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The Concept[edit]

A lone mages stands on a hill, staring down at the cavalier and his unit of ten horsemen just over a mile away. He can't help but feel a little fear, rumors said none had gotten within 500 feet of this mage. Still he gave the order to charge. They were 3/4 of a mile away, then 1/2 a mile, then 1/4. He began wondering why he had been afraid, until the arcane blasts killed the ally to his right. Then to his left. Before he knew it his men were being pelted and killed from over 1,000 feet away! His best bowman wasn't even approaching being in range, they were helpless as this man destroyed them one by one. He bore down and drove his horse harder. He managed to get within 490 feet before dying. A new record.

Want to rain destruction upon your foes before they ever have a chance to fight back? Well, then this is the build for you! This is currently the longest ranged attack possible in dnd, where you'll not be asking "is that in range" but instead wonder "what isn't in range?"

Race and Ability Scores[edit]

This build can be done with any race. However, a few have some special bonuses that make them especially good at it.

  • Human Variant: Able to increase two ability scores of their choice, you're already to an okay start. But their ability to take the "spell sniper" feat at level one makes this build just that little bit easier to pull off.
  • Charisma +1/+2 Races: any race that can increase their charisma are great for this build. This is because you'll be using charisma as your spell casting modifier. This is just a general optimization tip: choose races that increase your spell casting modifier and constitution if possible.

You've probably already guessed it, but you want to at least have a Charisma of 16 or higher after racial bonuses are applied. To understand why, lets move onto classes.


Levels 1-3 Warlock: You're here for two things - Eldritch blast and Invocations

  • Eldritch Blast Cantrip: This is crucial due to its interactions with invocations. Also its flexibility makes it a fantastic choice.
  • Eldritch Spear: This increases your Eldritch Blast's range up to 300 ft. When combined with the Spell sniper feat, we are already at 600 range!
  • Agonizing Blast: You want to be able to add your charisma modifier to eldritch blast, since it is the focus of this build
  • Pact of the Chain: One of the issues this build sometimes has is that you cannot see 1200 feet, either because it is dark, heavy fog, etc. Having a familiar lets you see through its eyes and use it to spot targets for you, especially nice since you ignore everything except full cover.

Levels 4-20 Sorcerer: Warlock + Sorcerer is arguably overpowered without 1200 range. So lets do both.

  • Metamagic - Distant Spell: This doubles your range.

So what this looks like combined is as follows: 300 range (Eldritch Spear) x 2 (Spellsniper feat) x 2 (Distant Spell Metamagic) = 1200 ft of range!!! All of this is possible by Level 6. Not only that but you also have the full repitour of a Sorlock, arguably the most poweful multiclass combo in the game currently! Enjoy.


One of the nicest parts of this build is how easy it is to tailor towards ones own playstyle. This is primarily a "Core Rules Only", and as such the Draconic Soul Sorcerer and the Pact of the Archfey are the recommended subclasses. More are listed to help give you alternatives if you're looking to expand outside of that rule set.


  • Hexblade: this takes the number one slot due to your ability to critically strike with eldritch blast. However, it isn't the universal best because you must be within 30 ft to apply the curse. A true shame, and one that does weaken this subclass as an option.
  • The Fiend: One of the greatest downsides of this beautiful range is that you can't use it fully in dungeons, and sometimes people actually get into range to harm you. The fiend can help you pop back up to your feet and get a chance to run away with a dimension door and putting another 500 ft of distance between you and them.
  • The Archfey: Fairy fire and Sleep are both nice spells, adding power to your spell list.


  • Divine Soul: You've got the range to pelt from far away, you're never going to be worried about damage. Might as well pick up some utility for these plebeians that you call allies. Also your wings will let you get a top down view, meaning it will be borderline impossible for anyone to get full cover.
  • Draconic Soul: Generally the strongest subclass, its also got wings and a few survival tools that make you just that little bit harder to kill.
  • Shadow: The Hound of Ill Omen has a range of 120 ft, meaning you're still out of danger from most creatures. These dogs can be useful at dissuade them from closing that remaining gap. The fact you summon them for a bonus action is very awesome, considering the only cap on how many you make is how many sorcery points you have.


Every good build has people that are looking to customize and tinker with it. The following are some of those changes.

  • Barbaian 6: Eagle vision - However, a level 6 eagle totem gains the ability to see up to one mile as if the object were 100 feet away and does not have perception disadvantage in dim light. This would allow vision without relying on the familiar.

Sorcerer 5, Warlock 3, then Sorcerer to 20[edit]

This leveling arangement is geared towards those that either don't use the human variant or want to get a higher charisma score early. Both are valid reasons, and this array lets you get to the important milestone of unlocking 3rd level spells.

5th level variation: You can't see me but I can snipe you[edit]

Lets say you don't have time for that extra warlock level, you're playing a 5th level one-shot and want to be able to use this build. Do the following:

  • Human Variant with Spellsniper
  • Level 1-2 Warlock: Take the Eldritch Spear and Agonizing blast invocations
  • Level 3-5 Sorcerer: Metamagic distant spell for the build.

Airstrike Sorlock UA[edit]

This is the above build, but if your DM allows you to use the Unearthed Arcana invocation "kiss of Mephistopholes" you can perform a rediculous feat. Fly up high in the air, rain down your 1200 ft eldritch blast, and use the invocation to have a warlock spell cast fireball on a poor creature that got hit. The level split is Warlock 5/Sorcerer 15. Another fun combo you can deal with any version of this build is take the Grasp of Hadar feat. It pulls people 10 ft towards you and if you're flying that means they fall and take an extra 1d6 fall damage.

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