The Catfolk of Nazca (The Golden Tower Supplement)

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Real-Life Analogy[edit]

The analogy I have chosen for the catfolk in the Golden Tower campaign is that of certain native peoples of North America. Certain elements of clothing and costume style, a nomadic lifestyle and a respect for nature

Catfolk Tokens[edit]

Catfolk like to collect odds and ends that represent events in their lives. A catfolk may have a few tokens on their person, or several attached to their clothing or woven into their fur. The quantity of tokens are not tied to the age of the catfolk, but rather to their perception of life. For instance, a young catfolk may have a great deal of tokens because they are constantly experiencing things that change them and make them feel good or bad. An older catfolk may have only two or three, but each token represents a moment in their lives which that individual catfolk defines as monumental.

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