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I played a few pen and paper RPGs like Dungeons and Dragons, including a few direct spin-offs, before getting to the real thing, but I have to say its better than its successors. I enjoy creating Homebrew anything and am currently working on entering my extensive file of personal homebrew creations that I believe should be shared. I've personally tested and used almost every bit of what I've made and believe in balance in the game above all things.

As an aspiring architect, I'm very math-oriented and have calculated most of the DCs and other number-related aspect of what I make with personal and generally reliable algorithms. For instance, my epic spells have very specific DC ranges so as to be made at reasonable levels by a spellcraft-focused wizard (my Epic Fireball, Lesser (named so only because "Epic Fireball" was taken by someone who just wanted a really over-powered spell) can be made by taking 10 by a 21st-level wizard with 24 ranks in spellcraft that began with 18 intelligence; that put all leveling bonuses to ability scores in intelligence; has taken the feats Magical Apititude, Skill Focus (Spellcraft), and Epic Skill Focus (Spellcraft); has five or more ranks in Knowledge (Arcana), and has a Headband of Intellect +12 (or some similar magical item))

Algorithms I use include, but are not limited to:

  • Epic Spell max DCs in terms of level: DC=((9/8)×Level)+39 (Round down always;calculated for taking 10) NOTE
  • Level in terms of Epic Spell max DCs: Level=(8/9)×(DC−39) (Round up always; calculated for taking 10) NOTE
  • Maximum Weapon Enhancement bonus in terms of remaining money: Bonus=sq.rt.(Money/2000 gp) (Round down always)
  • Maximum Armor/Shield Enhancement bonus in terms of remaining money: Bonus=sq.rt.(Money/1000 gp) (Round down always)

NOTE: These do not take into account any inherent bonuses to intelligence through magical means like a tome or spell, nor do they account for epic synergy bonuses. For the (slightly more complex) algorithms that include those, please contact me directly.

I will add more as I develop, remember, or find them.

My Projects[edit]

My Campaign Setting
The Setting for most of my campaigns.
Just about everything Chocobo I've made. Includes eleven colors of chocobo; poor, normal, great, good, and wonderful versions; a weaker riding chocobo to replace horses; and rules for breeding and riding chocobos.
Alternative "Add Page" Pages
Pages that go through my personally crafted preloads for easily detailed and comprehensive pages of all sorts. So far only pages for Campaign Settings, Alternate Campaigns Settings, and NPCs.
Variant Rules
Character Listing Template

My Characters[edit]

I've been a DM for most of the D&D career. My original DM was a retard, so after only six months of learning and playing the game, a friend of mine and I usurped the DM. He tried to maintain power, but we kicked him out; unfortunately for him, no one will play with him any more, but I sure don't feel bad about it. It have two groups, and another campaign online, but my favorite things is to mess around with my original character with his great companion, the original character of my co-usurper.

Anyway, I only have a few characters I'm truly proud of, so I'll list them all and note which I like best. Name, Race and Class(es), Alignment, Favor out of 10, Status, Description.

My PCs[edit]

These are the one I've played when I'm not DMing, which seems not to happen very often anymore.

