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When running a campaign for the Golden Tower, please keep in mind that certain information is for DM/GM eyes only and that most of the restrictions are for storyline purposes. Failure to prevent PC intrusion into sensitive areas and PC indulgences will lead to the ruin of the campaign.


The following information listed is sensitive, due to plot-related elements. Only at certain points are you to release this information:

  • The Sunglari are one of three power groups, and they are from "another world". The cacatae (cactus men) are descendants of the Sunglari warriors left behind to guard the treasures of the Sunglari that were left behind in the Exodus. (only reveal after PCs have searched both Beam Temples and the deserted Imperial Residence)
  • The White Shadow's real name is Bhoot Singh. He is the son of Ashram Singh and Shining Cloud, now deceased. (only reveal after PCs have fought six battles with Bhoot in their party)
  • Sandi is actually Pyron V, a diluted female clone of Pyron IV--which would also make her a female version of Pyron III. This explains why she has one level of minor celestial bloodline... and is just as old as long as the proto-chamber has been open. (reveal after PCs find the proto-chamber in the Imperial Residence and any information pertaining to Pyron's proto-chamber scheme)
  • Ashram Singh is actually Archmage Friday's housecat, "Mr. Mittens". (only if Archmage Friday and Ashram Singh are in the same room with the party)

RESTRICTIONS (aka the "NO" Column)

The following restrictions are listed here in the event that a player or the DM/GM needs clarification. If a player asks why, tell them NO. If you need further clarification, know that it just is.These explanations are supplementary to the restrictions listed in the "Banned" lists under the Races entry and Classes entry:

  • PCs cannot play aasimar or cacatae because they'll be considered Sunglari. PCs as those races defeat the purpose of the relative plot points. There can be no budging on this point. If a player asks why, tell them NO.
  • PCs cannot play as a member of the Emirate of Dervaland (a lawful evil country) but they can play as tiefling expatriates (with any alignment but evil). If a player asks why, tell them NO.
  • PCs cannot play as an undead creature or hail from the necropolis of Epitaph. While there are templates that allow you to do this without becoming evil, of which the community of Epitaph is mainly comprised (see "East" in the Nations, Kingdoms and Organizations page), PCs may not be undead due to their mostly evil nature. If a player asks why, tell them NO.
  • A PC in this campaign is not allowed to have a single magic item that costs over half his starting gold (ex.: A 7th-level PC has 19,000 gp. Thus any single magic item purchased by that PC may not cost more than 9,500 gp.) This prevents PCs from adventuring naked with the most powerful weapon obtainable my mortals, and has a habit of nailing munchkins to the floor. If a player asks why, tell them NO.

If at any point you find a player complaining about realism or fairness, remind him/her that this is a game not to be won but survived (much like Expedition to Castle Ravenloft.) This campaign may not be in the same class as Ravenloft, but it just might shut them up for fear of it turning into Ravenloft.

More to come as this continues to build. In the meantime, Good Luck!

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