (4e Race) Born of the Abyss has no duration. Unsure why minor shifting has a limit of "only two at a time". Humanit's Influential Protection is a permanent +2 bonus to all attack rolls (since you could carry a mouse in your pocket or whatever). I'm not sure what Bloodline does. I don't know what Forced Summoning does: the words are garbled.
Four-tail Trickster (4e Feat) Skill bonus needs the "feat" type
Fox Magic (4e Feat) Flat bonus to attack will need a type; i.e. "+2 feat bonus to attack rolls"
Gaucho (4e Race) As discussed elsewhere, Bugbear-style "oversized" trait isn't suitable for PC races. Permanent +1 reach breaks it.
Geas Lord (4e Paragon Path) Encounter power with a sustain that causes an ongoing condition? Doesn't make sense. The powers do not have correct range types. Pursuasion is an encounter power that gives a bonus that lasts until the end of the encounter. This is effectively a permanent bonus. Geas of Command's sustain doesn't make sense either. Maybe they were supposed to be in different fields.
Genothrope (4e Race) Genetic Shuffle, Animal Aspect and Animal Empathy all inelegant. Powers are messy. I will try to fix at some point. A lot of this can be handled through feats and racial utility powers.
Ghost Warrior (4e Class) Has way too many features now, including three defensive features. Ghost Surge says they get Power Points instead of Encounter powers, but the powers list has encounter powers. A bit of a mess.
Glyphologist (4e Class) The effects of Activate Glyph are poorly worded. I'm also not sure how Invoke is supposed to work, see talk page.
Goblin:Dusgaia Supplement (4e Race) "You gain 1 extra healing surge per level." Must be a typo. Goblin wizards with 26 healing surges by the end of paragon tier?
Godling (4e Race) Divine Recuperation: Suggest using contemporary values for "average" skill DC, which I think are DC 12 at Heroic, 19 at Paragon, 26 at Epic. Word of Power: Since it doesn't have the implement keyword, it will need a +2 bonus to attack to keep up with enchantments.
Golem-Blooded (4e Race) No justification for two free-choice bonus languages. Expansive Memory: All encounter powers are recharged after an extended rest normally anyway. Stoneskin: Pc Races can have resistances, but not immunities and vulnerabilities. Golem's Strength needs a burst range if it can be triggered by an ally.
Gor (4e Race) A total of +9 skill bonuses and +8 conditional skill bonuses, which is too high. Beast Senses looks like it's been modified from 3.5 Scent ability, as such adds a new mechanic that falls outside normal 4e design space. Just a +1 or +2 modifier to Perception checks to Find Tracks and Nature checks to Handle Animals would encapsulate this. Skirmisher: Races should never restrict equipment or class choices.
Goyle (4e Race) This race is essentially featureless with a bad if not terrible racial power, You waste your turn to potentially get a 5 point damage barrier, At higher levels though monsters can easily break through the resistances of the power causing you to lose more HP than you save
Grasp of the Dead (4e Power) Needs weapon or implement keyword. Overpowered; the components of this are comparable with daily powers. Suggest comparing with published at-will powers.
Greenwyrm Scion (4e Paragon Path) Tail Sweep's miss effect is too powerful. Frightful Presence's effect is that of an Attack power, not a Utility. Luring Glare needs a cap on the slide, or make it a pull, otherwise the player can move the enemy indefinitely. If the target ends up more than 3 squares away from the player (because, say, the player moved away or the target was teleported), it can't move at all (since even moving towards the player will be "more than 2 squares"). Careful rewording will fix this.
Grimlock (4e Race) +1 to all defenses all the time is overpowered. I know this is ostensibly conditional, but once you've made the decision to wear light armour, this is unlikely to change. Compare with humans, who have +1 to non-AC defenses only; and Deva, who have +1 to all defenses under a condition that occurs only 50% of the time.
Guillotine Whip (4e Equipment) Overpowered in every conceivable way.
Gūru (4e Race) See talk page
Half-Demon, Demonkin (4e Race) This is a 3.5 or 3e race combine with a 4e race. If it's supposed to be a 4e race then it should fallow those rules and conventions, if not then it should be moved and changed entirely into it's proper version
Half-Dragon, Variant (4e Race) Suggestions: "+2 to any other stat": Ah, no, give 'em a choice of two per racial design guidelines. Change resistance to 5 + 1/2 level. Fly: Encounters typically only last for 5 rounds anyway, so round counting is a false mitigation (and is fiddly to boot). Make it an encounter power (see Pixies in Heroes of the Feywild) - if you want them to fly more often have it recharge on bloodied. And, monster-style recharges: if you insist, but we should put a design disclaimer here. The dragon breath attack power is pretty much the same as a dragonborns so you should change it in some way. You need to be more specific when describing what powers or feats you can take from the humanoid race half. If I'm a dragonborn half dragon do I get two dragon breath encounter powers, do half dragon warforged characters get to be constructs and also fly, and can they take all the feats of their half race. I feel that without specification this race is overpowered and will unbalance the game in some places. This race would be overall better as a level modifying character template. Needs more fluff and pictures in all areas. The more fluff and pictures you have the better this race will be
Half-Eladrin (4e Race) A bonus feat is the human's thing. No other race should have it. "+5 resistance vs. powers with the sleep keyword." doesn't make any sense. The feat Fey Senses is worse than taking Skill Focus (and I would hope that it is meant to say "+2 feat bonus".
Half-Elf, Variant (4e Racial Trait Variant) Takes traits that should be unique to humans and elves (human's bonus feat and power; elf's speed) and mashes them together into one overpowered blob.
Half-Kobold (4e Race) I like the idea of fiery stealth, but it is abusable. You can deliberately fail a stealth check (-10 penalty if you run! not to mention heavy armour and shield) and instantly wipe out any number of minions at any range, at will. Fire Shift doesn't seem to have any benefit - all characters can shift. How does group stealth work fluff-wise?
Half-Lavos (4e Race) Being able to take any feat from any race is way to powerful even if the race is otherwise underwhelming, In addition the Racial Absorption as it currently stands would allow you to take immensely powerful encounters from solo monsters that can change the tide of battle in an instant, so as it lies this is not a balanced race
Half-Zombie (4e Race) Under the assumption that "healing charges" are meant to be healing surges than getting theoretically infinite is way to powerful, The alternate form power is complex and should be simplified, shouldn't have a penalty to skills. Being fully active when making death saves should be changed to at least dazed when making death saves
Half-githzerai Having two standard actions is not a thing that should be happening, additionally it has no traits and is generally unfinished
Healing Touch (4e Feat) Grants sorcerers too much of the leader role, and can turn bards into healing monstrosities.
Hidden Polesword (4e Equipment) How does it work? How does it change size? Can you still attack with it when it is a smaller size? What does "shift sword" mean?
Hilt Smash (4e Power) "1/2[W]" does not make sense.
Hito-Neko (4e Race) Though the easily distracted is good for flavor its terrible for gameplay, Claws are a feat as well as a trait so it should only be the feat as per standard on the Dandwiki, could use some additional traits to help bring them up to standard
Homunculus, Variant (4e Race) Vigilance needs some clarification. Extended Rest is an important game mechanic that many powers are keyed off - is the intention here to disallow a Homunculus player from taking them as normal? There will also be adventuring situations where "midnight" doesn't make any sense; e.g. travelling through other planes. Suggest using the same mechanic that other non-sleeping races use.
Huntmaster (4e Paragon Path) Level 20 daily Effect is too powerful: note this occurs on a hit and miss. Was this meant to be on the Hit line?
Hylian (4e Race) The weapon attacks are a function of class, not race - these are things Link can do because he is a fighter, not because he is a Hylian. A Hylian is a human that lives in Hyrule, so not sure why we need this when a racial heritage feat would suffice.
Ice Spike (4e Power) Needs the Implement or Weapon keyword. Encounter powers should not cause ongoing or effects that last beyond the end of the player's next turn.
Iejirisk (4e Race) One of the few grossly underpowered races it needs some extra traits (or even an extra encounter) to bring it up to par, even with all the feats.
Improved Dragon Breath (4e Feat) Involves a lot of effects that are not suitable for an encounter power. Switching to daily might fix that. Like the draconic heritage power, quickly becomes a poor choice due to lack of enhancement bonuses.
Infernal Blooded (4e Race) Needs additional traits to bring it up to standard. Also needs to have a choice for an alternate ability score.
Juggernaut (4e Creature) powers look a little screwy, need vetting; ability bonuses are wrong
Jumping Spider (4e Creature) Example encounter includes creatures 9 levels below encounter level; this falls outside of the +/- 4 range. Try something else.
Keldren (4e Race) See discussion.
Khinasi, Cerilian Human (4e Race) Campaign-specific languages and non-standard ability bonuses may require design disclaimer. "Cultural bonus" doesn't exist in 4e. "Magical" is not a keyword, so one can't have a bonus AC against "magical attacks". Katar is a superior weapon.
Kitsune (4e Race) "spirit creatures" is undefined in 4e. Damage resistance too broad. Harbored Annoyance seems unnecessarily complicated. If you've just attacked a monster, why would it want to make indimitation or diplomacy rolls anyway? The second sentence after Hit doesn't seem to make sense. This could be adapated to make a satisfactory and flavourful attack encounter power expandable through feats, or a racial utility power.
Kobold, Variant (4e Creature) Kobold Spirit - you can't have an "elite minion".
Life Drain (4e Power) A close burst 3 at-will attack power that causes 2d6 damage and heals hit points as an effect? This is three kinds of unbalanced.
Lightkin (4e Race) Languages: Supernal (a normally restricted language) and three other languages. PC Races can have damage resistances, but not immunities. The encounter power needs a tiered attack bonus to keep up with enchantments, and damage progression should be 1d8, 2d8, 3d8. Stun effect should not be available for 1st level characters, and encounter powers should not cause damage on a miss.
Lightning's Child (4e Race) Needs to use D&D 4e rules. I can help with this if you wish.
Lightning Guard (4e Creature) Numbers are off (a level 1 artillery would not have AC 18, attack values are off); it doesn't need two basic melee powers
Lizardfolk, Greenscale (4e Race) Athlete is the equivalent of a paragon level feat - suggest making this conditional to whatever task it is that these lizardfolk excel at. Hold Breath: as written they can't hold their breath as long as normal PCs (see the updated "rule of 3" for endurance checks for PHB p 185). Suggest making this a +5 bonus to endurance checks made to hold breath. Still puzzled as to the utility of Claws - why not just give them access to Claw Fighter (4e Feat) instead so that those who want to have a lizardfolk who fights with claws can do so properly at their option.
Lobster (4e Race) No armor removes a magic item slot and also severely hinders their defenses at higher levels. There is a standard claws feat that should be used instead of the claws trait. 4e does not limit alignment or worship, Understanding Creature eliminates most of the need for any other language as is thus too powerful.
Lolth's Chosen (4e Race) Some powers have attack rolls, but no hit effects and do not have inherent tiered attack bonuses. "Spiderkind" is not an origin.
Lynch Needs statistics for the swarm of spiders.
Magic and Magic Items (City-States In Chaos Supplement) Magic item rarity needs a bit more thought. For example, potions of vitality will suddenly no longer be commonly available for paragon characters, and those that are given are now artifacts? Also not sure what is meant by magic moving to other items.
Mannequin Overlord (4e Race) Breaks Several 4e conventions. More than two options for secondary ability score bonus, edits core mechanic, 4e does not give vulnerabilities. Additionally the race is currently incomplete and has poorly described traits at this time.
Massive Hammer (4e equipment) Weapon's damage dice is way to high especially considering there are no drawbacks to the weapon, should either be an April fools weapon, or be re balanced
Military/Army Structure (City-States In Chaos Supplement) PC background should be moved to the other backgrounds provided by region, and the benefits balanced (i.e. remove constitution modifier)
Monkeybird (4e Race) Flight power needs fixing.
Monkeyfolk (4e Race) See talk page
Monohue Magician (4e Paragon Path) Suggest changing Burst of Color to a Minor Action, since it doesn't cause damage itself.
Moon Elf (Elf Variant) (4e Race) Too many skill bonuses, proficiency in superior weapon.
Murmillio (4e Race) Sharkbite is underpowered, see talk page. Suggest low-light rather than darkvision.
Mystic One (4e Paragon Path) Frightening Action involves round-counting. It also says "Charisma score" - should this read "Charisma modifier"? Deep Ground is absurdly fast, and burrowing already leaves a tunnel by default (see the monster manual glossary). Lavos Scream: Encounter powers should not cause ongoing conditions. Lavos Armor is an encounter power that grants a bonus until the end of the encounter; this is effectively a permanent bonus.
Necrologist (4e Paragon Path) Damage die go up to d12, so Dab of Life needs rewording. Inspiring Expiration ought to specify which d20 rolls it can apply to. Encounter powers should not cause ongoing effects; a level 11 encounter power shouldn't be causing unconsciousness. Glyph of Life is overpowered. Glyph of Undeath should use the same rules for commanding beasts and summonings: i.e. A standard action used to make it attack, move action to make it move, etc
Necromancer (4e Paragon Path) Features and powers refer to "minions you control", but doesn't explain where these minions come from. Shroud of the Grave: Undead minions don't have vulnerabilities - they only have 1 hit point. Check the monster manual. Skull King's Command: You can't just turn a minion into an elite or solo creature, there's more to it than that. Eternal Undeath is confusing - minions never have more than 1 hit point.
Nightmare Ride (4e Feat) This needs rewriting. It has an attack roll but doesn't use Implement or Weapon. It is a level 1 encounter power that stuns on a miss. The Beast Form keyword only makes sense if you are a druid. It has (save ends) and an after effect, which are only appropriate for a daily power. It's all too much.
Novus (4e Race) Um, that's a lot of racial powers.
Obscure (4e Power) At-will powers should not cause dazing.
Obsidian Axe (4e Equipment) Considering that a normal axe is military/+2/1d10, this is not balanced; it's puzzling how this 3lb axe can be "light thrown" when the 3lb handaxe is "heavy thrown"
Overlord (4e Race) I don't mean to be rude but the dandwiki does have standards of balance and quality to uphold, and if you're just wanting this race for personal use then you'd be better off making it as a document on your own rather than uploading it here. However if you have any interest in making a balanced race based off of the anime/manga I'm more than willing to help --Aitharious (talk) 12:15, 29 March 2017 (UTC)
