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Name Market Price Weight CL Aura School
Ablative Force Layer 6
Armor of Healing Fire, Variant 16
Armor of Healing Fire 16
Battle Wizard's Armor 12,250 gp 12.5 6th Moderate Evocation; DC 18
Berserker Armor 100,550 gp 35 lbs 16th Strong enchantment
Blood Plate
Blue Battle Armor Equipemnt)
Bracers of Blocking 20k 3 IB 10 Strong enchantment
Chains of the glorious battlemage
Chameleon Stealth Suit 281,695gp 50 lbs 20th Strong; DC 21 Divination
Daidoji Guard Armor
Desert's Avatar
Enchanted Robe of the Mage
Gauntlet of Subduing
Gear of the Wolf 2500 gp 10
Ghostwalk Crystal
Hero's Tunic
Improved Battle Armor Equipemnt) 22,500 gp <!-Caster level for creation-->
Kender Mithral 4,000 gp 12.5lb. 6th Moderate transmutation
Longbowman's Leather 30,500 gp 10 lb. 13th Faint Divination; DC 21
Lord of Ancient Ages 315,550 gp 60 lb. 20th Strong Abjuration; DC 25
Mage's Shirt 5,000 gp 50 lb. 5th Faint Transmutation; DC 17
Magically Powered Armor 56825 gp 35 lb. 9th Moderate Transmutation; DC 24
Mantle of the Dragonslayer 46350 gp 15 Strong Abjuration, Visible
Missile Expansion
Padded Armor of Feminine Form 3000 gp 10 lbs 4 N/A N/A
Padded Armor of Masculine Form 7000 gp 10 4
Pontiff's Ward 28,500 gp 7 lb. 10th Moderate evocation; (DC 20)
Rogue's Tunic 9
Shivan Armor Varies 5th level Craft Magic Arms and Armor Strong enchantment
Skin of Reincarnation 0 Variable, see text Strong Transmutation
Soul Armor 50,000 gp 50 lbs. 16th Strong Conjuration; DC 23
Stealth Suit 63,500 gp 9th Moderate Illusion; DC 19
Stealth Suit v2.0 258,675 gp 50 lbs 20th Strong; DC 21 Divination
Steel Paladin Armor 1,000,000 gp 100 lbs <!-Caster level for creation-->
Super Missile Expansion
Tattooed Armor Price 6000gp for tattoo on body, 2000gp for tattoo on armor. 6th Faint Conjuration
The Demon Lord's Raiment
Thief Cloth 15,155 gp 5th Faint Illusion; DC 17
Vines of Obad-Hai NA NA Major Transmutation; DC 30
Zora Armor 21,350 GP 5th Moderate Transmutation ; DC 18
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