Valentine "Tine" Sunshadow
Character: Halfling Rogue-AssassinHB 18/Uncanny TricksterCS 3
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Favor: 12/10
Status: Active (still) ...I think.
Description: I've been playing him forever, and he's still only level 21. This is my original character, and still my favorite. His companion, Blastlegar Bardoon the Goliath Barbarian, and he travel the cosmos do as they please, these days. From defeating the tarrasque and using his regenration to provide cheap, self-sustaining food for the multiverse to raising army and seizing nations of prosperity while running a transplanar-ship building company, they've done it all. I have current character sheets for him, and his Hide and Move Silently modifiers are each +93, making him have to concentrate on being seen and heard, rather than working to not be. I could make the bonuses higher, but at this point it's more fun to have that small (extremely small, like microscopic) chance of being caught one day.
Clemens Qwerath
Character: Orc Barbarian 3/Paladin of Freedom 2
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Favor: 9/10
Status: Active, Growing
Description: Clemens is a homosexual Orc, who worships the god who helped him realize his sexuality, Obad-Hai. His short temper was fueled by his confusion over his feelings for men, but now he is better about his anger. His skin is a frothy green color, and his hair is red-orange (a side-effect of his visit from Obad-Hai). He keeps clean, wears tight and full plate, and doesn't afraid of anything. His loyal, fiersome mount, Cuddles, is a lavender Rust Monster. Alright, I increased his favor to 9 because I played him today (notice the level up) and he did some awesome shit. He started an impromptu jousting tournament in the middle of the street and made money off of it while keeping the guards away and accomplishing the intention of making a distraction while his companion, Elai Rennor, robbed a merchant's office.
The Cave Troll
Character: Goblin Ranger 8
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Favor: 9/10
Status: Active, Stupid
Description: The cave troll enjoys proclaiming himself as such in his squeaky little voice, while he waves his oversized Greatclub around. The cave troll enjoys hitting things, picking his nose, hitting things, beating up things that trolls hate (there seems to be a constantly changing and growing list), eating, getting lost in caves, and hitting things. His favored weapon is his greatclub, which is at least as big as he is, since he stole it from a REAL troll, but he is competent when dual-wielding his small club or swinging his sling. His real name is unknown.

My NPCs[edit]

Sara and Navi
Character: Human Wizard 3/Bard 3/Arcane MinstrelHB 5
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Favor: 7/10
Status: Active, Terrible I know
Description: Yes, Navi does have a tendency to say "Hey, Listen!", but only because Sara, the super intelligent resource of one of my parties, won't say it herself. Navi is annoying, end of story. Sara, on the other hand, knows everything there is to know. Buildings, steam technology (it's steampunk), firearms (and powderpunk), spells, history, geography, lore; you name it, she knows it. Appraise check are usually her thing, but the party also uses her for destroying the crap out of things and buffing themselves. They're terrible people, taking advantage of such a clumsy, socially inept young woman. Her real problem is she can't apply any of her knowledge very well, but she LOVES having it and gaining more. If she were to spend the rest of her life in the multiverse's largest library (which Balstegar and Valentine own) she MIGHT die happy. Unfortunately, she got kicked out of her house by her parents, who told her to get out and see the world, which is how she ended up adventuring with the party: by begging them to take her along. She lost an arm in battle once; she was not happy, and the party subsequently became wary of her emotions, after getting her arm restored. As far as DMPCs go, she's pretty awesome.
The Elder Tortoise
Character: Unknown Unknown
Alignment: True Neutral
Favor: 10/10
Status: Currently in existence
Description: The progenitor of magic and thought by those that know of him to be the creator of the world, the Elder Tortoise is a lumbering hulk of better than colossal size. He speaks slowly and deliberately, sharing his near-infinite wisdom with those he deems his friends. He once spent an entire eternity telling the whole story of history to the Chronicler, granting the Chonicler his powers. It is rumored he also granted the Anichron his powers, but the method by which he might have done this is unknown. He is the gaurdian of the Wellspring of Magic.
The Chronicler
Character: Kenku Storyteller of Time 20
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Favor: 10/10
Status: Currently in existence
Description: A gentlemanly Kenku that knows and tells the stories of all history. Any story he tells is completely true, though crypticism and metaphysicism are employed heavily to keep those he tells stories to from discerning the weight of their meaning.He has the power to change history and to foretell the future merely by telling a story of it, adding embellishment to anything he deems worthy. It is not clear whether his stories are true because he tells them or if he tells his stories because they're true, but whatever the case, the only way for anything he says to have no power over time is for it be in the conditional. He will tell stories of greatness to strangers, saying, "There's always time for a story", placing his enigmatic hourglass nearby and proceeding to fill any amount of time with long epics. Some have found later that he told them a story about themselves, though they only ever realize it after the fact. The Chronicler cannot stand the Elder Tortoise's company, but who could after two eternities.
The Anichron
Character: Kenku Storyteller of Time 20
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Favor: 10/10
Status: Currently in existence
Description: The counterpart to the Chronicler, the Anichron and the Chronicler choose to coexist, sometimes undoing each other's work and sometimes choosing to respect each other's actions. He "untells" people's stories, releasing them from what they might believe is their fate, possibly through bolstering their confidence or by changing how people view them.

