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Magic Flavor Treasures

Name Marketprice Weight CL Aura School
Alaria's Saddle Blanket 7th Moderate transmutation
Alter Self Coat Rack of Mending 25,000gp 8 3 Weak transmutation and abjuration
Armored Coat Rack of Mending 2,000gp 8 1 Weak transmutation and abjuration
Coat Rack of Mending 1,000gp 8 1 Weak transmutation
Comfy Chair 3,000 50 1 Weak enchantment
Cool or Warm Coat Rack of Mending 2,000gp 8 3 Weak transmutation and abjuration
Dominel's Delightful Nozzles 10,000 gp 0.5 9th Moderate transmutation
Greater Coat Rack of Mending 12,000 gp 8 9 Moderate transmutation and conjuration
Magic Zippo 150gp 1/10 1 Weak Enchantment
Magical Widget 2,000 gp 3 None
Pedestal of Reading 3,000 gp 1st Faint divination
Smoke Globe 3,000 gp 1 1 Weak transmutation
Snappy Comeback Turtle 8,000 gp 1st Faint Illusion
Soul Armor 50,000 gp 50 lbs. 16th Strong Conjuration; DC 23
Stone of Monster Summoning 200gp 1st Faint Conjuration
Wine Rack of Perfect Storage 3,000 gp 1st Faint evocation
Wine Rack of Perfect Storage, Greater 33,000 gp 5th Moderate transmutation

Incomplete Magic Flavor Treasures

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