Pegasus (4e Race) Flight is reserved for other tiers. It needs to be changed to something like a hover. Encounter power is broken: range doesn't make sense, attack needs inherent bonus, effects need to be balanced and worked into the Hit line (not the Effect line). What is the "cutie mark" feat, and why isn't it just a racial trait?
Phantom (4e Race) Huge options for racial bonuses, with no prevention of stacking the racial for a +4 to one. Poison and necrotic resist in addition to a standard cold resist. Immune to disease just discourages the DM from using diseases at all. taking 10 on saving throws allows you to just roll until you have a natural 20 without facing any risks, should put you unconscious after 3 "failed" Saves. Too many good traits at the moment, some need to be cut.
Pit Fiend (4e Race) Terminology needs to be amended, e.g. a "power bonus" is only found inside powers. Most of these bonuses should be racial bonuses. "+2 to attack with all spells", does this mean all powers or literally just arcane powers for wizards?
Player's Information (City-States In Chaos Supplement) Regional benefits need to be formalized as Backgrounds and balanced (in particular bonuses to attack rolls and ability scores need removing)
Poison Dart (4e Power) Needs the implement or weapon keyword. Does this attack AC or Reflex? At-will powers shouldn't cause ongoing damage, certainly not as an effect.
Potion of Cure all Wounds (4e Equipment) 4e already has three different types of healing potion, one for each tier. This doesn't even use any surges. One way to balance it might be to have it use up 4 surges and make it rare. "Recipe" field perhaps made in ignorance of the way magic items are made in 4e.
Prion of Madness (4e Disease) Doesn't explain how this disease is contracted. Does the effect of stage one happen every round? Does it happen both in and out of combat? Why does a save end the prone state, when the normal method is to just stand up? Stage 2: The alignment change asks the player to roleplay their character in a way they probably won't want to, and in a way not conducive to the party: combining this with "always miss" and this effectively removes the PC from play. This is bad for the game. Stage 3: This doesn't work as written, I wonder if "you target an ally" was intended rather than "you hit an ally". The ongoing damage has no end condition.
Prophet of Truth (4e Creature) Needs attacks and defenses appropriate for a solo creature. It can only attack one creature per turn, and has no way to deal with stuns, dazes, etc
Quick Jab (4e Power) What does "Increase damage to 2 Dexterity modifier" mean? Add? Multiply?
Rain Acid Blood (4e Ritual) Concerns on talk page; also disregard for 4e mechanics (resistance throw and a percentage throw)
Rhinocereetle Any flat bonus to AC is too much nevermind a +3 to +7. there is a standard natural weapon feat which should be in place over the horn weapon. The racial daily should not have an auto hit
Rock Warrior (4e Paragon Path) Still no description, powers are still unusable, if you need help please say so on the talk page rather than removing this template
Sage (4e Class) Problems identified with powers and role at Talk:Sage Powers (4e Power List)
Sai Swords (4e Equipment) "Attacks with these weapons count as minor actions". The action of an attack is determined by the power that initiated it, so what does this mean?
Salvation (4e Power) See talk page.
Scared Ones (4e Race) Psysic [sic] Infused bonus is too high. Insubstantial is overpowered, and yet "Can't use weapons or implements" makes the race incompatible with 4e (Utterly useless for weapon-wielding classes from the offset; won't benefit from enchantment bonuses so any class will be useless by Paragon.) Physical Being means the player will have to hope that every fight will have physical, humanoid, weapon-wielding enemies for a chance to do one dazed action per turn. Psychic Blast initially overpowered, then becomes useless by Paragon.
Scourge (4e Equipment) A scourge is already a 4e weapon (+2 prof, 1d8 dam, off-hand military flail); the triple-headed flail is the superior variant; what kind of weapon is this supposed to represent?
Sequester (4e Power) What is a "jumper fighting style"? The Jumper class page doesn't mention it.
Seven-tail Sharpnose (4e Feat) So, yeah, I guess the main problem with this feat sequence is that it gives the player 7 additional powers. Seems pretty broken.
Shadow Distraction (4e Feat) Wouldn't it be better just to take the +3 feat bonus to all Bluff checks from Skill Focus?
Shadow Witch (4e Paragon Path) Encounter powers should not cause ongoing damage. Power should not change ability scores. Neither of the attack powers use weapons, implements, or have an inherent attack bonus. "Level" is a bit akward as a damage constant - it doesn't quite scale right correctly.
Shadowcrafter (4e Paragon Path) Dark Shroud as an opporunity attack is possibly not as useful as a basic melee attack. Whilst it has the advantage of Charisma instead of Strength, it doesn't benefit from weapon proficiency or weapon/implement enchantment bonuses.
Shadowy Assassination (4e Power) 4e combat doesn't have facing, so you can't be "behind" a target. Perhaps this could say "You are flanking the target"?
Shinryu (4e Creature) Very easily locked down, and inadequate number of attacks. An Epic tier group would easily defeat this monster.
Shocking Rod (4e Equipment) First power refers to this being a weapon, but it is not a weapon, it is an implement. Second power does not describe something that can be used in place of a basic attack. Missing rarity.
Shroud of Zehir (4e Paragon Path) Deathcharge: Encounter power should not cause ongoing damage. How long does the combat advantage last for?
Six-tail Sharpnose (4e Feat) Skill bonus needs a type
Slayer, Variant (4e Class) The "slaying styles" do not make much sense.
Snaketongue (4e Race) Bite and Constrict quickly become worthless; at-will attacks should not have ongoing damage; serpent form should use the squeezing rules rather than have the player considered Tiny
Songweaver (4e Class) The class uses a new kind of implement, so magic versions of those implements need to be created or they will become an increasingly poor choice.
Speaker For The Dead (4e Paragon Path) Rune of Carnal Conscription should use the same mechanics as summoned creatures, and also note that the "basic" actions of elite and solo creatures are significantly more powerful than those of standard creatures
Spider (4e Creature) "20 tiny spiders" is a spider swarm.
Spider Keeper (4e Paragon Path) Encounter powers should not cause ongoing damage
Spider Lancer (4e Paragon Path) Fang of the Theraphosa needs fixing
Spider Lord (4e Paragon Path) Encounter powers should not cause ongoing damage. Queen's Bite: Does the save end both weakened and ongoing damage, or do each need a separate save?
Spike Hylian (4e Race) Broken natural weapon; 4e doesn't have slashing damage or grapples.
Spydric-Ones (4e Race) Web attack bonus needs to scale with tier. Spider climb should not be a trait at heroic tier
Summon Ethereal Dragon (4e Ritual) 08:00, 18 May 2015 (MDT)
Sumo Wrestler nonsensical at-wills and misuse of power bonus
Swordsman (4e Class) Specialization in particular weapon types should either be an alternate build option for an existing character class, or a paragon path.
Tail Lash (4e Feat) Balanced some of the qualities of this move, made it an encounter and added some (what I think) proper keywords to the mix. I still feel it's a bit overpowered so I reduced the die size to 1d4. Compared to Tail Slap, this is still probably the better choice as this can grant you (and your whole party) combat advantage before you even do your standard action (making that land easier also) for two turns. Whereas Tail Slap is situational, and only provides knock down which (in most cases) makes the target harder to hit. And Combat Advantage is much better than a prone target in most cases (especially if the party as a rogue)
Talosoi (4e Race) unbalanced skills. Oversized not suitable for PC races. Talosoin Reflexes is overpowered.
Terran (4e Race) Favoured enemy is campaign specific so should be moved to feats. Deletagtion adds another two unconditional skill bonuses on top of the normal racial bonuses, this is overpowered. Intuition copies the half-elf trait.
The Loner (4e Ritual) 10gp / 10 mins is awfully cheap and fast for +5 to all skills and +2 attack/damage (even if they are made "solo")
Tibbits (4e Race) Cat form claws and bite attacks are broken as-is. Requires further wording.
Tsuku-Master (4e Class) See talk page
Unarmed Combat Specialization (4e Feat) Doesn't follow the standards for natural weapons
Undead (4e Race) Unbreakable is handled rather clumsily - recommend using the same mechanic as Warforged.
Undead Red Templar (4e Creature) Defenses are really low for a soldier role. Should also probably have some undead traits.
Ungor (4e Race) Way to many skill bonuses. Three +2's, One +4, and two conditionals of +1 and +3 respectively.
Vampire, Variant (4e Race) Day/Night traits are inherently broken: DM fiat needed as soon as the party goes to a different plane or spends any length of time underground. Ability scores should most certainly not change. Too many skill bonuses. Blood Frenzy and Night Fury both broken. Vampiric Skin ignores existing mechanics for damage resistance and "non-magic weapon" undefined for monster attacks. Deadly Glare should use the Gaze keyword, can't use Intimidate as an attack, and daily powers shoudn't become encounter or at-will powers (daily powers are designed differently). Blood Bank is worse than useless.
Vaporous Serpent (4e Creature) PC summoned creatures are handled through the Summoning mechanic; a stat block isn't needed. See various wizard summon spells, and Arcane Power.
Veleno Bevitore (4e Race) Traits and powers do not meet the standards for 4e races. I can suggest ways to fix this if there is some kind of description of this race to work from.
Volta (4e Race) "increase the weapon die size by two" - sweet lord, no. You mean 2d8? More damage than a Gargantuan-sized falchion? Encounter powers should not deliver ongoing effects. No justification for Darkvision.
Wandering Cacti (4e Creature) Needs to use 4e rules :) I'll get round to fixing this one up.
Weapon Gale (4e Power) I've read through this a few times and I can't make sense of it. If you can describe on the talk page what you want this to do, we can see about fixing it.
Whirlwind Jutsu (4e Power) I don't understand how this works. Which target are you teleporting to? Is this a weapon or implement attack? What's the power source, and if it's martial how does the teleportation work?
White Slaad (4e Race) Ability bonuses too broad; unconditional teleport speed; no such origin as "outsider"; useless natural claw attack; Some brief fluff required to explain entropic heritage; the encounter powers require round-counting, which isn't something that should happen in 4e; is morph actually a keyword?; encounter powers with embedded encounter powers?! Are the encounter power skill bonuses temporary or permanent? If the former, they should be in the effect. If the latter, you need to remove the existing skill bonuses.
Wicken (4e Paragon Path) A +1 enchantment bonus is pretty pointless, since players at Paragon will mostly likely have a +2 or better enchantment bonus on their existing magic implements. With the seeds, "you can cast one power", needs clarification (is that one power once, or one power any number of times? which power?). The conjuration also needs clarification.
Wight (4e Race) Ability scores are more versatile than others, could potentially get a +4 strength. Speed can reach 8 which some classes can boost even further. Can have up to 4 languages. for all intents and purposes you ignore dying. Unclear how the necromancer master works. Terrible resistance with weakness (4e doesn't have vulnerabilities to player races). Immunity is generally not a good thing as it limits the DM. Racial power can deal insane damage to multiple targets. Essentially needs a nerf/rework on every front.
Wilder (4e Race) The at-will power is broken. How does being an animal allow you to ignore challenging terrain? Opportunity attacks are not normally triggered by shifts anyway, so this confers no benefit. More explanation is needed for the natural attacks - what's the proficiency bonus? weapon group? do they have an enchantment bonus or are they effectively useless at higher levels? Suggest +2 racial bonus for stealth rather than a flat +5. What happens if the player is a druid? Superior Hunter - Enemies either get a surprise round or they don't, so how does this work if some party members are surprised and others aren't?
Wildmen (4e Creature) All the powers need rewriting. For example, "bone blast" should be a, well, blast (rather than "5 attacks"), descriptions need to be moved out of the "effect" line (which is for effects that occur regardless of a hit or miss)
Windborn Accuracy (4e Feat) This is mathematically similar to Elven Precision (which has +2 to hit on the reroll). Suggest some other benefit.
Windstalker (4e Paragon Path) Diving strike: confusing attack vs. defense; unarmed claw attack is useless since it doesn't have the proficiency or enchantment bonuses of a weapon, nor the damage bonuses of a magic weapon. Has an effect that lets the player fly a number of squares, then a special that puts them in the enemy's square?! Hurricane Fury: doesn't explain when the player gets the secondary and tertiary attacks.
Wing Clip (4e Power) 11:58, 19 March 2013 (MDT)
Wolf Lineage (4e Feat) We have a benefit now, but it doesn't match the description or the summary.
Woodkin (4e Race) Races should never have a flat AC bonus, could get a bonus to fortitude, extra healing surges, or a +1 to death saves to represent their sturdy nature
Worshiper of Banjo (4e Paragon Path) Not sure if this is supposed to be a joke article or not (considering the origin). It's clearly unbalanced (+5 to all skill checks for all allies as a minor at-will?), but nothing here is funny either.
Wyvern Lord (4e Class) Unbalanced (wyvern health flare has unrestricted HP gain; look at the healing powers in the PHB and note the relationship between usage, surges, HP/THP)
Xeron (4e Race) Iron Skin needs changing - races shouldn't receive flat AC bonuses. Blood Fury is overpowered. Constructed should explicitly state which Living Construct traits they get. Ferocious Strength: "Reliable" is a keyword reserved for martial daily powers, rangedmod should probably be 1, trigger should perhaps be "An attack bloodies you.", effects are overpowered in about 4 different ways.
Xiao (4e Race) Sleight of Hand - all weapons (apart from the crossbow) can already be reloaded as a free action. Effective Unarmed Combat and Immobilizing Strike - these kind of features are defined by class, not race. Their unarmed attacks are also useless compared to weapons (no proficiency bonus, no enchantments, incompatible with feats. Immobilizing Strike will need an inherent attack bonus or it's going to miss a lot. They're really just halflings that favour the monk class.
Yak Folk (4e Creature) Needs to be better integrated with 4e rules. In particular with reference to magic items, feats, domination, summonings, and there's a lot of unnecessary waffle.
Yathchol Webrider (4e Paragon Path) Encounter powers should not cause ongoing conditions
Yautja (4e Race) Needs an encounter power. +1 attack and damage against non-bloodied enemies is a tad too good.
Zeff (4e Race) Changing size. Don't do it. Just... don't. Outsider is not a 4e keyword.
Zora (4e Race) Natural weapons are still broken. Please see gnolls and their claws feat to see how to handle this.
Æsir (4e Race) Much better than before, still not sure about defenses, and three racial skill bonuses is too much considering they are already quite great in combat.

