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Magic Armors

Name Marketprice Weight CL Aura School
Battle Wizard's Armor 12,250 gp 12.5 6th Moderate Evocation; DC 18
Berserker Armor 100,550 gp 35 lbs 16th Strong enchantment
Blood Plate 46350 gp 50 lb. 10th Faint (DC 20) Necromancy
Bracers of Blocking 20k 3 IB 10 Strong enchantment
Chains of the Glorious Battlemage 80,000 gp 20 16 Strong Varies
Chameleon Stealth Suit 281,695gp 50 lbs 20th Strong; DC 21 Divination
Daidoji Guard Armor 48,425 gp 15 lb. 10th Moderate (DC 20) Transmutation
Dark Neko Cult Robe 10,000 gp 2 lbs 7th Moderate transmutation
Desert's Avatar 12,165 gp 25 lb. 7th Moderate (DC 18) Transmutation
Dragoncraft Mantle 3,800 gp 1
Enchanted Robe of the Mage +3 bonus 5 9 (higher, if the robe already has an enhancement bonus or effective enhancement bonus)
Gear of the Wolf 2500 gp 10
God's Hand 0 Can only be granted by mass power, not created Strong conjuration
Hero's Tunic 15,150 GP 20 lb. 6th Moderate Transmutation; DC 18
Kender Mithral 4,000 gp 12.5lb. 6th Moderate transmutation
Longbowman's Leather 30,500 gp 10 lb. 13th Faint Divination; DC 21
Lord of Ancient Ages 315,550 gp 60 lb. 20th Strong Abjuration; DC 25
Mage's Shirt 5,000 gp 50 lb. 5th Faint Transmutation; DC 17
Magically Powered Armor 56825 gp 35 lb. 9th Moderate Transmutation; DC 24
Mutant Fish Scale Armour 3,500 gp 25 lb 5
Orc Ironthorn Armour 35 lbs 5 Weak Enchantment
Orc Scorpion Armor 35 lbs 5 Weak Abjuration
Padded Armor of Feminine Form 3000 gp 10 lbs 4 N/A N/A
Padded Armor of Masculine Form 7000 gp 10 4
Pontiff's Ward 28,500 gp 7 lb. 10th Moderate evocation; (DC 20)
Robe of Immolation (And Immolation Enchant) 2 5 to 20 Weak to Strong evocation
Robe of the Apostle (Tirr Supplement) 64,000 gp 1 12th Strong Varied
Rogue's Tunic 9
Shadow Chain 15 lbs 3 Weak illusion
Shivan Armor Varies 5th level Craft Magic Arms and Armor Strong enchantment
Skin of Reincarnation 0 Variable, see text Strong Transmutation
Slayer's Great Helm 70,000 gp 4 IB 12 Strong enchantment
Soul Armor 50,000 gp 50 lbs. 16th Strong Conjuration; DC 23
Stealth Suit 63,500 gp 9th Moderate Illusion; DC 19
Stealth Suit, Variant 258,675 gp 50 lbs 20th Strong; DC 21 Divination
Thief Cloth 15,155 gp 5th Faint Illusion; DC 17
Tin Foil Hat of Paranoia None 0 3rd Faint divination
Vines of Obad-Hai N/A NA Major Transmutation; DC 30
Wizard-Compatible Armor 2500 GP 3 lb. 3 Faint Conjuration
Zora Armor 21,350 GP 5th Moderate Transmutation ; DC 18

Incomplete Magic Armors

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