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Stealth Suit: This streamlined black suit of smoothly-interlocked plates is light and nimble enough not to restrict movement. Often body-tailored customarily to the recipient in question, elite assassins swear by the magical camouflage granted by the Malazan Stealth Suit.

This sleek, dangerous-looking armor consists of tightly locking upper body plates, boots, greaves, armguards and gauntlets, and a helmet with a central eye, all colored a shiny black. The armor is sealed, leaving no bare skin. The suit itself counts as light armor, granting a +5 bonus to Armor Class with a maximum Dexterity bonus of +8, an armor check penalty of 0 and an arcane spell failure chance of 10 %.

When wearing the stealth suit, the wearer gains a +4 enhancement bonus to Listen, Spot and Move Silently checks. The stealth suit's helmet contains a nightvision visor that can toggle between the wearer's normal vision and darkvision out to 60 feet at will as a swift action. The suit's main ability is for it to turn itself and its wearer completely invisible, as per the greater invisibility spell, as a standard action at will. The invisibility can be maintained indefinitely until turned off.

To be able to use the powers of a stealth suit, all of its components must be worn. As such, when the stealth suit occupies the wearer's Body slot, his Head, Feet and Hands slots are also occupied, restricting him from wearing any items in those slots. Furthermore, the suit's invisibility does not extend out beyond the surface of the suit itself, causing any objects worn over the suit to remain visible.

Moderate Illusion; DC 19;CL 9th; Craft Magic Arms and Armor, darkvision, greater invisibility; Cost 31,750 gp + 2,540 XP (plus a base masterwork armor valued at 800 gp), 64 days.; Activation: Use Activated; Market Price: 63,500 gp

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