3.5e Pages[edit]

3.5e Articles with a "Needs Balance" template.
Page Name Notes
Acolyte of the Dragon (3.5e Class) This class has had balance issues for years. Needs a serious revamp on skill and ability balance.
Adamantine Knight (3.5e Prestige Class) This character type does not conform to normal 3.5e balance precepts. Before approving this character class the DM is highly encouraged to read all abilities closely.
Adapter (3.5e Race) Huge number of traits that should be spread over racial levels; many refer to "transformation" which is not clearly defined (is it polymorph, alter self, shapeshifting?). Can turn into a CR 7 creature at 1st level.
Adsecula (3.5e Race) See talk page
Advanced Warforged (3.5e Base Class) SR, DR, Fast Heal, and large bonuses that cost zero resources to receive are not balanced for 3.5e play.
Agent (3.5e Class) This is a very good start, but some things are really quite out of whack, especially the noncasting specialisations. These need to be compared to actually effective builds of this type when measuring what they can do, as potential power means nothing in the face of actual power.
Agumon (3.5e Creature) What does half of this mean? What is a "digidestined partner"? Is this part of a campagin?
Aht Urhgan Blue Mage (3.5e Class) Not enough playtesting to determine balance.
Aikijitsu Sensei (3.5e Class) Base Attack and Saves are incorrect, please refer to the rulebook.
Alacrite (3.5e Class) class has different skill points for regular and epic progression, the feats are almost as numerous as a fighter, the extra move or standard action effectively gives the character pounce, and he moves with a bonus of 70 feet at level 20? this is D&D not munchkin.
Alchemical Armband (3.5e Equipment) Prerequisite "must be an alchemist" - is this a homebrew class? Someone with ranks in an alchemy skill? How long does the transmutation last? If I transmute my arm into adamantine, what is the "strength and damage bonus"? Can I transform my arm into a Titan's and get Strength 43? How does this work if it's only in one arm?
Aluminum (3.5e Equipment) ok lets go through this, its like mithral in that it is somehow stronger than steel? The figures need adjusting. Also suggest guideline on how it is extracted from ore in a typical medieval-fantasy setting, since it's more difficult than other metals.
Andarra Bloodmane (3.5e NPC) This NPC's statistics are undergoing renovation at this time and are not yet finalized. --Argent Fatalis (talk) 21:39, 20 May 2013 (MDT)
AngelTouched (3.5e Feat) This feat gives +4 to Charisma
Anima Toughness (3.5e Feat) 01:32, 4 July 2015 (MDT)
Animal Leader (3.5e Class) Cut out spellcasting, lowered animal companion max, and lowered wild shape max. Additional editing possibly needed.
Animorph (3.5e Class) A class should never allow you to break the game.
Arachnia (3.5e Race) Large number of powerful traits that a) need writing out correctly, b) would come with an LA
Arcane Card Master (3.5e Class) Full caster progression, medium BAB, and a bunch of special abilities. This needs toned down for standard 3.5.
Arcane Duelist Academy (3.5e Other) Able to cast Dispel Magic or Disjunction as a free action at higher levels nonstop, extreme bonuses to dispelling magic. This is a feature that may be too good at shutting down spellcasters.
Arcane Highwayman (3.5e Class) Reflex save progression is incorrect
Arcane Pistoleer (3.5e Prestige Class) Everything from the "master class level" table onwards doesn't seem to have anything to do with this class.
Archer of Infinite Blades (3.5e Class) Why play this class? See talk.
Architect (3.5e Class) Just looking at level 1 I see problems. It doesn't cost anything to make the small construct, just 8 hours. So I can make one per day. If I have a month of downtime between adventurers, I now have 30 of these assistants. I now have 30 attacks per round.

Reply: If you read the Army Outfitter ability, it implies you can't. On that logic I made this class for a player in my campaign and so far we have run from level 1 to level 8 with average gold gain and everything seems ok.

