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Comfy Chair: This plush, incredibly comfortable, incredibly cushy armchair is also incredibly ugly. People who do not own the chair, especially spouses, tend to try to get rid of this armchair, usually without warning the owner. If someone is willing to sit on the multi-colored, multi-plaid chair, they will discover that a mere one hour rest in the chair is the equal of a full eight hours of sleep. The user finds that they have also been thoroughly cleaned. Over use of this chair has led some weak willed individuals to not want to leave the chair, they will sit there for hours soaking up the comfortableness of the chair. If the user fails a DC 15 Will save they find that they are unable to bring themselves to leave the comfort of the chair. The user may attempt a new will save to leave the chair once every six hours. Some lazy people have even been known to starve to death in the chair.

Weak enchantment;CL 1; Craft Wondrous Item, Sleep, Prestidigitation; Cost to Create: 1,500 gp, 60 xp, 3 Days; Weight: 50 lb.; Market Price: 3,000

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