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Alright, so your players have chosen to take the level adjustment penalty for catfolk characters. They have chosen human, elven or dwarven names, whatever suits them. Now they must choose a tribal name.

Why a tribal name? A tribal name is an integral part of the catfolk culture. It allows a player to flesh out their catfolk character. There are two ways to generate a catfolk name: freestyle creation or by following the table below.

Freestyle Creation[edit]

Catfolk names generated through freestyle creation are determined by choosing a transitive verb or adjective for the first name. The second name is always a noun. See the examples below:

  • Shining Cloud
  • Losing Battle
  • Twirling Sand
  • Spinning Sky
  • Red Stone
  • Dancing Flower
  • Foolish Cactus

By Table[edit]

The table below was created using the "Translated Indian Name Table" in Knights of the Dinner Table #130, with modifications. Roll a d4 for a name pattern and a d20 to get a result.

1d4 Translated Indian Name Formulae
1 (A)ing (B)
2 (D)(B)
3 (A)ing (C)
4 (D)(C)
1d20 A B C D
1 Charge Wolf Arrow Yellow
2 Dance Rat Wind Wise
3 Fall Snake Bone White
4 Hunt Tiger Bush Ugly
5 Jump Scorpion Cactus Swift
6 Kick Rabbit Cloud Spirit
7 Laugh Hyena Fire Sharp
8 Twirl Horse Sky Red
9 Run Hog Spear Long
10 Rush Hawk Dune Little
11 Sting Fox Knife Magic
12 Shine Lizard Oasis Handsome/Beautiful
13 Steep Eagle Shadow Green
14 Spin Deer Mountain Foolish
15 Stand Coyote Sand Broken
16 Stumble Bull Flower Blue
17 Lose Mouse Stone Blind
18 Thunder Bird Stream Black
19 Walk Token Tree Big
20 Wander Bear Water #(1d10)

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