My Concepts[edit]

Still thinking about these.

Larry Moonlight
Character: Halfling Ranger 20
Alignment: True Neutral or Chaotic Neutral
Favor: 11/10
Status: Awesome and playable
Description: Larry is Valentine's alter-ego of sorts. Whenever Valentine get's caught, his classic line is, "It wasn't me! It was Larry!". By some miracle of fate, Larry somehow takes the blame. Larry gets up to his own hijinks, having all the skills to get into trouble (Disguise, Hide, Move Silently, Survival, Cimb, Jump, Search, User Rope) and none of the ones to get out of it (Bluff, Diplomacy, Gather Information, Open Lock, Disable Device, etc.). He's a prodigious cook, and the inventor of the recipe for OMGITBURNS!, a hot sauce of truly legendary hotness.
Gannentine the Jongleur
Character: Human Bard 20
Alignment: True Neutral
Favor: 10/10
Status: Awesome... but developing
Description: A character based off of Deckard Cain from Diablo, he's going to be awesome. He'll be a hippie and a minstrel. His name comes from a silly thing I called Ganteka once, and since Gan is so awesome, I named the character in his honor. I had his character sheets under construction somewhere... if only I could find them.
Grondz Vimmins
Character: Vampire RaptoranRotW Paladin of Slaughter 5/Barbarian13 /Rogue 2
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Favor: 10/10
Status: Under construction
Description: Grondz is a title for this revolting rebel. Rash and irascible, Vimmins believes that subjective idealism is the key to true equality. He fights all he encounters, whether in verbal sparring or grueling combat, attempting to make them more opinionated and idealized. He believes in a basic level of necessary supply for each person, running a seedy charity, spreading the money he "earns" from selfish merchants and spreads it to the selfless idealists he encounters. Grondz Vimmins believes that success can only be achieved by working to better those around you, otherwise no individual will accomplish any great task on their own. By helping the selfless, nameless heroes of the world and assassinating the most famous of individuals who fail to recognize the group that made their success possible, Vimmins helps to bring equality to society. Vimmins enjoys assassinating rulers, bringing to power councils of selfless and kind rulers to better spread the wealth equally amongst their subjects. He often assassinates heroes, even those loved by the people, and is therefore hunted by many. He and Grondz Sancmon are rivals.
Grondz Sancmon
Character: Lich GoliathRoS Paladin of Tyranny 5/Wizard 13/Archmage 2
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Favor: 10/10
Status: Being progressioned
Description: Grondz is a title for this vassal of death. His position requires of him a sick and cruel disposition, while maintaining a detached and calculating objectivity. He advocates accountability as true evil, and the only disposition he approves wholeheartedly of. Without accountability, individuals would have no compunction to protect one another, as they would expect it to be done by the group. Sancmon requires all under his rule to be free thinking and personally responsible for their endeavors, successes, and failures. Failure to comply results in immediate disciplinary action: death. Reform is not an option, as each member of