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This item was inspired by Sulacu's Stealth Suit and by Korminor's Stealth Suit v2.0

Chameleon Stealth Suit: This streamlined black suit of smoothly-interlocked plates is light and nimble enough not to restrict movement. These suits are always body-tailored customarily to the recipient in question, elite rangers, elite assassins and master scouts, & epic darksong knights swear by the magical camouflage and increased survivability granted by the Chameleon Stealth Suit. These suits are made exclusively by elves for elves in an effort to protect their seemingly ever shrinking lands.

The elves got their prototype for this armor, a stealth suit v2.0, when an assassin wearing it tried to assassinate an elf price. Although the assassination was successful the princes bodyguards were able to chase the assassin to a nearby dead magic zone when the enchantments of the suit failed him he was captured and put to death for his crimes. His stealth suit was given to powerful elven wizards to study. The elves after several years of study and much trial and error made the first chameleon stealth suit with many improvements over the model they had captured.

This sleek, dangerous-looking armor consists of tightly locking upper body plates, boots, greaves with built in sheath for short swords (one sheath per leg greave (see Waist section below)), arm guards and gloves, and a helmet built in goggles, all colored a flat black with dark green detailing. This armor, its wearer and any items worn or carried are immune to the effects of dead magic zones and spells. The armor is sealed, leaving no bare skin. The suit itself counts as +5 light armor, granting a +6 bonus to armor class with a maximum dexterity bonus of +12, an armor check penalty of 0 and an arcane spell failure chance of 10 %. When wearing the stealth suit, the wearer gains a +5 enhancement bonus to hide skill checks. In addition it also grants chameleon power as a free action, the wearer of this suit gains the ability to magically blend in with the surroundings providing a +10 competence bonus to hide skill checks. . The suit's main ability is for it to turn itself and its wearer completely invisible, as per the greater invisibility spell, as a standard action at will. The invisibility can be maintained indefinitely until turned off.

Each individual part of the set also has it's own special qualities.

Body: The armor seems coated at all times with a slightly greasy oil. It provides a +5 competence bonus on its wearer’s escape artist skill checks. This armor is well oiled and magically constructed so that it not only makes little sound, but it dampens sound around it. It provides a +5 competence bonus on its wearer’s move silently skill checks. (The armor’s armor check penalty still applies normally.) The slightly greasy oil protects the entire set of armor and all weapons bound to it from acid and rust damage as corrosion nix enhancement. Oddly enough this slightly greasy oil has no effect on the wielders grip. +10 to Con

Helmet: It has no mouth opening, and where the eyes holes should be there are Dark Green Lenses. This helm contains small, but complex magical devices that translates auditory input, granting him a +5 competence bonus to listen checks. This helm also provides the wearer with pure breathable air as the spell water breathing. Even when taken to any airless environment it retains air within it at all times, continually renewing its contents. This helm is also inlaid with a small, but complex magical device containing multiple lens fixtures that translates optical input to a better suited form and grant true seeing to the wearer. The lenses also allow the wearer of this helm to see underwater, enabling to see five times farther than water and light conditions would allow for normal human vision. (Weeds, obstructions, and the like block vision in the usual manner.) It expands his visual abilities, granting him a +5 competence bonus to spot checks and search checks. The helmet also allows the wearer to see as if they had the extraordinary ability of darkvision of 60ft and immunity to the vision-impairing effects of any spell with the darkness descriptor; as such, the wearer treats any such created area of magical darkness as normal darkness with one exception: instead of consisting of gray tones ranging from black to white, the field of vision becomes green tinted. +8 to Int

Gloves: These black gloves have masterwork thieves' tools embedded in them and as a free action you can extend or contract them. In addition to providing the +2 Bonus for masterwork, the gloves provide an additional +5 competence bonus to sleight of hand, disable device, open lock, and use magic device. To gain the skill bonuses you must have at least 1 rank in the skill to gain the bonus of that skill. These gloves also provides their wearer a +5 circumstance bonus to all climb checks. If the wearer has claws, they can be used with the gloves without damaging them. +8 to Str