Armor Fusion (3.5e Race) Looks like it will need a LA; x0 template needs filling
Armsbearer (3.5e Class) This is unusable in its current format due to power problems (i.e. aid of binder another that you can do unlimited times per round so you can constantly hinder every action or aid every action. Just no.) Recommendation stands.
Artemis Eye (3.5e Equipment) Clearly a magical weapon or an artifact, rather than a base weapon; please use Template:3.5e Magic Item or Template:3.5e Artifact.
Assassin, Tome (3.5e Class) This class is of questionable balance unless you are playing a Races of War sourcebook campaign. It is highly suggested that any DM read and understand the class fully before passing judgement on allowing this class into a game.
Assassin (3.5e Class) I skipped ahead to the "Deadly Arts" and saw that they are awkwardly written, with percentages everywhere and incorrect terminology. Why are caltrops nothing like SRD:Caltrops?
Atom Smasher (3.5e Class) BAB needs to be a normal BAB. Monk rules should be used for unarmed damage. There are no "half-round" actions, maybe a move action or a standard action?
Atriarch (3.5e Template) You don't adjust BAB like this. +6 LA looks low for such huge bonuses to nearly every stat.
Aura Guardian (3.5e Class) See talk.
Balloon-Mage (3.5e Class) There needs to be a save to resist having the balloons attached to a creature. How far can the balloons lift someone into the air? What happens in a dungeon? Maybe summoning a hot-air balloon would also be a good idea.
Battle Brother (3.5e Prestige Class) This class is of questionable balance when combined with standard 3.5 edition rules. It is highly recommended that any Game Master (GM) read the class carefully before approval.
Battle Mage, Leafmender Variant (3.5e Class) Adding a ton of abilities onto a full mage, including the armored mage feat, and then adding even more bonus feats is terrible.
Battle Mage (3.5e Class) Full mage, full druid animal companion, bunch of eextra abilities. Need I say more.
Battle Wizard (3.5e Optimized Character Build) No optimization here.
Beast Shaman (3.5e Class) This article is in the process of being constructed. Please do not alter or edit the Beast Shaman class unless for administrative or site specific functions.
Beast Shaman Maneuvers (3.5e Maneuver) This article is part of a class that is not yet complete. Please do not edit this article unless it is for administrative or site function reasons.
Beastmaster (3.5e Class) Or possible deletion. Seven separate animals all at full level is more than a little broken. That's like adding seven party members that you control the actions of.
Bender, Air, Variant (3.5e Class) Some parts of this are near-gibberish.
Biomage (3.5e Class) an interesting class but it goes overboard really quick in what it can accomplish (including regen) and needs to be fixed or possibly deleted as it would need to be gutted and worked from the ground up.
Blade Dancer (3.5e Class) Adding extra limbs as a class feature is really not suggested.
Blood Bender, Variant (3.5e Prestige Class) Broken beyond all recognition
Blood Knight (3.5e Class) What is the revelry calculation based off? A HD calculation? Or possibly deleted. This thing is a balance nightmare.
Bofro (3.5e Race) Skunk spray needs to use actual conditions from 3.5e, probably sickened. Creature template needs completing or removing.
Bonarell (3.5e Race) Needs an LA. It might be "for personal advanced play", but it still needs an LA for comparative purposes. If the campaign is high powered, the DM can allow an amount of "free" LA.
Bone Knight (3.5e Prestige Class) Feature spread, overall power (note two good save and good BAB), skeletal minion doesn't quite work.
Bound Greatsword (3.5e Equipment)
Candy Person (3.5e Race) Regeneration would come with a higher LA; Refrigeration doesn't make sense, AC doesn't work like that.
Cantrip Master (3.5e Class) Cantrip Widen and Cantrip Extend are unplayable.
Caustic (3.5e Prestige Class) Seems a bit overpowered, the immunities gained is a bit crazy. Should probably spread the features over 10 levels rather than 7.
Chain Cloak (3.5e Equipment) +1 AC for everyone except high Dex characters. For those actually using it, there should be some tradeoff.
Chanter (3.5e Class) Saving throw progressions are incorrect.
Chaos (3.5e Class) Feature spread needs improving.
Chaotic Angel (3.5e Race) The traits are awful.
Chigiriki (3.5e Equipment) The balance of this weapon needs to be reviewed so that it fills a worthy niche and is useful.
Child, Variant (3.5e Template) Is this a class or a template? In addition some of the class features are rather good for -1 ECL.
Child of Nature (3.5e Trait) Fails UA:Character Traits#Behind the Curtain: Designing Traits
Chiroptera (3.5e Race) "Difficult" is not a maneuverability for SRD:Fly. Air Attack, Noctis and so on still do not make mechanical sense.
Chronic Disease (3.5e Flaw) These all need vetting for balance and appropriateness as a flaw. Insuline requires modern-day technology to synthesize.
Chronoblade (Balanced) (3.5e Equipment) Unless the feat restriction is referring to the class bonus feats only, the DM adjudicates what feats are available. All the power point values are unnecessarily multiples of 5. Time Manipulation should be Su rather than Ex. Attack and Damage bonuses look like they excessively stack.
Cirque du Maboul (3.5e Quest) Knocking out is hard to do... Players always get mad saying it's not following game rules. That needs to be changed somehow.
Clugs (3.5e Race) See talk page. Could do with an LA?
Clumsy (3.5e Trait) See UA:Character Traits
Coinshot (3.5e Class) Poorly defined traits. Has many of the problems I mention at Talk:Lurcher (3.5e Class)
Color Blindness, Red-Green (3.5e Trait) What spells rely on flashing colors?
Combustion Master (3.5e Class) Poorly written class features
Commando (3.5e Alternate Class Feature) Three extra skill points per level plus three class skills? very excessive.
Complete Apathy (3.5e Trait) Benefit should be a bonus, not an immunity: Countering a bluff isn't just about reading emotions. Drawback needs to be more specific about which checks it applies to (if I'm using Use Rope to tie up an unconscious enemy I'm "interacting with others", but clearly the penalty shouldn't apply there.
Complete Werewolf Overhaul (3.5 template variant) You are aware as 3.5 is built percentage increases don't work because you can't assign a static ECL or level adjustment to the template right? Also the bonuses outlined would make this unplayable in every campaign except for epic campaigns.
Confounding Shot (3.5e Feat) Needs to be rewritten to better use existing 3.5e mechanics.
Conjetium (3.5e Equipment) this is way underpriced for the benefits. the weapons should be in the +45000 to +50000 range and the armor should be more along the lines of +120k-+160k based on the fact that it gives huge bonuses that can't ever be taken away.
Cora (3.5e Campaign Setting) Someone needs to take a look at Cora Stones, 3.5e Boosts and the classes that use them because it's not clear how they work.
Corena (4e Deity) Which edition is this for? The templates are layout are for 3.5e except the page and the footer are for 4e.
Corrusium (3.5e Equipment) much too low of a cost when it can render entire classes pointless
Courageous (3.5e Trait) The drawback is mechanically poor. It becomes increasingly easy to avoid for characters with a high Will, otherwise it can force the behaviour of other PCs, which isn't good.
Creation God (3.5e Racial Paragon Class) Features need to state if they are Ex, Sp or Su; how many times per day can they be used; some features don't make sense: targets of gravity push "take 1d5" - 1d5 what? Damage? Why a d5?
Creed (3.5e Race) Automatic critical hit has no justification.
Creepy Kid (3.5e Feat) A class feature-like ability is gained and later a permanent spell effect.
Crystalics (3.5e Race) Essence of Crystals and Planted Seed belong in the description. Stages of race's lifecycle are not traits, particularly if they take a year to process. High LA races are generally unbalanced, and there are areas here where the LA can be reduced, for example by normalizing the Con / Dex modifiers and reducing the DR.
Curious (3.5e Trait) No mechanical drawback related to the benefit.
Dace (3.5e Deity) "Maximally one step away from deity." Maybe this should be labeled as a Hero Deity?
Damascus Steel (LD) (3.5e Equipment) A lot closer than the other entry but since you are effectively combining mithral and adamantite together the cost should be slightly higher (about 45k for heavy scale from there.)
Dark Folk (3.5e Race) The Racial Traits for this are slightly overpowered, especially for first level. Not to mention, they only have a +1 LA.
Dark Knight, Variant (3.5e Prestige Class) Okay, the features are also poorly designed. As far as I can tell "negative energy" isn't a damage type.
Dark Soul (3.5e Prestige Class) The "Must have been fused with an evil spirit, trapped god or the like" needs game mechanics present. The Dark Arts: Spell Mimication is based off level, however prestige classes and so can have separate spellcasting, etc. Such a mechanic should relate to the caster level maybe? Sign of Terror gives an ability score bonus. It is normally not good practice to give such benefits, unless one is epic level (Paragon classes excluded).
Dark monk (3.5e Alternate Class Feature) Taking a base class and adding an ability score bonus and proficiency with all weapons is obviously overpowered.
Deadman (3.5e Class) This class has fast healing at 1st level. This is unbalanced because it's fast healing. At 1st level. Blood Canon is out of balance, you can't give 50d6 damage, or more, as a supernatural ability.
Deceiver Debris (3.5e Equipment) bonuses are way too high for the amount of money this thing costs.
Defender (3.5e Class) Dead levels at 13th, 18th, 19th
Demidragon (3.5e Race) Even ability score bonuses, and an appropriate LA and ECL are missing.
Demonbane (3.5e Equipment) "...a +2 Holy Longsword of Evil Outsider Bane until its wielder scores a confirmed critical hit..." - what does the sword become afterwards, then? " also has a chance of casting one of the following spells..." - what is the chance, how is this determined? The information under "market price" (and it still needs a market price, even if it's unique) implies this is an intelligent item (it "tests" the wielder)
Destroyah (3.5e Creature) and a review. This thing isn't more powerful than gods if you actually level them where they should be (hectonaires are godlike brothers to the gods and while regular gods are weaker it's not by leaps and bounds.) second as a monstrous creature it wouldn't actually be this high of a cr because it isn't a god or related to them. Third if this was really an issue any high level deity would simply unmake it because you don't get a saving throw from that divine power. So this thing in reality is pointless. Also as a side note with a decent party, equivalent equipment and greater sustenance this actually isn't very strong and would easily lose to a 4 man party.
Devil Preparation (3.5e Feat) Grants too many bonuses.
Devotion (3.5e Feat) What is a domain's "greater power"? I thought it might be a typo for "granted power", but it's mentioned twice.
Disorganized (3.5e Flaw) See talk page.
Dissociative Identity Disorder (3.5e Trait) Repeated appeals to DMs discretion makes for a weak design. The trigger for changing personalities is poorly defined. The examples suggest that the different personalities can have different classes, it does not explain how this would work.
Doom Gate (3.5e Spell) Save or Die with no Spell Resistance
Dracomancer (3.5e Race) Lots of good ability score bonuses and double bonuses to some abilities, as well as as +5 AC is not a LA +4 race.
Draconic-humanoid (3.5e Race) Lots of good ability score adjustments, amazing flight and movements speeds, and 3 levels with x8 skill points is not LA +4.
Dragon Eater (3.5e Class) The features in the table don't match the feature descriptions. Many features have dubious mechanics and are nonsensical in places.
Dragon Scale Tunic (3.5e Equipment) marketprice, costs and prerequisites are not correct
Dragoncraft Armor or Shield (3.5e Equipment) needs changed to not reflect skyrim. skyrim might be nifty but it doesn't translate into table top gaming.
Drake (3.5e Creature) Attacks/Full Attacks are inconsistent.
Draylian (3.5e Creature) Advancement is "none" - shouldn't this be "by character class"? How is being able to see "radiation" defined in D&D? (can they see everything from gamma rays to visible light to microwaves?) "Survive in any condition" is poorly defined: how about in a pool of lava? The condition of "dying"? Shouldn't they be a living construct?
Drudge Puppet (3.5e Template) There is a whole for a wizard or similar class to get more out of this than he loses.
Dungeonomicon (DnD Other)/Charactonomicon
Dwarven Big Game Hunter (3.5e Class) Needs linking to a campaign setting that include firearms, clearly isn't going to work in vanilla D&D
Dwarven Box Gun (3.5e Equipment) Statblock says this is martial; the description mentions a "simple ranged attack"; the categories say this is exotic. Which is it?
Dwarves, Albion (3.5e Race) Martial Proficiency, Spell Resistance that scales with HD, and other neat benefits at no LA?
Earth-Bound (3.5e Class)
Eevee (3.5e Race) Someone should probably create a class for eevee so they could actually be a practical race.
Effeminate Build (3.5e Trait) Why is being feminine associated with being a whole size category smaller? Is this trait supposed to be for a particular race?
Eijilund Plushies (3.5e Race) Why so many ability score degradations? Shouldn't they be vulnerable to fire? Maybe their size and build should be variable?
Element Magebred (3.5e Template) Selecting minus' to certain ability scores does not balance with the benefits.
Elementalist V2.0 (3.5e Class) Does not follow the guidelines for class creation roughly outlined on Character Class Design Guidelines.
Elven Truesteel (3.5e Equipment) WTF people! You gave it keen and a crit range increase (would cost a minimum of 9k if magically enhanced just for the keen) and you make it cost 1k? At a minimum you should multiply the material bonus by 3 to 27k just for the keen, the step increase would be another 30k easy. Not to mention its better than mithril with only a little more cost?
Elves, High, Variant (3.5e Race) The ability score adjustments are too good for the various LA's (all of them).
Elves, High-Mind (3.5e Race) Way unbalanced, that much Int bonus alone should warrant level adjustment or much heavier penalties on others
Elves, Wolf (3.5e Race) What is "Jaws of the wolf, Bite of the werewolf"? x0 template does not match the new traits.
Eoptera (3.5e Race) 50 ft. perfect flight would certainly come with a LA
Explosive (3.5e Equipment) 3.5e doesn't have "fumbling" or "explosive damage". Is the hit above/below 10 on the natural die roll or after modifiers? Is this an enhancement (in which case what is the bonus {and it wouldn't have a cost of "100 xp"}), or a specific weapon?
Extreme Speed (3.5e Feat)
Eye Ring (3.5e Equipment) Prerequisites and costs are wrong. How does "transform holy items into unholy ones" work, can we have an example?
FMA Alchemy (3.5e Variant Rule) This has been discussed elsewhere, but there need to be counter saves, etc. E.g. why not transmute the air in someone's lungs into water? Also, the balance of the gate feats do not work (not using D&D rules- an "ordeal" may relate to prerequisites, but not change the game's balance).
Fangbringer (3.5e Prestige Class) Feature that dictate PC actions and can adversely effect the whole group. Doesn't state when the frenzy ends. Grand Hyena is redlinked. What is an "ability boost", does it just mean those ability scores are increased? Has a dead level and yet some levels with two features. Endurance is abusable (have another PC put an undead rat in a box so you don't have to see it, but carry it around with you for DR 10 all the time).
Fast Movment Hard Hits (3.5e Optimized Character Build) No real optimization here.
Fauxfire Ninja (3.5e Class) See talk page.
Fearless Heart (3.5e Trait) Traits should not include a save to avoid the drawback, and it enforces player behaviour in a poorly defined way, and "fear check" is not defined.
Feral Child (3.5e Feat) Each of these bonuses is better than a normal feat, so as a whole is obviously hugely overpowered.
Fire Borne (Second Form) (3.5e Equipment) this (even with the weaker starting form) at a minimum would be a greater artifact. There is no limit on the soul charges (problem one) you always knock someone prone (second problem) Huge crit range (3rd problem and it certainly shouldn't be a spread of 5, 4 max) and oh yea it gets stronger?
Flamefist (3.5e Optimized Character Build) No real optimization.
Force Blade (3.5e Equipment) If the intent is that this can hurt ethereal creatures like ghosts, then the ghost touch enhancement already does this. If it does a bit more than this, then at least use ghost touch as a base.
Force Blast (3.5e Invocation) Tivanir (talk) 07:16, 6 March 2013 (MST)
Fox Blade (3.5e Equipment) Can we be clear on what this is? This is dagger that can only be wielded in a kitsune's tail? How is it wielded? Kitsune (3.5e Race) doesn't mention anything about a prehensile tail or multiple tails. What does "multiple blades sprout" mean? What does "sneak past cuts" mean? The statblock says 1d8 damage for every available size, and then the description says 2-9 damage? What is a "critical damage boost"? The range increment, type and hardness make no sense. Is this even for 3.5e D&D?
Friendly Ghost (3.5e Feat) Is this even plausible given a ghost's horrific appearance? Does it work if a ghost is manifesting? Does it work any number of times, such that passing through a populated area allows you to regain a lot of hit points?
Furyans (3.5e Race) Fast healing 10 a bunch of bonus stats and the bonus feat? And it is a LA 0? Also the speed is unjustified (they can't run faster than say a horse at 40ft a round)
Gebby (3.5e Race) See talk page
Goblin Spear (3.5e Equipment) Tivanir (talk) 11:27, 6 March 2013 (MST)
God Smith (3.5e Prestige Class) Wording and terminology is confusing. What does a prerequisite of "Strenght +20" mean? How does the weaponsmithing tie in with the rules for crafting magical weapons? What does "increasing natural enhancement to +20" mean?
Goh'ul (3.5e Race) Lacks any racial abilities, General Clean up and Grammer,Ages, Height and Weight.
Grand Marionettist (3.5e Class) Does not follow the guidelines for class creation roughly outlined on Character Class Design Guidelines.
Grappler (3.5e Class) being able to ignore an attack per round is a huge advantage especially when the character gets a large hp pool to work from and damage reduction.
Gray Aria (3.5e Equipment) Can someone calculate the CL, Prerequisites and Costs for this? It looks prohibitive.
Great-Beast Palm (3.5e Martial Artist Maneuver) The example doesn't match the effect, unclear why smaller foes are pushed less distance, unclear what the distinction bewteen "flying backwards" and "tumbling" is. Seems to work even on Colossal creatures.
Greater Ghost Ward (3.5e Equipment) I think this might be referring to the Ghost Ward in the Magic Item Compendium. That is already a +1 bonus, so if this is better than that, shouldn't this be a +2 bonus or higher?
Greater Two-Handed Weapon Specialization This actually works out better than the Epic feat Overwhelming Critical.
Grinreaper (3.5e Prestige Class) Full BAB and Spellcasting is overpowered. Poorly written flavor, abilities do not make sense together, also author doesn't know how to spell "Grim Reaper"
Guard (3.5e Alternate Class Feature) Three extra skill points per level plus three class skills? very excessive.
Guardian's Shield (3.5e Equipment) Provides the same AC bonus as a tower shield, but without the penalties. suggestion increase the armor penalty by an additional two for each type remove wicker and give it a minus for attack say -1 on hit rolls. also make it an exotic shield proficiency and tower shield proficiency. also this should cost a whole lot more.
Guldarine, Caliginous (3.5e Race) Slight fatigue is not well written, and only serves to hamper the whole party. Beast Form needs to follow the standards for polymorph/alternate form. Favored class doesn't change based on environment.
Guldarine, Coppice (3.5e Race) Has druid as favored class, but then takes a bunch of druid features, so it actually combines poorly. Beast form needs to follow the standards for alternate form. Probably needs an LA.
Guldarine, Palisade (3.5e Race) Don't underestimate the usefulness of a burrow speed, should be worth an LA. Beast form needs to follow the standards for alternate form.
Gungnir Needs to use formatting for either magic weapons or artifacts.
Guul Drak (4e Deity) Which edition is this for? The templates are layout are for 3.5e except the page and the footer are for 4e.
Gymizophun (3.5e Race) I assume the traits are just a rough draft and still need working into something reasonable.
Half-Moon Katar (3.5e Equipment) Tivanir (talk) 11:19, 7 March 2013 (MST)
Half-Time Lord (3.5e Race) Regenerate and TARDIS channeling are poor design, needs rewriting.
Half Succubus-Warforged (3.5e Race) No way the LA is +4 and all the benefits are easily min-maxed for combat-focused characters.
Half Wolf (3.5e Race) This article contains what appears to be an unfinished work, such as citing an "Animal Subtype" (Animals are classically a type), "Humanoid (Wolfkin)", having uneven ability score adjustments (that which do not match the racial template in the listing), some miscategorizing, along with vague or very powerful mechanics (ability to innately ignore difficult terrain). The Level Adjustment is also set too low. --Argent Fatalis (talk) 17:18, 10 July 2013 (MDT)
Hammer of the Stars (3.5e Equipment) How does it deal "2d8/2d8" damage, is it a double weapon? The "celestial meteors" and "starlight" do not have enough information to use - what is the range? They they use attack rolls, or a DC? Why not use existing spells?
Hammerspace (3.5e Environment) This removes any humor at all in such situations. "Here is the justification for doing x funny thing haha ? Makes the "funnyness" even worse.
Hand Crossbow, Reworked (3.5e Equipment) see damage table
Hands of Undeath (3.5e Spell) High saves to break out at lvl 1
Harpie (3.5e Race) No maneuverability rating given for flight; "avian body" should use the existing rules for fatigue, does not say how often they can fly.
Healing Goo (3.5e Creature) Since this creature is of no actual threat, should its CR be reduced to 0?
Heaven's Guard (3.5e Creature) 17 feats on a 10 HD outsider
Heavy (3.5e Equipment) Does not state a bonus modifier
Hero-Bard of Awesomeness (3.5e Optimized Character Build) No real optimization here.
Hero (3.5e Class) this class needs a rebalancing to make it good to go otherwise not too terrible. Good saves, full BAB and a group of spells is a bit expensive
Hero (3.5e Template) However you look at this, you're getting an insane amount of bonuses for little LA. See the talk page
HexMonk (3.5e Optimized Character Build) No real optimization here.
Hexblade, Variant (3.5e Class) a bonus shouldn't be higher than a good base save for anything.
Hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia (3.5e Flaw) Flaw should not have a benefit
Hobgoblin Spear (3.5e Equipment) Tivanir (talk) 11:30, 6 March 2013 (MST)
Holy Magus (3.5e Prestige Class) This basically seems to be SRD:Mystic Theurge with more features added.
Holy Warlord (3.5e Optimized Character Build) No real optimization here.
Human, Orc Slayer (3.5e Race) Many of the traits describe the result of nuture, not nature. This "race" should be handled by simply having a human with a certain set of feats.
Humans, Albion,Warborn (3.5e Race) The bonuses far outweight the category and listed LA and just increasing the LA makes this simply melee-optimized.
Humans, Kohanim (3.5e Race) Ability score adjustments need to be even numbers. Indomitable Will is really awkward.
Hunter of the Undead (3.5e Prestige Class) What is "suffered the loss of a complete level"? Do you mean a negative level?
Hybrid (3.5e Race) 04:27, 16 October 2016 (MDT)
I Know It (3.5e Feat) Ability swaps are normally reserved for epic tier, and effects a few aspects of the ability score, not everything. Prerequisites should also be odd-numbered.
I can USE shurikens (3.5e Optimized Character Build) No real optimization going on here.
Iaijutsu Master (3.5e Optimized Character Build) No real optimization here.
Idea (3.5e Race) How does this even work as a character.
Illusionist (3.5e Class) There are a few things - the biggest one of all is 'Over Powered Illusions'
Immunity to Magic (3.5e Trait) It's reasonably possible to be in a party of non-spellcasters using potions for healing, making this incredibly powerful, worth more than a feat (let alone a trait). It also doesn't use defined keywords: does magic refer to just spells? Or spell-like abilities, supernatural abilities as well? Unclear what "cot of any healing done in towns" actually is. If I rent a inn room to rest for natural healing, does that count? Buying healing potions? How do the people charging you know you have this trait? What are "enchanted items", are they like magic items?
Immunity to Transmutations (3.5e Spell) 4 rounds to cast a spell that costs 1000 XP to grant immunity to Transmutation for possibly 1 round
Improved Gigantic Weapon (3.5e Feat) What does "The character can use a weapon up to 2 plus 1/(20 Str)." mean? Should probably have one of the various oversized weapon feats as a prerequisite.
Improved Healing (3.5e Feat) Isn't Augment Healing (Complete Divine) what you would take for this?
Increased Monk Armor (3.5e Feat) Compare with Armored Monk (3.5e Feat)
Infernal Protectors (3.5e Race) The bonuses far outweigh the listed LA, and the abilities do not even explain how often they can be used with what game mechanics.
Infiltrator (3.5e Class) Sneak attack is absurd, save progressions are wrong, way too many features
Infinium, Gun Mage (3.5e Class) Issues raised on talk page
Intellect (3.5e Feat) Maybe in some limited case, but not on everything.
Inventive (3.5e Trait) The drawback is not significant. If I really have to make a knowledge check after claiming the bonus, I can just wait the one hour out. It also says that the bonus is once per day, but also at-will. Which is it?
Iridium (3.5e Equipment) Yes of course a +2 static bonus to damage means it would cost the same as normal! oh wait then EVERYTHING would be made from this because there is no reason to use steel EVER. Needs price table and adjustment (at least 12k probably closer to 20 for static +2 damage bonus.