existence has the free will to choose their own morals, ethics, and discipline. That capability for volition prevents any true reform from taking place, as many will default to their original ideals. The worst offenders of what Sancmon refers to as "whole crime" are not killed, but instead forced into labor working as an aggregate workforce on any project Sancmon sanctions that requires a large number of workers. Sancmon uses the whole crime offenders as military units, directive them with simple and momentary commands, using them to conquer communist nations that he sees fit to destroy and enslaving their population as more whole crime offenders to inflate his ranks. Those who he exalts above the whole crime offenders are asked to consider employment as inventors of warmachines of terrible destrcution and simplistic operation to be used on him behalf by silenced whole crime offenders. He and Grondz Vimmins are rivals.
Bugenhagen Rumput
Character: Forest Gnome Sorcerer 15/Archmage 5
Alignment: Neutral Good
Favor: 7/10
Status: Ready
Description: He hasn't come into the world yet, really, but I can tell he's going to be awesome. He'll float around on his tenser's floating disk and cast like no other while staying ot of sight. I'm thinking of going with spellsniper for him, even though I'm slightly averse to that class since one of my players blew himself up trying to cast a fireball spell as a ray without converting it into a ray (he wanted a line of fire to sweep across the enemy; awesome idea, poorly carried out).
Character: Doppelganger Cleric 6/Bard 4/Mystic Theurge 10
Alignment: Neutral Good/Lawful Evil
Favor: 7/10
Status: Conceptual
Description: Trong is a peculiar doppelganger. He understands in both states of mind his nature of being, but his alignment changes dramatically. He isn't bipolar, but rather scizophrenic, changing his entire personality. The Lawful Evil side of him has been informed of his condition, and that side actively works to keep his Neutral Good aspect unaware, so as to maintain its freedom.
Vice Abilon
Character: Wild Elf Paladin of Honor
Alignment: Lawful Good
Favor: -1/10
Status: Building, and despicable
Description: Vice is a Wild Elf abandoned in a human village and raised by the residents. He's heard stories of the High Elves, and reveres their culture, thus becoming an idealist. He believes in peace, community and co-operation. Selflessness is the ultimate good and acting in one's self-interest is dispicable. I hate this character.
Character: Human Bard
Alignment: Undecideed Alignment, though probably neutral good
Favor: ?/10
Status: Developing, since I can't think of a good name
Description: A motherly figure, who looks like a recently-raped homeless woman. She cares for orphan children and works as a prostitute. Her instrument of choice is her voice, but her voice sounds gruff and harsh usually; however, when she sings, it is as if angels have formed a choir and sing in unison for your hearing pleasure. She was raised by an Eladrin, specifically a Ghaele, and she adventures to find her lost "mother".
Character: Wood Elf Monk 10/Rogue 8/Fighter 2
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Favor: ?/10
Status: Needs more meat.
Description: Works as a hitman. Needs a last name. I'm not allowing comments on this character until he is more fleshed out.

