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The warlock sits in the corner, muttering to himself. He hasn't slept for a long time now. The cleric slowly walks over to him and pats him on the back. "Are you okay? You haven't been sleeping." The warlock replies, "Oh, I know. I'm getting ready for the fight." The cleric looks at him with confusion. "But the fight isn't for another few days." The warlock grins insanely. "I know. But when it comes, I will have UNLIMITED POWER!" He laughs maniacally, and the cleric just rolls his eyes. "Whatever, as long as you are ready." The warlock grunts and turns away.

This build is to have an insane number of spell slots at your disposal, ready to be created out of thin air.

The Concept

The idea is to be able to cast as many spells as possible. This build will give you a ton of spell slots to use by creating them from sorcery points.

The Build

For this build to work, you need mostly sorcerer levels to get your sorcery points maximum up. I would recommend at least 4 levels in sorcerer, just to get your sorcery point maximum up to 4, but 5 is much better. In addition, get at least 3 levels in warlock. What subclass of sorcerer and warlock doesn't matter. It's pretty simple: sorcerers have the ability to turn spell slots into sorcery points, and sorcery points into spell slots. You gain warlock spell slots on a short rest, while you gain sorcery points and sorcerer spell slots on a long rest. Since you have a maximum of at least 4 sorcery points, start by converting all sorcery points you currently have into spell slots and/or just burning through them. If you have 4 sorcery points, you can make 2 1st-level spell slots or 1 2nd-level spell slot, or if you have 5, you can make 1 2nd-level slot and 1 1st-level slot. Then, convert your warlock spell slots into sorcery points. Since you have 2 2nd-level spell slots, you can get 4 sorcery points, which is enough to give you another 2nd-level slot or 2 1st-level slots. Then, take a short rest. You'll then regain all of your warlock spell slots, which then you can use to create more sorcery points, and then create more spell slots. Rinse and repeat, until you have a massive pool of 1st and 2nd level spell slots. While your party takes a long rest, you can take 8 short rests to get up to 16 extra 1st-level slots, or 10 2nd-level slots and 1 1st-level slot if you're smart and space out when you create spell slots and when you convert warlock spell slots to sorcery points.

There was an optional mechanic introduced in Xanathar's Guide to Everything, where if you don't take a long rest for 24 hours, you have a cumulatively increasing chance to gain a level of exhaustion. This means you will need to take a long rest eventually, which means you'll eventually have to reset your extra spell slots. However, in the sorcerer's spell casting description, it only says you regain all expended spell slots. At this point, you will have to become a Cocainelock. This references needing to use up an incredibly amount of diamond dust from greater regeneration to combat the effects of exhaustion.

Build Addons

Since it is a Sorlock (sorcerer + warlock) build, it is incredibly versatile. I encourage you to look at the 1200ft Spellsniper optimized build and the Eldritch Gatling Gun optimized build for more ideas on how to break the game using a Sorlock. This build is compatible with both those other builds, so you can even use both those builds in addition to this one. Remember, the game of D&D is to have fun. If this is upsetting other players at the table, don't do it.

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