More balance issues: A blacksmith's forge gets to about 1500 C; the melting point of iridium is 2466 C; it is very hard to work, it is brittle, should be reflected in penalty to Craft rolls; it is also very rare. An iridium weapon weights 3 times as much as a steel one. )

Irinsians (3.5e Race) Ridiculously powerful ability scores, and strong features, even for LA
Ishvalan (3.5e Race) Alchemical Explosion doesn't make sense.
Jade Empire Monk (3.5e Class) Many of the styles have ramifications, particularly when you are double this or that bonus. There's one that changes BAB, which should not be done as it's often a prerequisite for other things. There's a style that grants +5 to attack and damage rolls. Stunning attacks are thrown around without any limitation. Conditions are referred to seemingly in ignorance of actual 3.5e conditions (Examples: "slowed" and "confused" aren't related to similar conditions. Bad design throughout.
Jagged Hammer (3.5e Equipment) A hammer of this type would be a heavier edition of the war maul and would do 2d8x3. ability score prerequisite needs removed.
Jelly Monarch (3.5e Race) Size altering not sufficiently explained. What jellys can be absorbed and how does it happen? Why does this use its own Str/Con/Dex modifier instead of the standard ability score adjustments for changing size? Exactly what is the jelly that is created with Lord of the Ooze (is it an SRD creature? What are its stats?) On the whole this race is a mess.
Jellybean (3.5e Spell) Doesn't have some necessary limits (c.f. SRD:Create Food and Water)
User:Jota/Gear (3.5e Class) Has a myriad of issues Talk:Gear (3.5e Class)#Large List of Notes.
Kantian Paladin (3.5e Class) well let's increase the abilities of a paladin and spell casting for a minor drawback (lower save on REF.) Class needs balanced
Ideas: A: A forced choice between healing or smiting specialization; B: Some tweaks to it in terms of stats or combat prowess to make it more balanced; or C: A change in armor/weapons; maybe they can't use exotic weapons even with the feat, or maybe needing to take a feat for heavy armor
Karnins (3.5e Race) Really good ability score adjustments, a scalar bonus on fire damage spells, and at-will spells scaling to HD is well over the current LA.
Kelir Shaythan (3.5e Template) Why not change all your HDs to d12's for LA 0?
Kender Cursed (3.5e Template) The LA / CR adjustment doesn't work since it doesn't take into account a creatures special qualities. Even with the penalties, a cursed wraith shouldn't go from CR 5 to CR 1/2. A PC Wizard could start play at level 5 (ECL 1) with access to 3rd level spells, the reduced attack and defenses doesn't matter a great deal.
Ki Knuckles (3.5e Equipment) Does not have the correct creation costs or market price; it needs to be either magic gauntlets (weapon) or gloves (wondrous item)
Kiegon (3.5e Race) There is no explanation of how these abilities work using normal game mechanics.
Kitsune-bito (3.5e Race) The tails are better than many stand-alone feats and this race gets them every second level, which is not balanced.
Knight, Teoryran (3.5e Class) Does not follow the guidelines for class creation roughly outlined on Character Class Design Guidelines.
Knight, Variant (3.5e Class) Does not follow the guidelines for class creation roughly outlined on Character Class Design Guidelines.
Knight in Shining Armor (3.5e Feat) The first benefit alone grants +8 in skill bonuses (the armor caveat is hardly mitigation, presuming such armor would be worn for the majority of adventuring time).
Kraj (3.5e Race) Ability scores are all over the place. The rationale for the gender split is based on nurture, not nature, which should not be a factor for racial ability score adjustments. I propose removing them.
Kurotsume (revised) Ability scores are too much for LA +0, and the traits are a bit boring.
Legendstone (3.5e Equipment) The abilities are ridiculous. At a minimum the adjustment would be in the 500k to millions range for even simple items for this material.
Level Advancement (3.5e Variant Rule) If the group feels they are advancing too quickly, wouldn't it just be less complicated for the DM just to reduce the CR value of encounters by 1? (e.g. a CR3 encounter would grant the XP for a CR2 encounter.)
Lictor (3.5e Race) The traits are not explained with sufficient game mechanics, and saves are necessary for them to function.
Living Lightning (3.5e Class) See Talk page
Lumins (3.5e Race) Ridiculously powerful ability scores, and strong features, even for LA
Luna Blade (3.5e Equipment) Why make it complicated when you can make it uncomplicated?
Lurer (3.5e Creature) See talk.
Lycanthropic Saliva (3.5e Equipment) Needs purchase cost, mechanics need formalizing a bit better to fit with poison rules.
Lyganium (3.5e Equipment) As the creator of the artificer base class I need to say that this thing is terrible. Costs are not done per pound but how much it takes to make a weapon, armor or shield. Further a blanket +10 to hit and damage would cost in the realm of 3-4 million because it is a static bonus that would be multiplied on critical hits.
Mace of Light (3.5e Equipment) "Radiant" is not a listed special ability - do you mean holy? Missing item creation details and aura.
Mageblade, Variant (3.5e Class) Dead levels a 5th and 17th, so features could do with rearranging.
Mageblade (3.5e Class) Mage spellcasting plus fighter attack bonuses and more feats - class is very overpowered for 3.5
Magic Device Specialist (3.5e Alternate Class Feature) This is extreme. I would suggest either 1/2 BAB or make them class skills like other homebrew feats. Otherwise you can automatically use items for most fighters better than most magic classes or thieves.
Magical Artisan (3.5e Class) The prestige class or class aspects need to be chosen as one or the other and used throughout.
Magically Uninclined (3.5e Trait) Disparate benefit and drawback.
Magma Golem (3.5e Creature) See discussion.
Magorian (3.5e Equipment) Totally negating half the classes in the game is suppose to be difficult not cost you 20k.
Maji (3.5e Race) Granting an SR, bonus CL levels, and at-will spells is well over LA +3.
Make up kit of deceit (3.5e Equipment) Some of the effects are poorly defined
Mammoth (3.5e Class) How is increasing your weight 8 times and growing a size category an Ex ability?
Mana blooded (3.5e Trait) Please see the guidelines at UA:Character Traits. Also does not explain what spells can be cast.
Many More Feats Really?
Manyspell Storing, Greater (3.5e Equipment) Well first it shouldn't be the same as the version that only stores 5 price wise. Second the ability to cast multiple (and in this case medium to high level) spells in a round is downright broken.
Martyr Necromancer (3.5e Class) Does not follow the guidelines for class creation roughly outlined on Character Class Design Guidelines.
Master Spellcrafter (3.5e Prestige Class) Breaks the crafting economy. Also offers full advancement without meaningful tradeoffs, making it significantly more powerful than most existing game material.
Mechromancer (3.5e Race) Mechromancer (3.5e Class) says this is a racial template, it which case it needs to be a template with an LA. A lot of the features are poorly written.
Medusa (3.5e Race) Needs an appropriate LA.
Melee Specialist (3.5e Class) Broken BAB among other abilities.
Metal Plate (3.5e Equipment) Yet another "big sword" entry. We've already got Buster Sword (3.5e Equipment) and Fullblade, Variant (3.5e Equipment) and who knows what else. The hit penalty doesn't "balance" 2d12 damage.
Meteor Dash (3.5e Alternate Class Feature) Enabling coup de grace actions for two rounds is obscenely powerful.
Mime (3.5e Class) This is a morass of special rules to try and limit what the PC can copy, but doesn't avoid the fact that a creature's special abilities could be anything.
Mime 2.0 (3.5e Class) Seems to allow the player access to a monster's Ex abilities, for an indefinite period of time, which can lead to a whole manner of brokenness.
Monk,Scribe (3.5e Class) Does not follow the guidelines for class creation roughly outlined on Character Class Design Guidelines.
Morque, the Taker of Lives (3.5e Equipment) See talk.
Movanic Deva (3.5e Racial Class) Does not follow the guidelines for class creation roughly outlined on Character Class Design Guidelines.
Mummy (3.5e Template) d12 HDs, bonuses to Str, natural attacks, +4 Intimidate, etc— this is perfect for a melee-fighter type class and is not LA 0.
Mystic's Delight (3.5e Spell) This spell is basically just an arcane version of Virtue that's better (No Spell Resistance, less components, no save)
Naiakiss (4e Deity) Which edition is this for? The templates are layout are for 3.5e except the page and the footer are for 4e.
Nantosuelta (3.5e Deity) Barely any description. The bonuses are a nice idea, but shouldn't be given "for free" (feats seem like the obvious place for these)
Naruto Shinobi (3.5e Class) Many of the jutsus have poor definitions, and are just broken in some places.
Nature's Gauntlets (3.5e Equipment) market price and costs need recalculating
Necromancer (3.5e Class) This class still has major balance issues. The spells/day alone already makes it just a more powerful necromancy wizard. Add in the d6 HD, more class skills, fear auras, etc. and crazy amounts of buffs to all the necromancy stuff every single level. This needs serious nerfing.
Necromania (3.5e Trait) The drawback needs to be twice the value of the benefit.
Niebo Blade (3.5e Class) Saves are too high (why do the poor saves start at +1?); has the figher's hit points and BAB and bonus feats and an AC bonus and additional class features.
Nobility (3.5e Alternate Class Feature) Three extra skill points per level plus three class skills? very excessive.
Nocturnal Enuresis (3.5e Flaw) Save Gateway allows complete avoidance of flaw penalty
Non-Violent Adventure (3.5e Quest) Do they confront the Yuan-Ti? What can their skills do in the various situations?
Northern Wulfen (3.5e Race) Ability score adjustments are not odd numbers, among this page's incompleteness.
Nosan's Ring Of Chaos (3.5e Equipment) Even as an Epic quality ring, the balance of this ring is absolutely all over the place; I understand it is a "Ring of Chaos", but there is a notable difference between "unpredictable" and "unpredictable instant kill/near instant kill". --Argent Fatalis (talk) 03:14, 14 April 2013 (MDT)
Obsidian and Moonstone (3.5e Equipment) Splitting this page into two weapons makes sense. The wierd mechanics, uncertainty with dual wielding, and their availability in a setting, do not make sense in their current form.
Ochremancer (3.5e Class) In evaluating this, I've run into a problem straight away. Sludge bomb deals 1d6 damage per level. In comparison with, say, a warlock's eldritch blast, this increases twice as quickly: and with the warlock, the damage increase is considered the feature for that level. Is this class getting too much stuff?
Oh, whats that? A wall? (3.5e Optimized Character Build) Er... Where's the optimization?
Oni (3.5e Race) I'm sure there's a better way of handling drunken strength than to introduce a special resource
Orb of Fiendish Chaos (3.5e Equipment) A one use item is not an artifact. Major magical item (like the iron flask) certainly but it isn't an artifact.
Ortaurs (3.5e Race) Think for a minute about how The Beast Within would be like in actual play.
Owl Kin (3.5e Race) Silent Wings, Perch, Swivel, Superior Dark Vision and Light Blindess all seem to have been written in ignorance of the 3.5e rules. Needs rewriting.
PK Love (3.5e Power) Level 4 power that "does 15d6 damage and can not be avoided through saves or resistance." In a 100 ft. cone.
Paladin, Lord Dhazriel Variant (3.5e Class) this thing is a bit over the top since it adds a ton of new abilities without any drawbacks. there are reasons they came up with variant rules for things. Dated 24 Mar 2012.
Paladin (3.5e Class variant) Full bab, heavy armor, damage reduction, 9th level spells. This has too much going on even with changing the abilities of the hard paladin.
Paper Lantern (3.5e Equipment) How does a candle and some paper make a "firebomb"? How do you attack with it, what is the radius?
Paper Scale Armor (3.5e Equipment) even at the reduced costs I would say it would be at most +5 +5 and the cost to repair should be two silver per AC point. Further this should be stated as not being able to be masterwork, and it wouldn't help against the big mauler type crossbows (those things will punch straight through platemail.)
Paragon of Corruption (3.5e Optimized Character Build) Anyone that can be taken out this easily by crowd-clearing spells meant to take out henchmen shouldn't really be called a good optimization.
Parry Blade (3.5e Equipment) The mechanics do not make any sense.
Pegasus Pony (3.5e Race) DR 15 is crazy good, the movements speeds are faster than what they should be, and I have no idea what the "cloud" is for or why one would need it at all.
Phantom Knight (3.5e Class) Strong BAB and two good saves and strong spellcasting and sneak attack and a multiple other features each level and good skill points. A bit of a Mary-Sue. My previous comment about the issues with phantom strike etc. were not addressed.
Phoenix Cannon (3.5e Feat) What is this nonsense?
Pixie (3.5e Race) Compare to Pixie.
  • This is largely the same creature, although some information seems to have been changed (favored class expanded, no natural armor, no explicit mention of fey type benefits, and lowered CR for being able to use irresistable dance)
Plague (3.5e Spell) This is a stronger version of Contagion, in that it has more diseases and a bigger range, for the same spell level.
Plane Of Two Worlds (3.5e Environment) This would work better as just an environment; not a stand-alone plane.