Grondz Istice
Character: NecropolitanLM Minotaur
Alignment: Neutral Evil
Favor: 10/10
Status: Under construction
Description: Grondz is a title.

My Articles[edit]

All things Chocobo-related by me.


Category Article Description
Campaign Setting Azutha The realm of Azutha is one of unspeakable horrors from realms we are lucky enough not to know of. It is ruled by the demon lord Gaz'zt, and hundreds of demons flock to him.
Campaign Setting Brass Pieces
Campaign Setting Broken Planet
Quest Soul of the Dragon Seer


Category Creation % Description
Class: Base Pirate 100 (A joint effort with Daniel Draco)
Class: Base [[Choco-Mage (DnD Class)|Choco-Mage]] 100
Class: Base [[Choco-Priest (DnD Class)|Choco-Priest]] 100
Class: Base [[Choco-Thief (DnD Class)|Choco-Thief]] 100
Class: Base [[Choco-Warrior (3.5e Class)|Choco-Warrior]] 100
Class: Base Jack of Clubs 100
Class: Base Jack of Diamonds 100
Class: Base Jack of Hearts 100
Class: Base Jack of Spades 100
Class: Base Magic Medic 100
Class: Base [[Mary Sue (DnD Class)|Mary Sue]] 100 A joke class, made for fun.
Class: Base [[Psy-Cobo (DnD Class)|Psy-Cobo]] 100
Class: Prestige [[Ace of Clubs (DnD Prestige Class)|Ace of Clubs]] 100 The advanced members of the Jack of Clubs class.
Class: Prestige [[Ace of Spades (DnD Prestige Class)|Ace of Spades]] 35 The advanced members of the Jack of Spades class.
Class: Prestige Archwark 90
Class: Prestige [[Chocobo of War (DnD Prestige Class)|Chocobo of War]] 0
Class: Prestige [[Choco-Burglar (DnD Prestige Class)|Choco-Burglar]] 0
Class: Prestige [[Chocomancer (DnD Prestige Class)|Chocomancer]] 0
Class: Prestige [[Choco-Phant (DnD Prestige Class)|Choco-Phant]] 0
Class: Prestige [[Chocobo Runner (DnD Prestige Class)|Chocobo Runner]] 0
Class: Prestige [[Choco-Ssassin (DnD Prestige Class)|Choco-Ssassin]] 0
Class: Prestige [[Choco-Thug (DnD Prestige Class)|Choco-Thug]] 0
Class: Prestige Chronicler 90
Class: Prestige [[Divine Wark (DnD Prestige Class)|Divine Wark]] 0
Class: Prestige [[Shadow Chocobo (DnD Prestige Class)|Shadow Chocobo]] 0
Class: Prestige [[Warkserker (DnD Prestige Class)|Warkserker]] 0
Complex Abilities: Epic Spell Deflect Arrows 100
Complex Abilities: Epic Spell Epic Fireball, Greater 100
Complex Abilities: Epic Spell Epic Fireball, Improved 100
Complex Abilities: Epic Spell Epic Fireball, Lesser 100
Complex Abilities: Epic Spell Epic Fireball, Superior 100
Complex Abilities: Epic Spell Eternal Freedom Fixed 100
Complex Abilities: Epic Spell [[Inherit Magical Knowledge (3.5e Epic Spell)|Inherit Magical Knowledge]] 100
Complex Abilities: Epic Spell Public Assassination 100
Complex Abilities: Epic Spell Robilar's Last Ditch 100
Complex Abilities: Epic Spell Robilar's Second Defense 100
Complex Abilities: Epic Spell Unbounded Teleportation 100
Complex Abilities: Epic Spell Undetectability 100
Complex Abilities: Epic Spell Seed Age (Epic Spell Seed) 100
Complex Abilities: Epic Spell Seed Damage (Epic Spell Seed) 100
Complex Abilities: Epic Spell Seed Phantasm (Epic Spell Seed) 100
Complex Abilities: Spell Telekinesis, Greater 100 Use your mind to move huge things.
Creature Cuddles 100 Clemens Kweraths' trusty steed.
Creature Black Chocobo 100 A regular Black Chocobo.
Creature Brown Chocobo 100 A regular Brown Chocobo.
Creature Dark Blue Chocobo 100 A regular Dark Blue Chocobo.
Creature Gold Chocobo 100 A regular Gold Chocobo.
Creature Good Black Chocobo 100
Creature Good Brown Chocobo 100
Creature Good Dark Blue Chocobo 100
Creature Good Gold Chocobo 100
Creature Good Gray Chocobo 100
Creature Good Green Chocobo 100
Creature Good Light Blue Chocobo 100
Creature Good Purple Chocobo 100
