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Soul Armor[edit]

Soul Armor: This suit of Adamantine Full Plate +1, to all intents and purposes, functions exactly as a simple suit of armour. However, there is another, hidden function. There is a small cavity inside the armour, just big enough for a small gem. When a gem containing a trapped soul (From the spell Trap the Soul) is firmly placed into this cavity (Requiring a DC 15 Craft Armor check), that soul 'possesses' the suit of armor. The creature created by this has all the memories, skills, feats, languages, proficiencies and supernatural and spell-like abilities of the soul's old body, and the same mental scores (Charisma, Wisdom, Intelligence). They also gain Strength 25, Constitution 30 and Dexterity 10. Their base land speed becomes 20 feet. They become Medium size. They gain DR 10/-. They gain Construct traits, but with the following exceptions: They have a constitution score. They are subject to mind-affecting abilities and effects. As long as the gem survives, they can be put into a new set of Soul Armor. For the first day in its new body, a Soul Armored creature cannot perform any actions that would leave them Fatigued or Exhausted if they were still alive. A Soul Armored creature becomes very used to its new body, so removing the soul gem at any time after the first five days forces a DC 25 Will Save vs Insanity. After one year, this increases to DC 30. Should the Soul Armor be irrevocably destroyed, the Gem can be removed without ill effect.

Soul Armor can be enchanted like any other set of armor, granting any benefits as normal. A Soul Armored creature can wear any Boots, Rings, Helmets, Gloves/Gauntlets since magical items (except for swords and armor) have the inherent ability to adjust to any creature's size and shape. They cannot wear any type of armor, but the gem can be re-placed into another kind of soul armor. They are treated as wearing Adamantium Full Plate +1 for all purposes, unless it has been specifically enchanted.

Strong Conjuration; DC 23;CL 16th; Craft armorsmithing 25 ranks, Craft Magic Arms and Armor, Trap the Soul; Cost 45,000gp, 2000 XP, 15 Days; Activation: Use Activated; Weight: 50 lbs. lb.; Market Price: 50,000 gp

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