Inti the Unconquered Sun (3.5e Deity)

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Father of All Sunglari

Intermediate Deity
Symbol: A blazing sun
Home Plane: The Astral Plane
Alignment: Neutral
Portfolio: Conquest, sun, zeal, fire
Clergy Alignments: Any neutral
Domains: Sun, War, Fire
Favored Weapon: Heavy mace
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Inti the Unconquered Sun is a deity that Sunglari aasimar revere as the one who brought them out of the darkness of ignorance. It is his interference in their natural evolution that had directly led to the Sunglari culture and the rise of the Sunglari Empire.

Standing seven feet tall in shining bronze full plate, a nimbus of light, heat and fire surrounds him. The visor of his helmet is crafted into the shape of his holy symbol: a blazing sun.


It is said that Inti encourages behavior that would lead to success in battle or any other struggle. He is a god more focused on winning and conquest for the good of the Sunglari Empire, or so we're told. An outside viewer might say that Inti is no more than a construct to justify the actions of the expansionist aasimar; such blasphemers rarely last long on an Empire world.

Clergy and Temples[edit]

The typical costume for a cleric of Inti consists of a flexible bronze or golden mantle over a white robe. Around their neck they wear the blazing sun holy symbol of Inti. Those who are lightly schooled in religion would mistake this holy symbol as the symbol of Pelor, the sun god. Clerics are not required to be chaste, but many choose that path to better perfect themselves through celibacy.

Clerics of Inti teach their congregations to succeed and make sacrifices for the good of the Sunglari Empire and its people. Most of these lessons are taught within the confines of temple-pyramids, with lower levels for the cleric's flock to meditate and the uppermost levels reserved for ranking clerics and the occasional ceremony.

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