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Secrets (AEG) Transcribed Content
Secrets (AEG)
Feats Abyssal Hide (5e Feat)Alchemical Artillerist (5e Feat)Arcane Ley Lines (3.5e Feat)Arch Nemesis (3.5e Feat)Astrologer (5e Feat)Avatar (3.5e Feat)Balor Wings (5e Feat)Barbaric Past (3.5e Feat)Bardic Lore (3.5e Feat)Beast Line (3.5e Feat)Bloodkeeper Arts (5e Feat)Bondsman (3.5e Feat)Boundaries of the Past (3.5e Feat)Brew Epic Potion (3.5e Feat)Brew Greater Potion (3.5e Feat)Brew Unstable Potion (3.5e Feat)Cardshark (5e Feat)Careful Listener (3.5e Feat)Cartomancy (5e Feat)Chosen of Fortune (5e Feat)Co Dependence (3.5e Feat)Cosmic Ritualist (5e Feat)Couatl Crest (5e Feat)Damage Reduction (3.5e Feat)Defensive Stance (3.5e Feat)Delusions of Grandeur (3.5e Feat)Destiny Denied (3.5e Feat)Deva Wings (5e Feat)Devil’s Arm (5e Feat)Distracting Stance (3.5e Feat)Divine Champion (3.5e Feat)Divine Ley Lines (3.5e Feat)Dretch Belch (5e Feat)Dwarf Line (3.5e Feat)Elf Line (3.5e Feat)Expeditious Alchemy (5e Feat)Forgotten Lore (3.5e Feat)Greased Lightning (5e Feat)Great Destiny (3.5e Feat)Greater Damage Reduction (3.5e Feat)Greater Maiming Strike (3.5e Feat)Greater Stunning Strike (3.5e Feat)Group Tactics (3.5e Feat)Hard to Fool (3.5e Feat)Holy Drive (5e Feat)Improved Damage Reduction (3.5e Feat)Improved Defensive Stance (3.5e Feat)Improved Maiming Strike (3.5e Feat)Improved Stunning Strike (3.5e Feat)Imp’s Eye (5e Feat)Indomitable (3.5e Feat)Infernal Horns (5e Feat)Infernal Mask (5e Feat)Inspired Past (3.5e Feat)Intuitive Diviner (5e Feat)Maiming Strike (3.5e Feat)Metaknowledge (5e Feat)Monastic Past (3.5e Feat)Mounted Musketeer (5e Feat)Multiple Stunning Strike (3.5e Feat)Net Master (3.5e Feat)Noble Past (3.5e Feat)Paragon of Beasts (3.5e Feat)Past Life (3.5e Feat)Perfect Body (3.5e Feat)Perfect Flesh (3.5e Feat)Perfect Mind (3.5e Feat)Perfect Self (3.5e Feat)Perfect Soul (3.5e Feat)Pernicious Poisoner (5e Feat)Planetar Visage (5e Feat)Slippery Tongue (3.5e Feat)Solar Gaze (5e Feat)Sorcerous Past (3.5e Feat)Soul of Light (5e Feat)Spellsense (3.5e Feat)Stunning Strike (3.5e Feat)Superior Damage Reduction (3.5e Feat)Superior Maiming Strike (3.5e Feat)Suppress Spell Energy (3.5e Feat)Swordsaint (5e Feat)Twist the Knife (3.5e Feat)Unicorn Horn (5e Feat)Virtuous Past (3.5e Feat)Vrock Feathers (5e Feat)
Classes Alchemist (5e Class)Barbarian of the North (3.5e Class)Bounty Hunter (3.5e Class)Cardcaster (5e Class)Diabolist (5e Class)Emotion BenderFeywalker (5e Class)God's Eye (3.5e Prestige Class)Inquisitor (3.5e Prestige Class)Investigator (3.5e Class)Justice (3.5e NPC Class)Lawkeeper (3.5e Prestige Class)Magehunter (3.5e Prestige Class)Noble (5e Class)Occultist (5e Class)Spellbane (3.5e Prestige Class)Time Thief (Pathfinder Class)
Races Faun (5e Race)Gremlin (5e Race)Spriggan (5e Race)Suffering Orcs (3.5e Race)
Spells 5e Mag SpellAgony (3.5e Spell)Anathema (3.5e Spell)Animate Net (3.5e Spell)Astromancy (5e Spell)Aural Disruption (3.5e Spell)Ban (3.5e Spell)Blood Spilled Anew (3.5e Spell)Bumble (3.5e Spell)Cloak of Silence (3.5e Spell)Cloud the Guilty Mind (3.5e Spell)Conjure Deep Abomination (5e Spell)Detect Bloodtraces (3.5e Spell)Detect Heretic (3.5e Spell)Detect Magical Residue (3.5e Spell)Detect Mystical Streams (3.5e Spell)Direct Conversation (3.5e Spell)Dreaming Tide (5e Spell)Drowning (5e Spell)Eclipse (5e Spell)Endure Pain (3.5e Spell)Excommunicate (3.5e Spell)Final Vision (3.5e Spell)Follow the Bloody Trail (3.5e Spell)Form Bloodstone (3.5e Spell)Garble (3.5e Spell)Greater Mark of Justice (3.5e Spell)Herculean Force (5e Spell)Hinder (3.5e Spell)Indelible Mark (3.5e Spell)Induced Illiteracy (3.5e Spell)Light of Truth (3.5e Spell)Magnitude-Based Spellcasting (5e Sourcebook)/Animal WhispererMalediction (3.5e Spell)Mystic Opposition (3.5e Spell)Mystical Manacles (3.5e Spell)Mystical Void (3.5e Spell)Opposing Currents (3.5e Spell)Painful Truth (3.5e Spell)Pins and Needles (3.5e Spell)Putrefy Food (5e Spell)Read the Guilty Face (3.5e Spell)Scatterbrain (3.5e Spell)Scourge (3.5e Spell)See the Face (3.5e Spell)Sever from the Source (3.5e Spell)Sleep of the Unjust (3.5e Spell)Steal the Painful Memory (3.5e Spell)Testimony of the Broken Window (3.5e Spell)Universal Potion (5e Spell)
Rules Capacity (5e Variant Rule)Chain Fire (5e Variant Rule)Double-Action (5e Variant Rule)Experimenting and Grafting (5e Variant Rule)Firearm Customization (5e Variant Rule)Judicial Curses (3.5e Variant Rule)Legal System (3.5e Variant Rule)Loud (5e Variant Rule)Magical Nets (3.5e Variant Rule)Match Loading (5e Variant Rule)Misalignment (5e Variant Rule)Misfire (5e Variant Rule)Rest (5e Variant Rule)Restraints (3.5e Variant Rule)Shot (5e Variant Rule)Turret Chain Fire (5e Variant Rule)Unwieldy (5e Variant Rule)Volley (5e Variant Rule)Warfare (5e Variant Rule)

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