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Rubber Longsword: Upon first inspection, this appears to be nothing more than a simple +1 longsword. However, when first used in combat it transmutes itself into soft rubber, bending with each attack and causing no damage. This item can be identified as what it really is with a successful spellcraft check (DC 20).

After it is used each time, it immediately reverts back to seeming like a normal +1 longsword until the next attack made with it, which makes it turn to rubber again.

Moderate; (DC 19) Transmuation;CL 9th; Craft Wondrous Item, transmute rock to mud; Cost 2,250 gp (plus 315 for masterwork longsword), 180 XP, 3 Days; Activation: See Text; Weight: 4 lb. lb.; Market Price: 4,815 gp

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