Boots: These boots increase the wearer’s base land speed by 20 feet. In addition to this striding ability (considered an enhancement bonus), these boots allow the wearer to make great leaps. She can jump with a +5 competence bonus on jump checks. The boots also help conceal the wearer's tracks. The DC of any perception checks required to track you increases by +5. If the wearer has claws, they can be used with the boots without damaging them. +8 to Dex

Bracers: These bracers continually provide the wearer with life-sustaining nourishment and refresh the body and mind, so that the wearer needs only sleep 2 hours per day to gain the benefit of 8 hours of sleep. The bracers must be worn for a full month before this ability begins to work. Once the bracers are bonded to the owner (after being worn a full month) they can be removed with no need to rebond them for this ability to work when they are put back on . The bracers also protect the wearer from elemental extremes as if they were affected by a continuous endure elements spell. Each bracer has a special holster that is strapped to the underside of the forearm, and holds a stealth dagger (two of which come with and are bonded to each suit at the time of its making). Its clever design allows the wearer to drop the dagger into his waiting hand with a simple flex and twist of the arm, negating any attack of opportunity connected with the drawing of that weapon. Drawing the daggers with the flex-twist motion is a free action for both hands. This is only possible when the subject is upright, as it depends on gravity to operate this way. However, if the same flex-twist motion is made when swinging that same arm, it is possible to launch the contained dagger at a target even when prone. This action is exactly the same as if the subject had thrown the dagger normally, and one-half the character's Strength bonus (if any) is added. (Strength penalties still apply as normal.) This use provokes an attack of opportunity. +8 to Wis

Waist: (waist piece) magically removes all bodily waste from the wearer as well as nullifying the wearer's natural scent. This makes tracking the wearer by scent impossible. A side benefit is that the wearer never has to worry about offending body orders. The waist piece also grant the wearer permanent freedom of movement while worn. In addition the wearer must choose two light weapons to be bound with the armor and place one in each leg sheath. The weapons must be practiced with for an hour each day for a full month, and both can be trained with at the same time for the duration of the hour. The weapons can be used normally outside of training without disrupting the binding process. During this month all the parts of the suit must be worn. Once the weapons are bound they can be summoned to the wearer's hands by mental command as a free action, negating any attack of opportunity connected with the drawing of those weapons. They may also be returned to their sheaths from up to a mile away by mental command. If the weapons are separated from the suit or the suit wearer they will be teleported back to their sheaths. +8 to Cha

To be able to use the powers of a stealth suit, all of its components must be worn. As such, when the stealth suit occupies the wearer's Body slot, his Head, Face, Feet, Hand, Arm & Waist slots are also occupied (open slots would be 2 ring slots, neck slot, and shoulder slot), restricting him from wearing any items in those slots. Furthermore, If all is worn as such you gain a +5 to intimidate and the suit grants the wearer continuous feather fall, activated immediately anytime the wearer falls more than 5 feet. The suit also allows the user to levitate as per the spell at will.

If the suit is bound to a single wearer for a minimum of one years time (ie all properties have been unlocked by the wearer for one year) it gains its final ability. The suit can polymorph itself to resemble any set of clothing that the wearer can imagine. This action takes one to ten rounds of full concentration depending on how familiar the wearer is with the imagined outfit. While in a polymorphed state the suit protects the wearer as normal except the +5 light armor bonus, all the added sight abilities (except True Seeing and Darkvision), the clean air, and the +5 Intimidate bonus are lost (until the suit is polymorphed back to its original appearance). Polymorphing the suit back to its original appearance requires one full round to complete (ie get the lost bonuses back) but transformation occurs on the mental command of the wearer, a free action. The elves wanted their assassins to be able to blend in without drawing attention to themselves when operating in populated areas.

Strong; DC 21 Divination;CL 20th; Craft Magic Arms and Armor, Craft Wondrous Item, Darkvision, Greater Invisibility, Water Breathing, Spell Immunity, True Seeing, Spider Climb, Expeditious Retreat, Grease, Silence, Cat's Grace, Freedom of Movement, Endure Elements, Create Food and Water, Disguise Self, Feather Fall, Elf; Cost 129,338 gp + 10347 XP; Activation: Continuous, Swift Action, Free Action; Weight: 50 lbs lb.; Market Price: 281,695gp

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