Plated Boots of Capacity (3.5e Equipment) Creation costs, prerequisites and marketprice are incorrect.
Platinum (3.5e Equipment) This needs reality-checking. Platinum makes a poor material for weapons and armor. It's hardness is 3.5 on the Moh scale (a steel weapon is between 5 and 7) for example, and it is quite ductile. It would only be useful to put platinum plating on an item.
Platypus Person (3.5e Race) Why "Platypus Person!" and not "Half-Platypus"? Also this is rather bland. Another nice racial trait or the current one turned into a poison would be very nice.
Poisonous (3.5e Equipment) that is a really high damage and DC for a +3 bonus I would suggest scaling it by 2s for DC (12 14 16) and 1d3 1d4 and 1d6. otherwise this thing is better than most regular poisons and has a higher DC to boot. Also you get to use it forever and force them to save with every swing you take.
Polecats (3.5e Race) Defensive Spray ability is clunky.
Pond Rainid (3.5e Race) This does not follow normal DnD guidelines and needs to be adjusted
Portable painting easel (3.5e Equipment) This has no mechanical effects or even clear roleplaying effects (like clothes), it seems. Just needs an effect of some kind.
Prismatic Blades (3.5e Spell) A "tier 2" spell that lets you use prismatic spray 8 times with a successful attack.
Pro deus (3.5e Template) needs playtesting, ac bonus alone is insane, coupled with all the other addons this template appears to be unplayable
Protect (3.5e Spell) Can be cast as a free action, reduces damage the caster takes to 1.
Protector (3.5e Creature) Monstrous Humanoids have d8 hit dice; missing skills; Int and Wis are way too low.
Protector (3.5e Feat) What exactly happens with this? Is it magic?
Pumpkin child (3.5e Race) Adjustments do not match the x0 template, what is a "pumpkin king" class?; very clumsy summoning trait
Puppet Specialist (3.5e Class) Does not follow the guidelines for class creation roughly outlined on Character Class Design Guidelines.
Pyromancer's Gauntlets (3.5e Equipment) What is "raging flames"?
Quick Throw (3.5e Feat) Per talk page. Effectively allows an extra attack at no penalty.
Quincy (3.5e Class) We've gone from having some dead levels, to having far too many features.... and many of the features are very overpowered or poorly defined.
Quintessential v2 I think these bonuses are supposed to replace the effects of a typical loadout of magic items. But a) Different classes will have different needs, and b) Theses bonuses are overpowered. Bonus feats? Fast healing 5 by level 7?
Races of Teoryran (Teoryran World Supplement) Social castes shouldn't be separate races; use background feats instead.
Racist (3.5e Trait) Per UA:Character Traits. If your target race is, say, orcs, you are rarely going to be using bluff, diplomacy or gather information checks with them - but you'll benefit from the attack bonus all the time. Maybe restrict this to demi-humans?
Radia (3.5e Race) Powerful traits that would come with a higher LA. Acidic body (I assume it deals acid damage) at, say, 10th level, deals 10d6 to any creature that lays a natural attack on this PC, without any saving throw. Chemical Eruption halves a creatures hit points, at will, with no action and no range given. Radiation Blast has no action and no range. Nuclear Consumption means that the PC can easily top up to maximum hit points (and oil is a natural material, where do you think it comes from?!)
Radiant Warrior (3.5e Class) ok I stand corrected look and you shall receive. this is even more overpowered than the other radiant class. additional attacks huge jumps in ac and attack strength not to mention huge weapon improvements for free. the god form is also highly overpowered (2d8 plus a d8 per strength bonus is 5d8 with just a belt not to mention strength damage added to it.)
Rageborne (3.5e Template) The gained traits do not make sense. "+1 speed bonus"? How does "Raging Blade" work?
Raging Aura (3.5e Spell) Poor design, needlessly complicated. For example, gains a Strength bonus and a bonus to damage and attack rolls: only one of these is needed since the former already provides the latter. Has a random effect each turn, but some of the effects last more than one round.
Ranger (BD) (3.5e Class) Killer's Arrows doesn't make sense. In fact most of these features are clumsily written (as often seems to be the case with video-game conversions)
Ranger (Graatel) (3.5e Class) This class is of questionable balance when combined with standard 3.5 edition rules. It is highly recommended that any Game Master (GM) read the class carefully before approval.
Razor of Gloom (3.5e Equipment) Really awkward mechanics, needs rewriting.
Reaver (3.5e Class) Classes that specialize in one kind of weapon are not base classes. This is a prestige class and needs to be adjusted as such. Some features are sloppy and need rewording (for example, Capture the Soul should only work on living creatures, not undead or constructs)
Red Mountain Ogre (3.5e Race) The ability score adjustments together with the natural armor bonus is too good for LA +2. In addition, this race is an optimization of melee combat and does not offer traits for PCs with different playing styles.
Reflexive Repulsion Armor (3.5e Equipment) protects like heavy armor for 10 attacks? this thing is overpriced especially if you count in the idea of having to hit before it reduces in ability (i.e. +8 armor and no dex bonus can make you almost unhitable if you stack things, and it probably doesn't count as armor.)
Reflexman (3.5e Optimized Character Build) Thought to be inferior (thus indicating a lack of optimization) on talk page. Also agreed to be not flavorful, leaving it somewhere in no man's land. If even marginal DPR statistics can be produced or suitable changes are made (bringing it up to at least +30 base Reflex saves, which is achievable with unused Complete Scoundrel prestige classes), remove this template. If no one is willing to make such changes, leave this for an administrator's judgment.
Reverse Transmutation (3.5e Spell) What can this spell do that break enchantment or dispel magic can already do? In addition, Instant casting time.
Ring Of Godspeed (3.5e Equipment) Marketprice, costs and prerequisites are not correct
Ring of Backup Plan (3.5e Equipment) No price. See talk.
Ring of Wrong Writing (3.5e Equipment) Needs to be better explained. What happens with spellbooks? How much does this cost? etc.
Ring of the Dragon (3.5e Equipment) Marketprice, costs and prerequisites are not correct
Rising Gladiator (3.5e Class) Class features need Ex, Su or Sp designations. Some seem to duplicate feats, but aren't declared as feats, so stack with the feats of the same name? Terminology needs correcting throughout. Saving throws have incorrect progression. Accumulated bonuses start getting rather high (e.g. attack bonus can be +10 on top of BAB by 18th level, not including bonuses from feats. With Blade Master and Gladius Critical, a greataxe deals 4d6 damage with a x6 multiplier.)
Robe of Blades (3.5e Equipment) Does not follow the standards for magic items. Is this a weapon or a wondrous item? How do you attack with it? What is an "elemental canister"? What are the creation costs and CL?
Ronin of the Blade (3.5e Class) Save progressions are wrong.
Royal Guardsman, Lizardfolk Needs a higher LA and more fluff
Rubyspire Vale (3.5e Environment) Why a plane? To me this seems to work as just a normal environment as well with the DM adding it where it can fit best.
Runes (3.5e Variant Rule) Please help check the balance of the individual runes (not their availability). -User:Bricius
Sacred Javelin (3.5e Spell) "good damage"?!
Salandrians (3.5e Race) Ridiculously powerful ability scores, and strong features, even for LA
Samarie's Doomsteel (3.5e Equipment) The damage bonus is far too high. No non magical material should ever increase the damage of an item by a full die step. The AC DR combo is also undervalued and would end up being approximately 150k minimum for heavy probably more in the 220k ish arena.
Samaries (3.5e Race) This is not LA +1 with Fast Healing 1 and then a who;e HD progression alongside other good abilities like an extra attack each day (great for spellcaxters).
Sangheili (Halo elites) Equipment should not be part of the race, but you could link to items in the 3.5e homebrew
Saradi (3.5e Prestige Class) Mary Sue class (as discussed on talk page); Example character only uses 1 level of saradi?
Sarandors (3.5e Race) Ridiculously powerful ability scores, and strong features, even for LA
Scepter of Time (3.5e Equipment) Poorly defined traits. Missing information suitable for an artifact (history, how to destroy or neutralize...)
Schemer (3.5e Feat) Has vague definitions, and undefined bonus types
Seeker of New Skies (3.5e Class) Does not follow the guidelines for class creation roughly outlined on Character Class Design Guidelines.
Sexy is the new strong (3.5e Feat) As an unlikely ability swap that effects two statistics, this should probably be Epic and have more stringent prerequisites.
Shadow Arrows (3.5e Spell) Needs to explain how the attack is resolved. Do you need a bow? Is this a weapon attack made with the caster's BAB?
Shadow Assassin (3.5e Class) This is effectively a combined Rogue and Assassin, with some sprinklings of various shadow magic classes. I recommend limiting some of the class features.
Shadow Born (3.5e Race) The fast healing alone is worth +1 LA, also has good immunities and high-level spells and continual spell effects. This needs a significant LA or toning down. Writing is also a bit rough. x0 template does not match the traits.
Shadow Imbued (3.5e Template) Not LA +1.
Shadow Warrior (3.5e Class) So, I may be out of touch with 3.5e, but I know there's something wrong when you take a fighter, give it three good saves instead of one, and add a bunch of extra features.
Shadowcraft Blade (3.5e Class) Does not follow the guidelines for class creation roughly outlined on Character Class Design Guidelines.
Shadowmonk (3.5e Class) Does not follow the guidelines for class creation roughly outlined on Character Class Design Guidelines.
Shadows (3.5e Race) Needs to use... the rules... I guess.
Shadows (Untethered) (3.5e Race) Traits need balancing. Shadow walk would probably require line-of-sight for example.
Shaper of Form, Redux (3.5e Prestige Class) Features need careful rewriting. "Like Begets Like", as written, could turn a normal sword into a +6 holy avenger. The table is also apparently for a Death Knight.
Shapeshifter (3.5e Class) Allows easy access to monsters extraordinary abilities, which will lead to Pun-Pun levels of madness. By comparison, see how carefully the druid's wildshape, or the polymorph spell have been written.
Shield Fighter (3.5e Class) This things gets a lot more bonuses than a fighter, more armor, deflects ranged attacks, negates successful attacks, and a bunch of other abilities. In short it needs to lose some stuff to be balanced.
Shining Imitator (3.5e Alternate Class Feature) Well as I read it it appears to anyways. This is essentially allowing a warrior BAB that casts cleric spells to also cast arcane spells if I read it right.
Shining Shadow (3.5e Equipment) Price needs recalculating.
Shivering (3.5e Equipment) Enhancement prices have an effective bonus, not a fixed value. Does this affect creatures otherwise immune to cold? If it "waste a full round action and cannot make any other action", isn't that the same as it just not being able to take actions?
Shock stone Needs to use Template:3.5e Magic Item, needs to use correct terminology; spelling and grammar need work.
Shorten Rest (3.5e Feat) Doesn't make sense. For example, a wizard regains spells by "getting a good night’s sleep and spending 1 hour studying her spellbook." Is this supposed to reduce the good night's sleep, or the spellbook study? If it's the sleep, let's say 8 hours, if I take this feat 5 times, I only need to rest for half an hour before I study the spellbook, is that correct? But if I need to sleep anyway, what's the difference?
Shotgun Stinger (3.5e Class) See talk page
Silenced pistol I'm a little confused. Is this a modern firearm or a fantasy weapon? Also seems to be very overpowered?
Sith apprentice (3.5e Class) Looks like force block renders the PC and those near him nearly immune to melee and ranged attacks
Slothful (3.5e Template) There is a whole for a heavy armor wearer or similar class to get more out of this than he loses, as long as he accepts never going first in the combat order.
Sniper range spree (3.5e Feat) At what BAB? How many times?
Snuffle Stuff (3.5e Equipment) No effect length mentioned.
Softening (3.5e Equipment) Enhancements have a price bonus, not a fixed value. Does this really give the target no change to avoid the effect, and it does not distinguish between different contributions to AC
Solopsist (3.5e Trait) Benefit should not be as great as that given by a feat, see UA:Character Traits for examples
Song Dragon (3.5e Class) What is this supposed to be? Is it trying to be a base class (hint: base classes do not have racial prerequisites), or a monster progression?
Soriel (4e Deity) Which edition is this for? The templates are layout are for 3.5e except the page and the footer are for 4e.
Sosmunii Lancet (3.5e Equipment) High GP value does not balance the fact that this two steps overpowered.
Soul Reaver of Barator (3.5e Prestige Class) There's no separate ambidexterity feat/trait in 3.5, and you can't wield a scythe in each hand.
Soul collector (3.5e Class) Multiple feats in a level, and a soul attack are not right.
Soulless Kittelar (3.5e Template) There is a whole for a monk or similar class to get more out of this than he loses.
Soulsnare Puppeteer (3.5e Class) Does not follow the guidelines for class creation roughly outlined on Character Class Design Guidelines.