Creature Good Red Chocobo 100
Creature Good White Chocobo 100
Creature Good Yellow Chocobo 100
Creature Gray Chocobo 100 A regular Gray Chocobo.
Creature Great Black Chocobo 100
Creature Great Brown Chocobo 100
Creature Great Dark Blue Chocobo 100
Creature Great Gold Chocobo 100
Creature Great Gray Chocobo 100
Creature Great Green Chocobo 100
Creature Great Light Blue Chocobo 100
Creature Great Purple Chocobo 100
Creature Great Red Chocobo 100
Creature Great White Chocobo 100
Creature Great Yellow Chocobo 100
Creature Green Chocobo 100 A regular Green Chocobo.
Creature Light Blue Chocobo 100 A regular Light Blue Chocobo.
Creature Poor Black Chocobo 100
Creature Poor Brown Chocobo 100
Creature Poor Dark Blue Chocobo 100
Creature Poor Gold Chocobo 100
Creature Poor Gray Chocobo 100
Creature Poor Green Chocobo 100
Creature Poor Light Blue Chocobo 100
Creature Poor Purple Chocobo 100
Creature Poor Red Chocobo 100
Creature Poor White Chocobo 100
Creature Poor Yellow Chocobo 100
Creature Purple Chocobo 100 A regular Purple Chocobo.
Creature Red Chocobo 100 A regular Red Chocobo.
Creature Riding Chocobo 100 An alternative chocobo made to replace horses.
Creature White Chocobo 100 A regular White Chocobo.
Creature Wonderful Black Chocobo 100
Creature Wonderful Brown Chocobo 100
Creature Wonderful Dark Blue Chocobo 100
Creature Wonderful Gold Chocobo 100
Creature Wonderful Gray Chocobo 100
Creature Wonderful Green Chocobo 100
Creature Wonderful Light Blue Chocobo 100
Creature Wonderful Purple Chocobo 100
Creature Wonderful Red Chocobo 100
Creature Wonderful White Chocobo 100
Creature Wonderful Yellow Chocobo 100
Creature Yellow Chocobo 100 A regular Yellow Chocobo.
Creature: Template Good Chocobo 100 The template for Good Chocobos.
Creature: Template Great Chocobo 100 The template for Great Chocobos.
Creature: Template Poor Chocobo 100 The template for Poor Chocobos
Creature: Template Wonderful Chocobo 100 The template for Wonderful Chocobos
Cursed Item Jester's Rod 100 A magical rod, but all it does it turn into a live chicken and back.
Cursed Item Ring of Invisibility 100 Permanent invisibility isn't as much fun as one would think.
Cursed Item Rubber Longsword 100 Don't attack with it; it'll go limp.
Magic Arms and Armor: Armor Blood Plate 100 Vampiric Armor.
Magic Arms and Armor: Armor Assassin's Chain 100 Silent armor for swift death.
Magic Arms and Armor: Armor Longbowman's Leather 100 Leather armor made for distance sniping.
Magic Arms and Armor: Armor Mage's Shirt 100 Chain for the traveling magician.
Magic Arms and Armor: Armor Thief Cloth 100
Magic Arms and Armor: Shield Hoplon Guard 100
Magic Arms and Armor: Shield Mage Guard 100
Magic Arms and Armor: Shield Rogue's Wall 100 An invisible, floating, subtle shield for the rogue at work.
Magic Arms and Armor: Weapon Magnifying Glass 100 A funny, mostly-useless weapon. Kill ants, burn toes.
Miscellaneous [[Create Alternative New Campaign Setting]] 100 The front page of this campaign setting preloader is different.
Miscellaneous [[Create New Campaign Setting]] 100 Easy preloader for every page you need in a campaign setting.
Miscellaneous [[Create New NPC]] 100 Make a new NPC with an easier/more detailed preload.
Miscellaneous: Campaign Setting Moon of Five Suns 30 My campaign setting.
Miscellaneous: Deity Azrus 100 An Overdeity of the Moon of Five Suns Campaign Setting, the God of Time.
Miscellaneous: Deity Kelmi 100 A Greater Deity of the Moon of Five Suns Campaign Setting, the Goddess of Law.
Miscellaneous: Deity Kommar 100 A Greater Deity of the Moon of Five Suns Campaign Setting, the God of Good.
