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You see a kender running towards you with a dagger, he's mad for some reason, and he's wearing this thin, greenish colored, chain mail.

Kender Mithril: Kender Mithral, also known as "Charisma Mail", is a type of armor made by kenders. Kenders keep the secrets to making this armor hidden away, and the only people who actually get kenders to sell it to them willingly tend to be vampires. The armor, a treated type of mithril, has no ac bonus on its own, however, when donned it gives an Ac bonus equal to the wearer's charisma modifier, with an equal max dex. The armor check penalty is 2, and it has 10% spell failure. This is why kenders and vampires tend to be found wearing this armor, with their high charisma they benefit from it greatly.

Kender Mithral can also be crafted into weapons. Unlike most weapons, when you calculate damage substitute the strength modifier with your charisma modifier. Kender Mithral weapons typically cost 3,500 gp more than the actual weapon.

Moderate transmutation;CL 6th; ; Weight: 12.5lb. lb.; Market Price: 4,000 gp

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