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Price: 3,800 gp
Dragon Part: Dragon's Hide
Feat Required: Dragoncrafter (3.5e Feat)
Skill: Craft (leatherworking) DC 25
Weight: same as hide armor of the appropriate size.
Body Slot: Shoulder

A dragonhide can be rendered flexible enough to wear as a cloak. Crafting the mantle from Dragonhide requires as much he as a suit of hide armor, and must be made to fit the wearer's size. With the Dragoncrafter (3.5e Feat) the mantle grants it's wearer non-magical elemental resistance to the element of the dragon it was made from. This is treated as an extraordinary and is not effected by and anti-magic field.

Dragon Type, Element, and Resistance Provided by Mantle
Dragon Type Element Mantle
Blue Dragon Electricity 5
Black Dragon Acid 5
Brass Dragon Fire 5
Bronze Dragon Electricity 5
Copper Dragon Acid 5
Dreg Dragon Acid 5
Dry Dragon Desiccation 5
Fairy Dragon Light and Blindness 5
Force Dragon Force 5
Gold Dragon Fire 5
Green Dragon Acid 5
Lethus Dragon Unholy 5
Olympus Dragon Holy 5
Orange Dragon Sonic 5
Plains Dragon Light and Blindness 5
Prismatic Dragon Light and Blindness 5
Psi Dragon Force 5
Red Dragon Fire 5
Silver Dragon Acid and Cold 5
White Dragon Cold 5

Dragoncraft Mantle has 10 hit point and hardness of 10.

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