Miscellaneous: Deity [[Mikel (DnD Deity)|Mikel]] 100 A Greater Deity of the Moon of Five Suns Campaign Setting, the God of Chaos.
Miscellaneous: Deity Mok'Ram 100 A Greater Deity of the Moon of Five Suns Campaign Setting, the Goddess of Evil.
Miscellaneous: Deity Sardonis 100 An Overdeity of creation for the Moon of Five Suns Campaign Setting.
Miscellaneous: Deity Surza 100 An Overdeity of the Moon of Five Suns Campaign Setting, the Goddess of Space.
Miscellaneous: Feat Deckard's Polyscience 100 Know everything by knowing everything.
Miscellaneous: Feat [[Power Throw (DnD Feat)|Power Throw]] 100 The thrown weapon version of Power Attack.
Miscellaneous: Feat Overpull 100 The bow version of Power Attack.
Miscellaneous: Feat Shield Bearer 100 For the expert sword-and-board-er
Miscellaneous: Feat Swift Fighting Style 100 A supplemental feat for my Jack of Clubs and Ace of Clubs classes.
Miscellaneous: Organization Court of Battle 100 Fighters' guild for Sabre070's campaign setting.
Miscellaneous: Organization Death's Valentines 100 Thief and assassin guild for Sabre070's campaign setting.
Mundane Equipment: Other Chocobo Greens 100 The favorite food of chocobos.
Mundane Equipment: Other Chocobo Nuts 100 Tree nuts for a mating pair of chocobos. Used by breeders.
Mundane Equipment: Weapon Harpoon 100 For when you're fightin on a boat...
Mundane Equipment: Weapon Rope Axe 100 Distance chopping.
NPC Clemens Kwerath 100 A homosexual Orc Paladin of Obad-Hai. He wears light green and rosy pink armor.
NPC Valentine Sunshadow 100 Assassin Extraordinaire.
NPC Yozan 100 Troubled monk.
Race Bourgensia 100 Highly intelligent, but extremely frail.
Race Cetra 100 Ancient travelers of the Planet, and seeker of the Promised Land. Based off of Final Fantasy VII.
Race Chocobos 100 Playable chocobos, for CHOCOBO CAMPAGIN!1!!S
Race [[Daniel_Draco (DnD Race)|Daniel_Draco]] 100 The meticulous admin Daniel_Draco in his Race form.
Race Ganteka 100 The beloved admin Ganteka in his Race form.
Race Gnome, Bohemian 100 Halfling-ish gnomes.
Race Humans, MoFS 100 My version of Humans for my Campaign Setting.
Race Half-Elves, MoFS 100 My version of Half-Elves for my Campaign Setting.
Race Mind Flayers, MoFS 100 My version of Mind Flayers for my Campaign Setting.
Race Mind Flayers, Psionic, MoFS 100 Alternate version of Mind Flayers for my Campaign Setting.
Race SteelOrochu 100 The trendy member SteelOrochu in his Race form.
Race TK-Squared 100 The annoying admin TK-Squared in his Race form.
Ring Mood Ring (minor artifact) 100 Power from emotions.
Ring Ring of Invisibility, Greater 100 Never give up, never get seen.
Ring Ring of No Other Option 100 For when there really is no other option...
Ring Ring of Sustenance, Improved 100 More things you don't ever have to do again! Like, breathe!
Variant Rule Chocobo Breeding 100 Rules for capturing, breeding, rearing, and training chocobos.
Variant Rule Chocobo Breeding Alternative 100 Alternate rules from the original.
Variant Rule Chocobo Mounts 100
Variant Rule Playing Chocobos 100 Rules and differences for playing a chocobo as a character.
Weapon Enhancement Graceful Striking 100 Add dex instead of str to damage with finessable weapons.
Weapon Enhancement Heavy 100 More str to a two-handed weapon.
Weapon Enhancement, Epic True Striking (epic) 100 Always hit. Always.
Wondrous Item: Body Slot Shoulders [[Blur Cloak (3.5e Equipment)|Blur Cloak]] 100 Give others headaches: be blurry all the time!
Wondrous Item: Body Slot Body Cloth Wrappings of Wholeness 100 Bandages that keep you together.
Wondrous Item: Body Slot Feet Expeditious Boots 100 Better than boots of striding and springing.