Space Marine (3.5e Race) Needs an LA and some explanation as to how this fits into a normal D&D campaign (surely D20M would be a better fit). Why are "run" and "sprint" given, instead of adpoting the normal rules for running. In fact none of these traits are well designed. And, ugh, "hit points" not "health".
Spartan (3.5e Class) Because quite frankly I can make the most god awful damage dealer with a pair of bucklers and two weapon fighting with this build. The bonus damage abilities are way too high, second it should be a spear and not a lance (I smell lance charge cheese trying to be constructed here), charging rampage makes no sense seeing how you are trying to make it some sort of cinematic proposition, not to mention the fact that as it currently reads your shield attacks do 22d6 (precision strike does not state that it doesn't stack with the bash.
Specimin Curate (3.5e Class) [really just needs a little work].
Spell Empowering (3.5e Equipment) the non empowering spell storing weapons need to be higher caster level so this does too. Also fixing broken link
Sphenisciphobia (3.5e Flaw) Flaws should not have a benefit
SphereMode (3.5e Template) The bonuses to not equate to a +4 CR; Doesn't explain what kind of action is needed for the Ram
Squirrel, Scout (3.5e Creature) Numbers not meeting the creature requirements.
Squirreling Paragon (3.5e Racial Paragon Class) 01:55, 19 October 2013 (MDT)
Staff recharg (3.5e Equipment) This seems to be confused.
Stand-up Guy (3.5e Alternate Class Feature) What is this an alternate class feature for? A Bard? What feature does it replace? Is this a spell-like ability, or mundane?
Standing Tower Shield (3.5e Equipment) well you don't get a shield bonus if you aren't actively using it as a shield. also I think this is covered in one of the books as a way for healers to set up mobile cover to allow them a chance to aid people.
Starborn (3.5e Race) If they can fly, they should have an LA. Their maneuverability would not be perfect. Critical Point: How do they infuse their weapons? How often can they use this? Frail: Would rolling a critical end their current turn, if they need to rest? What actions can they take while resting, can they move?
Starburst Striker (3.5e Prestige Class) AC Burst: works with any attack, including spells? +1d20 to every attack roll is ridiculous. The damage penalty is irrelevant if you are using the attack as a delivery for some other kind of effect.)
Steam Plushie (3.5e Template) Not LA 0. Racial abilities do not negate the penalties that one can, potentially, get around in their game anyway.
Steam Sword (3.5e Equipment) So. The energy for this bonus damage is from superheated steam in its hilt. Doesn't that harm the wielder? If there's protection, say gloves or plenty of hilt wrapping, then wouldn't an equal amount of protection on the victim (say, armor) be enough to avoid the damage when the steam is expelled? When the steam is expelled, the heat energy is no longer in the sword, so why does it _then_ begin to heat up? I know this is fantasy, but perhaps we can have some basic thermodynamics here.
Steel Skin (3.5e Feat) Seems a bit unlikely considering that DR 3/- is an epic tier feat
Stolen Breath (DnD Feat) I'm not sure if this is worth a feat?
Stone-born (3.5e Race) Very min-maxed for combat-focused classes and the abilities are better than what is LA +4.
Stone will The prerequisite doesn't make sense; Strength and Will are on different scales.
Sulkai (3.5e Race) Also something special should be added to this. These are amazingly bland after the ability score adjustments. The random starting ages in templated form need to be added (see the preload).
Supreme Many Shot See talk page
Survivability Warlock (3.5e Optimized Character Build) No real optimization going on here.
Symbiote Seeker (3.5e Prestige Class) Issues on talk page; too many dead levels; could do with a DPL of symbiotic creatures either here or on the subtype page
Tactician (3.5e Class) <Just need some second opinions.>
Talented Magic Swordsman (3.5e Class) broken. unable to reclaim. posted by author.
Tame Spirit (3.5e Flaw) See talk page
Tanathans (3.5e Race) Ridiculously powerful ability scores, and strong features, even for LA
Taracian (3.5e Template) This mostly doesn't make sense.
Tempest Scout (3.5e Optimized Character Build) 50' base speed is not optimization and there's very few other notable highlights here.
Templar's Ring (3.5e Equipment) Cost needs correctly calculating, probably needs a spell prerequisite; description needs improving.
Templar (3.5e Class) Poorly defined class features.
Tengu (3.5e Race) Too many good ability score adjustments and features, put this over LA 0.
Tenken (3.5e Class) This character type does not conform to normal 3.5e balance precepts. Before approving this character class the DM is highly encouraged to read all abilities closely.
The Fourth Wall (3.5e Environment) I don't understand how this fits in with societal advancement? Is this implying that now we live in the height of achievement? The space age hasn't even started yet...?
The Weeping Toothpick (3.5e Equipment) Is it a rifle or a shotgun, or does it have one barrel for each? If so, which does the 2d20 refer to? What does "deals nonlethal and lethal damage exclusively" mean? It's got to be one or the other. If it is lethal, what is the damage type? How do you know if it "gose [sic] through the target"? Then this sort of rambles off, I don't know what it's talking about. Also, if this is a magic weapon, it should've been created with the "add" link at 3.5e Magical Weapons, not mundane equipment.
The Witcher (3.5e Class) See talk page
The shop of wonderous oddities (3.5e Environment) Does not work with the city generation rules in the DMG.
Theurge of Charisma (3.5e Optimized Character Build) No real optimization going on here
Thrillseeker (3.5e Class) Does not follow the guidelines for class creation roughly outlined on Character Class Design Guidelines.
Time Walker (3.5e Class) See talk page
Timewalker (3.5e Class) Does not follow the guidelines for class creation roughly outlined on Character Class Design Guidelines.
Titan Blade (3.5e Prestige Class) See talk page
Toa of Light (3.5e Class) Does not follow the guidelines for class creation roughly outlined on Character Class Design Guidelines.
Todd (3.5e Equipment) Limitations need correcting. A Str limit does not account for different sizes, the penalty does not tie in with any core mechanic (when it could)
Tome of Necromancy (3.5e Sourcebook)/The Necronomicon Many of these spells are beyond overpowered. Please see the discussion.
Torch Mace (3.5e Equipment) A cheap +1 mace? What are you wrapping it in that costs 1 gp?
Totemic Wanderer (3.5e Class) Does not follow the guidelines for class creation roughly outlined on Character Class Design Guidelines.
Toughened Hide (3.5e Feat) +6is just to high.
Trail of Blood (3.5e Feat) What kind of attacks? At what attack bonus?
Transmute Spell (3.5e Spell) Requires special saving throw, I have no idea what this spell actually does, 4 minute casting time to alter 1 single spell.
Trickster, Variant (3.5e Class) Does not follow the guidelines for class creation roughly outlined on Character Class Design Guidelines.
Triforce (3.5e Equipment) Just noticed that this is silly overpowered. "+infinity spell slots per day, and can not die"? give me a break.
Triscadecaphobia (3.5e Trait) Metagame based effects.
Trueblade Myrmidon (3.5e Class) This seems a little overpowered might need some tweaks
Tunnel Vision (3.5e Trait) Really quite overpowered. The value of the penalty should be twice that of the benefit; +2 to attack and damage is too much anyway; in one-on-one combat it's just a straight bonus.
Turaank (3.5e Race) Ability Scores are never odd numbers. Racial abilities are unbalanced for a LA0 race. Odd, confusing, non-standard rules for many things.
Turtlekin (3.5e Race) Rules are really wonky. Bad ability score adjustments, and "room" etc are not defined.
Two-Handed Spell (3.5e Feat) The benefits are too powerful for a feat. See discussion for further details.
Two-Weapon Karmic Fighter (3.5e Optimized Character Build) No real optimization going on here. Mediocre damage.
Ultimate Infiltrator (3.5e Optimized Character Build) You could easily go Wizard 20 and still get the same spells while having higher spellcasting. With this you only end up with level 7 arcane spells and level 4 divine spells by level 20, and it hurts even more at the middle levels.
Ultimate Master (3.5e Class) Does not follow the guidelines for class creation roughly outlined on Character Class Design Guidelines.
Ultimate Summoner (3.5e Optimized Character Build) Not optimized
Ultimus (3.5e Equipment) Seems to be a bit off with abilities but overall not bad.
Umbral Enspelling (DnD Mystery) This needs to fit somewhere.
Unattentive Retard (3.5e Template) Using wraith as an example again, a retard wraith goes from CR 5 to CR 2 but the penalties do not impact it much.
Undead Paragon (3.5e Racial Paragon Class) Very overpowered.
Unigan (3.5e Race) This is barely comprehensible.
Urchin (3.5e Class) Does not follow the guidelines for class creation roughly outlined on Character Class Design Guidelines.
Useless Bastard (3.5e Template) Overpowered. -8 Skill checks is well worth an ECL 11 race, or another nice template.
Using Reaping Mauler to Extract Brains (3.5e Optimized Character Build) No real optimization going on here, not a very high grapple check.
Valadar Darkbane (4e Deity) Which edition is this for? The templates are layout are for 3.5e except the page and the footer are for 4e.
Valinor Guard (3.5e Class) This article requires balancing and refining in order to be playable. Certain portions of this article, such as BAB and Parry Magic, are far too powerful while others are too vague, or mechanically do not function as written such as in the case of Tears of the Two Trees. This article also requires major rework in the form of spelling/grammar and general English. --Argent Fatalis Also no class should give a divine rank at level 20. (talk) 14:26, 28 June 2013 (MDT)
Vampire God (3.5e Prestige Class) This class is overpowered for conventional campaign power levels, and continues to gain more power or less restrictions with more and more edits. A private demi-plane that is more powerful than a wish or miracle spell(Edit Psionic Genesis power level 9 metacreativity Psionic handbook), that can store an extra 600 or so hit points at average stats around 15th level, abilities that server to give huge bonuses to every attribute... the list goes on.
Vampires (3.5e Race) LA0 is totally wrong.
Vampiric Surge (3.5e Feat) Doesn't make any sense.
Versatile Crafter (3.5e Feat) Effectively saves the character a lot of free skills, and makes him more versatile not only in crafting.
Violent Racism (3.5e Flaw) *"Race" is too specific and can potentially be applied to extremely rare and unlikely to be encountered races, such as Ixitxachitl.
  • Some Races are also location-specific, and are unlikely to be encountered away from their specific locations. Selecting Azer or Drow allows you to ignore these penalties, for the most part, so long as you never venture into the Underdark or visit cities in the Elemental Plane of Fire, outside of very forced circumstances on the GM's part.
  • In many cases mentioned above and beyond, the penalties would not be present enough to be considered a constant drawback, therefore diminishing this flaw's balance.
  • The DC is nonstandard and not tied to an ability score. While this is not necessarily a problem, it bears consideration if you intend to use/allow this flaw.
Void Mage (3.5e Class) The new spells do not have enough information to be used, and in many cases closely duplicate existing spells for the sake of it (e.g. void missile / magic missile). Feature spread needs working on, and most features have dubious mechanics.
Volatile (3.5e Equipment) If the AC reduction is supposed to represent corrosion, then it should respect different contributions to AC
Vroons (3.5e Race) Does not make sense, high level spells for an ECL of 2!
Waltz of Blades (3.5e Prestige Class) A level 6 (e.g. fighter 5/wizard 1) character can get the benefits of a major special weapon ability, and it's troublesome that this can be applied to an existing magical weapon. Suggest making animate objects the prerequisite spell instead of mage hand, and increasing BAB requisite to +11.
Warrior of a Thousand Attacks of Opportunity (3.5e Optimized Character Build) No real optimization going on here, poor damage per attack makes number of attacks redundant.
Weapon Growth (3.5e Feat) As a non-magical enhancement this does not work.
White Cleric (3.5e Class) Some of the class features do not make any sense, others are poorly constructed.
White Lion (3.5e Class) you are essentially handing a medium or light fighter a druid companion. this will not balance well against existing classes, and as such probably needs tweaked down slightly.
Wii console (3.5e Equipment) No cost present.
Wisdom in the bones Benefit does not make any sense.
Wisdom of the druids Benefit does not make any sense.
Witch Hunter (3.5e Prestige Class) Permanent True seeingat level 1, this is a very high level ability given with no downsides. Automatic hit move that grants long term spell shut down. What is the range on aspect of silence? The way it is written it could have infinite range or no range. There is no save DC on witchbreaker? For an automatic negate that lasts the entire encounter while also dealing damage? There is also no save DC on the EXTREMELY powerful bane poison attack. Inquisitors rage is extremely unbalanced, every attack automatically hits and bypasses DR, Resistance, Immunity, etc PLUS has a chance to completely shut down an opponent on every one of these AUTOHIT moves? .

