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Hello there[edit]

Hi there! I am a regular user of this website and a DM for D&D 5e. I try to create homebrew here at least once a week. I love reading new classes, subclasses, races, and spells, so this is the perfect place for me.

What am I Good At?[edit]

Honestly, I am not great at a lot of things. I am okay at everything, however. I am the forever DM of my party, so I would say I am good at that. I am also good at writing short to medium-length homebrew, such as subclasses, races, and feats. I have created a couple of classes from scratch as well, though I am not very good at it (likely because I have a very short attention span). I will like them in another section below. I have never even touched on any edition of D&D besides 5th edition, though I do want to get into 3.5e.

My creations[edit]

Below is the list of all items I have either created or edited majorly enough to take ownership of the new item. THe list is in chronological order, with the first item on the list being the first item I created. Be warned; in my early days on the wiki, I was horrible at balance, so I will go in and fix some of these creations soon. That is part of the reason for my balancing crusade right now; I want to fix the mistakes I made then.

Dark Mage (5e Class)

Shadowrender (5e Equipment)

Archery Prodigy (5e Feat)

Elemental Conjurer (5e Subclass)

The Silencer (5e Equipment)

The Fractured (5e Race)

Broken Soldier (5e Subclass)

Eldrich Gatling Gun (5e Optimized Character Build)

CoffeeLock (5e Optimized Character Build)

Smiting Warrior (5e Feat)

Cursed Soul (5e Subclass)

Demolitionist, Variant (5e Subclass)

Circle of Spores, Second Variant (5e Subclass)

Lucky One (5e Subclass)

Archer, 2nd Variant (5e Class)

Broken Hero Blade (5e Equipment)

Blocking Blade (5e Spell)

Dual Wielder, Variant (5e Feat)

Chaos-Born (5e Race)

Void Knight (5e Subclass)

Gimmaren (5e Race)

Blade of the Chronomaster (5e Equipment)

Skysmite (5e Spell)

Chrono Knight (5e Subclass)

Uno Reverse Card (5e Equipment)

Potion of Animation (5e Equipment)

Blade of Endless Strength (5e Equipment)

Barrak's Black Fangs (5e Spell)

Energy Rupture (5e Spell)

Way of the Cheese (5e Subclass) (April Fools Subclass)

Pickaxe (5e Equipment)

Monk Initiate (5e Feat)

Shield of the Phoenix Knight (5e Equipment)

Mutazoid (5e Race)

Armor of Avernus (5e Spell)

Elixir of Elemental Magic (5e Equipment)

Bloodsteel Weapon (5e Equipment)

Works in Progress[edit]

Below is a list of pages that I am working on currently. If you want to edit them, go ahead!

Skill Tree (5e Variant Rule)

The All-Seer (5e Subclass)

Minecraftian (5e Race) (April Fools Race)

Unfinished Projects[edit]

Below is a list of items I have abandoned. If you see this page and are intrigued by one of these, feel free to complete them.

None currently!

The Great Balancing Crusade[edit]

Currently, I am on a crusade to find as many very unbalanced homebrew items as I can. On these pages, I will either label them as unbalanced and give a reason why, or fix the balancing as best as I can. If you think I did a bad job rebalancing the item and now it is underpowered or overpowered, feel free to leave a note in my talk page.

Rebalanced Pages[edit]

Below is a list of pages I have completed rebalancing.

Time Stride (5e Spell)

Aerial Senses (5e Feat)

Boost of the Body (5e Feat)

Unnoticed (5e Feat)

Godslayer (5e Class)

Revised Champion (5e Subclass)

Revised Shield Master (5e Feat)

Heavy Windlass Crossbow (5e Equipment)

Eldritch Strike, Variant (5e Spell)

Bolt Strike (5e Spell)

Generalist (5e Feat)

Eldritch Barrage (5e Feat)

Obsidian Greatsword (5e Equipment)

Adamantine Bow (5e Equipment)

Black Death (5e Equipment)

Black Band of Iron Blood (5e Equipment)

Judgement's Sting, Variant (5e Equipment)

Everance (5e Equipment)

Infernal Law (5e Spell)

Brilliant Fang (5e Equipment)

Shadow Fiend (5e Race)

Godhand (5e Feat)

Side Character (5e Background)

Adrenaline Rush (5e Feat)

Pages That Need Rebalancing[edit]

Below is a list of pages that need to be rebalanced. If you want to rebalance one of these pages, please do! The D&D wiki would thank you for doing so!

Magi (5e Class)

Deity (5e Class)

Chaos Knight (5e Class)

Weapon Specialist (5e Subclass)

Blood Cursed (5e Class)

Primarch (5e Race)

Phantom Thief (5e Subclass)

Spear Master (5e Subclass)

Sea Assailant (5e Subclass)

Magic Initiate, Variant (5e Feat)

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