Total homebrew contributions to-date: 165

  • Classes: 25
    • Base: 12
    • Prestige: 13
  • Complex Abilities:16
    • Epic Spells:12
    • Epic Spell Seeds:3
    • Spells:1
  • Creatures: 61
    • Chocobos: 56
    • Templates: 4
    • Other: 1
  • Cursed Items:3
  • Magic Arms and Armor:9
    • Armor: 5
    • Shields: 3
    • Weapons: 1
  • Miscellaneous:18
    • Campaign Settings: 1
    • Deities: 7
    • Feats: 5
    • Organizations: 2
    • Other: 3
  • Mundane Equipment:4
  • NPCs:3
  • Races: 12
    • LA +0: 9
    • LA +1: 1
    • LA +2: 1
    • LA +3: 1
  • Rings:4
    • Artifact: 1
  • Variant Rules:4
  • Weapon Enhancements:3
    • Epic: 1
  • Wondrous Items:3

To do[edit]

Things I need to begin, continue, or complete.

Moon of Five Suns Campaign Setting
  • Character Creation Page/Rules
  • Races Page
    • Add more races, both Major and Monster
    • Create Setting Variants of races
  • Classes Page
    • Add/Create more classes, especially base classes
  • Character Options
    • Feats
      • Choose/Make feats and add to list
    • Skills
      • detail alternative and addition uses for skills in campaign setting
      • consider new skills/special skills
    • Flaws and Traits
      • Stop hating Flaws
      • consider making/choosing traits to add
    • Substitution levels
      • list and SRD/UA/Splatbooks
      • choose already made ones
      • make some of my own
      • consider changing to Sub levels and Sub class features
  • Gear
    • homebrew additions
    • list for each kind of era, steampunk, gunpowder, spellpunk, steampunk gunpowder, gunpowder spellpunk, steampower spellpunk, teampower gunpowder spellpunk
    • Vehicles and era lists
      • Chocobos and other mounts
    • Magic items
      • add homebrew
      • special era items? plot items? quest items?
  • magic and psionics
    • add unique spells/class lists
  • history
    • Put Myths and Legends page here.
      • Floating Isles
      • several creation stories
      • sinking seas, dead straits
      • fire and ice continents
    • West, East, South, Fire, Ice continent histories
  • cultures
    • cultural histories
    • diversity/listing of cultures by race/location/time
  • geography
    • list and describe climates and environments
    • put up maps
  • pantheons
    • listing of religions and relevance of religion
    • lists of racial, religious, geographical pantheons
  • cosmology
    • make and arrange planes
    • make picture of layout
    • list and describe planes
  • running: TBD
  • about: TBD
  • dangers and diseases
    • list of each effect and what it does and how to fight it
    • make diseases, how to get them, how to prevent them, how to use them
  • bestiary
    • SRD list and add homebrew
    • create unique, special creatures
  • Organizations: make them, list them
  • Adventures, quests: make them, list them
  • NPCs: make them, list them
  • classes for regular characters: SOLDIER, Turk
Make some feats/skills/flaws/traits
Musical, Virtuoso, Calculus Major (for shits and giggles), Craft Gunpowder
Make spells for the campaign setting
Steam Infusion, Animate Engine
Make items
  • steam: engine, horseless carriage, trains, flight contraption, steamship, steamsail, steamplow, steamtank, steamgun
  • gunpowder: rifles, guns, muskets, powderhorns, bayonets
  • blackpowder: kegs, bombs, grenades, shaped charges
  • spellpunk: idontevenknow
Make deities and pantheons
Feral Elf pantheon, Royal Elf pantheon, City Elf pantheon, Secluded Elf pantheon


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