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Thief Cloth: The deepest black you've ever seen, this hooded robe seems not to wave in any wind, even in a gale. With the hood pulled up, you cannot distinguish the wearer's face.

This +3 padded armor is any burglar's most treasured piece of equipment. It provides a +5 competency bonus to all hide and move silently checks, as well as a +2 competency to open lock and disable device. Once per day, the wearer can store up to 100 lbs. of goods, gold, and equipment in a pocket between dimensions for up 48 hours, at which point all the items reappear on the floor around the wearer of the cloak, unharmed. This can be ended earlier by concentrating (a free action), but all of the gear must go into or out of the storage space at the same time.

Faint Illusion; DC 17;CL 5th; Craft Magic Arms and Armor, fabricate, silence, invisibility, cat's grace, leomund's secret chest; Cost 7,500 gp (plus 155 gp for masterwork padded armor), 600 XP, 8 days; Activation: Use Activated; Market Price: 15,155 gp

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