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The over-goddess of Ourobouros is called Archmage Friday (N goddess of life, magic and creation). She created the world, and has altered it to suit her whim and those she brings into existence. She rents out space to other deities throughout the Multiverse that want to spread their influence. Some of the gods involved in the world of Ourobouros are...

From the Player's Handbook (PHB):

  • Pelor (NG god of the sun)
  • Fharlangh (N god of travels and the open road)

From the Greyhawk Gazetter (GG):

  • Geshtai (N lesser goddess of rivers, lakes and streams)

From Stormwrack (SW):

  • Procan (CN god of the waves)

From Libris Mortis (LM):

  • the Evening Glory (N lesser goddess of love and death)

From Complete Warrior (CW):

  • Altua (LG goddess of honor & nobility)
  • Typhos (LE god of domination)

From the Book of Vile Darkness (BVD; game master use only)

  • Mephistopheles (LE lord of the Nine Hells)

The last two are homebrewed deities:

  • Inti (N impostor god of the sun)
  • Moh Ein Zapha (N god of the strange)

NOTE: These gods are for the world of Ourobouros. If your character or any of your PCs worship another deity, by all means, they can do so...but they may not have any resources from temples of their god (because their god has no followers but the PC in question on this world). More deities will be listed as the world fleshes itself out.

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