Longbowman's Leather (3.5e Equipment)

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Longbowman's Leather: Worn, old leather armor, dyed black and without sleeves.

This +5 Studded Leather armor has a +9 maximum dexterity bonus, +0 armor check penalty, and 5% arcane spell failure chance. In addition to its protective qualities, Longbowman's Leather grants the wearer a +2 on all ranged attacks that are aimed at a target at least one full range increment away.

Faint Divination; DC 21;CL 13th; Craft Magic Arms & Armor, clairaudience/clairvoyance; Cost 15,250 gp (plus 175 gp for Masterwork Studded Leather), 305 XP, 16 Days; Activation: Use Activated; Weight: 10 lb. lb.; Market Price: 30,500 gp

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