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Character creation should work thus:

1. Roll 4d6 (and drop the lowest dice roll) seven times. Drop the lowest score out of the seven scores and those are your character's six scores.

2. Choose a race from the allowed races list in the Races entry. A few of the races have a level adjustment (LA) of +1. Please keep that In mind when building your character. (Special Note: if you have chosen to play a catfolk, please follow the naming convention as listed in Catfolk Names.)

3. Choose a class from the allowed classes list in the Classes entry. You may have up to two (2) different base classes, but only one (1) prestige class OR one (1) epic prestige class.

4. Do not play an evil character. This will hinder you in the long run. You'll find a great pleasure in helping the world.

5. A player in this campaign is not allowed to have a single magic item that costs over half his starting gold (ex.: A 7th-level character has 19,000 gp. Thus any single magic item purchased by that player may not cost more than 9,500 gp.)

6. Under no circumstances should any player use anything from the following books:

  • Book of Vile Darkness
  • Book of Exalted Deeds
  • Tome of Battle: the Book of Nine Swords
  • Player's Handbook II

That's it so far; if there's anything else, I'll add it here.

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