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Chrono Knight[edit]

Fighter Subclass A warrior clad in heavy plate mail stands in an open field, gazing at the horizon. He sees, off in the distance, a swarm of unnatural beings approaching. No matter; they will be no challenge for him. As they get closer, he slowly pulls out his weapon of choice- a lance, pulsating with yellow light. As they get closer and closer, almost on top of him, he snaps his fingers- and they all freeze. Underneath his heavy helmet, he grins, and impales one of the creatures with his lance. It explodes in a burst of energy, and only then does it collapse to the ground. He does the same with the rest of the swarm, until, finally, his spell expires and they see that half of their companions were slaughtered, and they fled. The knight took off his helmet, smiled, and slowly walked back to his town, satisfied to know they weren't coming back.

Chrono Knights are knights who manipulate time.

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