This class is not balanced for 3.5e play. It needs drawbacks and saves at the very least.

Witcher, Variant (3.5e Class) Please make the "balanced" version the base version, and move the "extremely powerful" version to the Balance Changes section.
World Domination (3.5e Epic Spell) The DC's seem very high as well as the price (possibly fixed, needs verifiation). Also maybe permanency could be added later (with this spell saying it works with permanency?
Yautjas (3.5e Race) Pounce and Sneak Attack are not appropriate racial features.
Yokai-Humanoid (3.5e Race) This race grants really good ability score adjustments, and the ability to permanently gain hp by killing another Yokai pushes this race to a state of unplayability.
Yonbi Izuna (3.5e Race) Ability score adjustments need to be even numbers and the wording for the abilities is very vague. All creatures in an area are effected, but what of the party? And why is the tail only an attack behind but without a change to flanking options? Also, how many attacks does this race get every round, and is that balanced?
Yoni (3.5e Race) Abilities are too good with SU abilities, DR 3/, and I have no idea why this would either be LA +2 or LA +3.
Zendra (3.5e Deity) I don't recognize half of those domains. The favored weapon is an artifact, how are followers all supposed to wield it? So do her followers get +18 charisma?
Zeppelins (3.5e Equipment) Zeppelins are not "intensely complex". There is an engineering hurdle - you need a light alloy for the frame, a method of producing a lifting gas, and a mechanism to make it go forwards (this page doesn't describe any of these). But learning to operate it shouldn't be much harder than learning to operate a ship. The reliance on goblins is bizarre. Piloting shouldn't be a binary yes/no based on Intelligence, it should be based on skill checks.
Zero Style (3.5e Feat) Who makes the save? How was DC 14 derived? What kind of attack can trigger this (ranged? melee? spell?) What kind of attack is the counterstrike? At what attack bonus? What is the "1d6"? damage? Should also have some hefty prerequisites.
Zuberaak (3.5e Race) Shadow Step does not explain how many times a day it can be used, and Shadow Weapon has no game rules associated with it.
Zurrens (3.5e Race) Ridiculously powerful ability scores, and strong features, even for LA

2.5e Pages[edit]

2.5e Articles with a "Needs Balance" template.
Page Name Notes

Pathfinder Pages[edit]

Pathfinder Articles with a "Needs Balance" template.
Page Name Notes
Guisarmuse (Pathfinder Equipment) The total effective bonus is too high, even for an artifact.
Oozing Spirit (Pathfinder Prestige Class) I'm not convinced I've made this a balanced class, and maybe not mechanically clarified enough. --SgtLion (talk) 04:45, 26 May 2016 (MDT)

d20M Pages[edit]

d20m Articles with a "Needs Balance" template.
Page Name Notes
Archaic Gothic Fighter (D20 Modern Advanced Class) Improved PL and Modernize Weapon don't make any sense
Autobots/Decepticons (D20 Modern Race) The transforming trait needs to be much clearer on how it works. There is no restriction on what a "form" is (can I transform into a cloud?), or what weapons can be built in (how about a tactical nuclear missile?). I get all the items hit points... but vehicles can have 50 or more hit points...
Dark Defender (D20 Modern Class) See talk.
Department-7 (D20 Modern Occupation) rather underpowered for an occupation.
Doctor Octagonapus Lazer Cannon (D20 Modern Equipment) Not a great piece of writing, and the "100% Charge" isn't very helpful. How many shots can it fire? It mentions "full power", are there other power levels? How long exactly does it take to recharge?
HEV Suit (D20 Modern Equipment) Has a percentage-based damage reduction with vague values, based on the suit's "charge": it isn't explained how charge maps to damage reduction, or at what rate the charge is depleted.
Ma'aleca'andrans (3.5e Race) Clearly meant to be enormously overpowered. Everything should be quantified and needs an enormous LA for bonuses like these.
Minutemen outfit (Fallout Supplement) d20 Modern doesn't have agility or perception statistics, and the armor price seems a bit cheap for the bonuses.
Vanguard (D20 Modern Class) unfinished mechanics, doesn't fit d20M norms

Uncategorized Pages[edit]

Pages with no edition category.

Uncategorized Articles with a "Needs Balance" template.
Page Name Notes
Arsetronian weapon master (3.5e Class) Poorly written and designed, see talk page.
Brood, Dragon Clan (5e Race) Accenssion has some effects that aren't actual conditions along with non-actual typing and Accenssion potentially lets you type pick
Cluster Ki Bomb (3.5e Spell) Needs to work with a class on 3.5e Spells.
Cursed blade (5e Equipment) Design needs improving. It's nonsensical in places.
Dragon Knight Variant 3 (5e Class) Three extra attacks, full spellcasting, d10 hit die, and an extremely powerful companion make this vastly more powerful than any first-party class.
Dragon Slayer Style (5e Feat) This feat is incredibly overpowered. Please take the Monk class into consideration when making feats regarding unarmed strikes, because they can get really ridiculous with too many benefits.
User:ElvenKingSlave/Weapon Summoner If the goal of this class is to be a mix of the fighter specializing in weapon combat (through feats) and a wizard effecting weapons it can be done better. Either add spells with a spell list that relates to weapons or make the command weapons a new complex special ability component sort. Keep the aspects of storing them on himself though as this is unique.
Guhuza (5e Race) Poor handle on 5e mechanics.
Hell's Descendant (5e Background) Has too many proficiencies, and background feature should not grant mechanical benefits. Please read the section on creating backgrounds in the DMG.
User:Idlem/Apocalypse Incarnate (3.5e Class) Terminology is confused. "Extraordinary spells"? An ability is either extraordinary, or spell-like, or supernatural. The dark miracles are all spells, so couldn't you just say that you cast those spells as though they were extraordinary and save a lot of waffle? "Envoy of desctruction" has the PC dropping attitude levels - who with?
Ki Shackles (3.5e Spell) Needs to work with a class on 3.5e Spells.
Legendary Vitality This increases two ability scores by one each, and provides several other very powerful benefits on top of that. In many cases this is definitively better that taking a normal Ability Score Improvement, which balanced feats shouldn't be.
Lightning Blade (3.5e Class) Fortitude saves progression is wrong.
Night Doctor (3.5e Class) BAB and saves have incorrect values, the drugs have problematic mechanics (e.g. if alchemy skill is maximized, "smiler" restores an awful lot of hit points for yer 35 gp investment). It looks like cure ailment can be repeatedly retried with no action until it works. Many pieces of equipment referenced are modern-day ("gas mask"), with no explanation as to how they appear in a normal campaign. "+1 in all mental stats" really grates.
Permanent Manifestation (DnD Feat) There are plenty of high level powers that really ought not to be permanent. Prerequisite ability scores should be odd-numbered.
Pile Driver This weapon is far too powerful for a simple weapon.
Talk:Player Customizable Variant Races (5e Variant Rule) This may no longer conform to the Musicus Meter. See the recent transcription. In addition, after the completion of the transcription, the expansion of the meter (that will include specific scores for specific feats) will definitely change the scores given here.
Potion of violent divination (5e Equipment) The psychic damage is a bit pointless, you would just wait until a long rest to drink this. Doesn't really explain what the "random flashes from the future" are. Is it an image, or a thought or a feeling? How specific or vague is it? How "random" is it? If the "flash" is that the player is eating a cheesecake in 20 days time, what happens if the player decides not to eat a cheesecake? Is it the burden of the DM to force the situation? Is the "upgraded" version the rare version? Why does making it shine increase the rarity?
Shovel Knight (3.5e Class) Not really balanced well (e.g. has effectively unlimited healing), "regular action", some Ex abilities are clearly magical, etc.
Spike of distorted flesh (5e Equipment) Refers to sizes that don't exist in 5e. Mythic Monsters (5e Variant Rule) might help with the larger sizes. I also feel like "the size of the moon" is a campaign-ending result, but it says "don't make them too over powered". You could just sit there repeating the d10 roll until you roll a 10 and destroy the bad guy and his citadel and all the surrounding hordes, or whatever.
T.A.O.E's Biomancer (3.5e Class) Very overpowered, bioweapons do massive damage at starting level for basically killing a plant. Massive amount of starting gold, possible to get 10000. Abilities in general way too overpowered.
The 20 moon pearls (5e Equipment) Mechanics need bringing to standards.
The iron gauntlet (5e Deity) Deities have 0, 1, sometimes 2, very very rarely 3 domains. 4 is too many. There's a boon that lets you endlessly churn out treasure. There's a boon that breaks the 4th wall. Boon of shape shifting needs work too.
Tome of runes (5e Equipment) Why would I ever use this, if it heavily penalizes my spellcasting ability? If I'm a wizard and I create a rune for a 6th level spell, my Intelligence goes down by 3?
Vampire (5e Class) Several of these class features are too powerful for a typical campaign, not least of which is rapid regeneration at 1st level. See talk page.
Winged Elf, Dragon (3.5e Race) Ability score adjustments should be even-numbered, and a race with flight should come with an LA.
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