The Golden Tower (3.5e Campaign Setting)

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Rating: 3 / 5
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The Golden Tower[edit]

Player Info

Character Creation
Advice on Creating Characters
The playable races of Ourobouros.
Classes both pre-existing and home brewed for the Golden Tower Campaign.
Gods and other Immortals
Spinning the Wheel
A word on and adherence to chosen alignments
Stuff, et. al.
Items that are magical or mundane, including an artifact or two.

World Reference

The history of Ourobouros and the land it encircles.
Nations, Kingdoms and Organizations
Ourobouros as divided by the whim of mortals and beasts.
Gallery of Notable People
This is the who's who of Ourobouros.
The Legend of Kuvaroi
Hero of ancient days in the jungles of Nazca.
The Catfolk of Nazca
An anthropological survey of the catfolk villages in the wake of the return of their former leader, Kuvaroi.
All About the Sunglari
Not all that glitters is gold, nor do all the good guys wear white.

Running the Golden Tower

About this Project
Basic info about the project
Running a Golden Tower Campaign
Advice for implementing a campaign
These adventures are set in the Golden Tower setting.
Things To Do
Catfolk Names
Most catfolk have a normal name they have chosen for themselves, but all catfolk are born with a tribal name. This section will help you (and your players) choose a catfolk tribal name.

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