Gallery of Notable People (The Golden Tower Supplement)

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Golden Tower NPC
Name Alignment Race Class Character Synopsis
Abbot Tjaerou LG human sun school monk 5/cleric 9/thief-acrobat 2 Head of the temple monastery of
Pelor in Cairn.
Ohtello LG elf ranger 6/justicar 3 Sheriff of Cairn.
Jamaal LN sand giant fighter 2/monk 2 Member of Hasimba's personal guard.
Ashram Singh LE rakshasa aristocrat 2/sorcerer 6 Extra-dimensional tyrant who wants
to take over the lands of Nazca.
Bhoot Singh LE half-rakshasa catfolk ?? Arcane warrior of Lenka and
son of Ashram Singh.
Sheriff Brutus LE corpse creature barbarian 2/fighter 8 Zombie sheriff of Epitaph.
Miriam al-Iblis LE tiefling wizard (necromancer) 8 Beautiful necromancer and
part-time entertainer.
Khaled Hellfire LE half-fiend elf fighter 6/sorcerer 6/eldritch knight 6 Leader of the vanguard of
the Dervaland Army.
Jabari al-Iblis LE tiefling ?? Leader of House al-Iblis.
Ambassador Hasimba LE tiefling aristocrat 3/sorcerer 6 Ambassador on behalf of
the Empire of Dervaland.
Sandi NG human adept 7/sun school monk 4/celestial bloodline 1 Popular monk at the temple
monastery of Pelor in Cairn.
Kuvaroi NG leonal -- Messiah of the catfolk.
Shining Cloud NG catfolk healer 3 Dead mother of Bhoot Singh.
Professor Duvall N half-elf expert 5 Archaeology professor at the
Institute of Nazcan History in Cairn.
Archmage Friday N deity -- Over-deity of Ourobourospace.
Inti N deity -- Deity worshipped by the Sunglari,
also known as "the Unconquered Sun".
Spinning Sky N catfolk anagakok 7/barbarian 5 Desert wizard who leads the catfolk.
Heldaar N human ranger 6/scout 4/streetfighter 3 Member of Hasimba's personal guard.
Velassa CG elf sorcerer 4/swashbuckler 4 Headmistress of the
orphanage in Cairn.
Mistress Monday CG sirine bard??/cleric?? Priestess of Geshtai.
Lily Frost CN necropolitan bard 2/cleric 10/dirgesinger 4 High priestess of the the temple of
the Evening Glory in Epitaph.
Perryn CN human fighter 3/rogue 2/vigilante 5 Arch-nemesis of Ashram Singh.
Twirling Sand CN catfolk ranger 6 Ranger under the command of Kuvaroi.
Tanya CN catfolk sorcerer 6/barbarian 1/rage mage 6 Member of Hasimba's personal guard.

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