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North and Northeast[edit]

The northern reaches of Ourobouros hold the ever-expanding kingdom of Pecostan. They are a people that like to think of themselves as good. Their kingdom is all-inclusive, with exceptions dictated by their king, Christophe II. He still holds suspicion over the defeated barbarian and orc hordes that tried to conquer Pecostan 40 years ago. To the southeast holds new lands: the arid lands of Nazca.


Home to the Orc Tribes and the barbarian tribes of Tamakh. The latter of the two groups are humans, but they both live as peacefully as barbarians can in the shadow of Mount Isklarne. The orcs and human barbarians choose not to raid, as they have settled into their lives on the snowy plains.


To the west lies many city-state kingdoms, nestled between two mountain ranges: the Barrier Mountains and the Impass Peaks. These kingdoms (Hatteras, Suzanko, Seaside and the Beardhall) are peace-loving, save their westernmost neighbor Bylesia on the opposite side of the "Great Divide"--a rocky wound in the flesh of the earth.

South and Southwest[edit]

Further south and beyond the Impass Peaks, there lies a forbidden land of lush and dangerous jungle. Rumor has it that the dragons that once roamed freely on Ourobouros have retreated to this tropical forest, leaving the rest of Ourobouros to the short-lived races. Some say the elves came from this land. It is a strange land where only the very powerful or very foolish even think about going to, and even the fools say, "On second thought, I'd better not..."


The burning sands of the Zarmishas Desert hold many wonders and dangers, namely its inhabitants. Not only are these sands the home of the crafty sand giants, but also to the reptilian harssaf. They have lived in animosity for years, until they were united under the Emirate of Dervaland. This emirate is composed mostly evil creatures from the Lower Planes, namely tieflings from Cania (the frigid eighth layer of the Nine Hells). They are led by a domineering pit fiend named Dark Lord Satannus, a self-proclaimed god ruling from the empire's capitol of Hundred Bridges who would drive Ourobouros into despair and ruin.


Once home to a beautiful jungle mirrored in southwest Ourobouros, the Nazcan jungle has receded into the desert that is home to its original inhabitants: the catfolk. The new desert stops short of the capitol of Dervaland, Hundred Bridges, and bringing the Emirate of Dervaland in search of new territory and people to conquer. This new desert spans the mysterious Bugger Canyon. It has also revealed the ruins left behind by an ancient race of "visitors". Within these lands, a lonely necropolis stands... an epitaph to their folly.

Central Regions and the Inner Ocean[edit]

The Inner Ocean is home to a multitude of races and creatures; a majority of which are aquatic in nature. A large island is known to be in the center of the ocean, but most of the information about its geography, population or government is poor due to the raging storms surrounding the shores.

More will be fothcoming.

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