Greater Coat Rack of Mending (3.5e Equipment)

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Greater Coat Rack of Mending: This well made hall tree coat rack has six hooks for hanging articles of clothing, a sword stand on one end, and a chest at the base of the rack that can double as a bench. All non-magical clothing hung on the rack for a four hour period is completely repaired and thoroughly cleaned. All non-magical weaponry placed in the sword stand for a four hour period is completely repaired and sharpened (if applicable). The chest at the base actually holds an extradimensional space exactly like a Type IV Bag of Holding with an opening of 4 feet by 2 feet.

This item may be enhanced with all the same variations with which the Coat Rack of Mending can be enhanced.

Moderate transmutation and conjuration;CL 9; Craft Wondrous Item, Prestidigitation, Mending, Secret Chest; Cost to Create: 6,000 gp, 240 xp, 6 days; Weight: 8 lb.; Market Price: 12,000 gp

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