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Magical Widget: This device, which looks like an ordinary widget, and was empowered by the same dutiful student that created the Snappy Comeback Turtle. It is made of cheap copper, and is covered in runes, some of which are magical, others of which seem simply aesthetic. The item was, according to the few papers found with it, designed to be mass produced, but the student professed to becoming bored and going back to other works. The widget doesn't seem to be magic, and has no magical aura. However, when it comes within ten feet of a magical item, it's runes will light up and emit steam. Any magical item in proximity of the widget will rattle and shudder, allowing them to be located by a listen check. In addition, if the widget ever comes within 6" of a magical item, it will repel the item violently, sending it sailing. If the widget and a magical item ever touch, which requires a strength check (DC 18), the item will automatically activate, affecting the widget's holder with the spell stored in the item.


This item, which we were never quite able to figure out Exactly what it was, was found on the same quest that we found the Snappy Comeback Turtle. Our warrior used it as a dousing rod to find the many magical items in the school, which he stole most of. When attempting to cram one last potion bottle into his backpack, though, the widget came in contact with a magic missle wand, knocking him into the opposite wall.

None ;CL 3; Craft Wondrous Item; Cost 1,000, 40XP, 2 Days; Market Price: 2,000 gp

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