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Ok, so you want to join the wild world of Ourobouros? Then hop right in to a race and work from there!

Some classes are allowed, some are not. Please check this list to see if your class is on the "allowed" or "banned" list. Many of these races have a level adjustment (LA) of +1; please take that into consideration when you make your character.


The following races or templates found in these books are allowed for player use in The Golden Tower Setting:

  • Player's Handbook
Dwarves of all variants (not including duergar or derro; see banned list)
Elves of all variants (not including drow; see banned list)
  • Miniatures Handbook or Races of the Wild
Catfolk (LA +1)
  • Races of Faerûn
  • Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting
Tieflings (LA +1)
Genasi of all types (air, earth, wind, water) (LA +1)
  • Monster Manual
Hobgoblins (LA +1)


The following races or templates from these books are not allowed (i.e., banned) for player use in The Golden Tower Setting:

  • Aasimar (i.e., the Sunglari)
  • Halflings of any variant
  • Gnomes of any variant
  • Warforged of any variant
  • any race or template that causes a level adjustment (LA) of +2 or greater (drow, celestial template, cacatae [from Dragon Magazine #352], metallic half-dragon, etc.)
  • any race from Expanded Psionics Handbook (NOTE: psionics are allowed, see Classes entry.)
  • any race that is "Always" or "Often" a specific evil (ex.: Rakshasas are always evil, but hobgoblins and tieflings are usually evil)
  • any template that forces a PC to become any evil (fiendish template, half-fiend, chromatic half-dragon, etc.)
  • any undead
  • playing a dragon is out of the question (NOTE: I have to put this in here for the dracophiles)

Please note that if a race is not mentioned in either of the lists on this page, it will not be available for player use.

More races will be added to these lists as appropriate.

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