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Weapon Specialist[edit]

Fighter Subclass

The Weapon Specialist is a fighter that devotes his/her entire being and effort to get the maximum potential that a weapon would have. These men and women would be specialists in the weapon that they wield, having mastered the art and nature of the weapon that they've come to choose, very few being able to wield these weapons as good as they can.

Specialist Weapon[edit]

  • You have learned to exert the maximum damage of your specialist weapon. Starting at Level 3, pick one from the following weapon groups that would be come to be known as your specialist weapon. (Sword, Axe, Hammer, Polearm, Bow).
  • The hit die of your chosen specialist weapon is now one die size bigger than stated in the PHB.
  • A D4 on the table becomes a D6, D6 -> D8, D8 -> D10, D10 -> D12, 1D12 -> 2D8. Also, you can never be disarmed of your specialist weapon, unless you are incapacitated.

Weapon Groups
  • Sword - Daggers, Shortswords, Longswords, Rapiers, Greatswords, and Scimitars.
  • Axe - Sickles, Handaxes, Battleaxes, and Greataxes.
  • Hammer - Club, Greatclub, Light Hammers, Maces, Flails, Mauls, Morningstars, War Picks, and Warhammers.
  • Polearm - Spears, Javelins, Quarterstaffs, Glaive, Halberds, Lances, Pikes, Tridents, and Whips.
  • Bow - Light Crossbows, Hand Crossbows, Heavy Crossbows, Shortbows, Longbows, and Slings.

Specialist Tactic[edit]

Your experience and mastery of your specialist weapon grants you unique insights and tactics in using your specialist weapon. Starting at Level 7, depending on your specialist weapon, you may now do the following actions. Some of these actions would need a Saving throw, the DC being (8 + Strength/Dexterity modifier + Proficiency modifier). Do note that these tactics can only be used by the Specialist Weapon you chose and that you would not be able to do the others even if you have a weapon from said group (i.e. If you chose the Sword as your Specialist Weapon, you are only able to use the Mordhau).

  • Mordhau (Sword): You have mastered the art of the murder stroke, allowing you to switch your damage from slashing to either piercing or bludgeoning while wielding a Sword.
  • Crippling Edge (Axe): You have learned to make full use of the Axe's edge to cripple the enemies movement. By spending a Bonus action, you can make one of your attacks into a Crippling blow, forcing the target to make a Constitution saving throw or have all their movement speed be reduced to 0 until the start of your next turn.
  • Hammer Down (Hammer): You've learned how to use the full weight of your Hammer to bring people down with a single swing. By spending a Bonus action, you may bring the full weight of your Hammer into the opponent, making the target do a Strength saving throw or be knocked Prone until your next turn.
  • Point at the Front (Polearm): You have been granted insight in the use of Polearms, giving all Polearms you wield the property of Reach. While wielding a weapon with Reach, you may use your bonus action to do Point at the Front, disallowing any enemy to move within your range. You cannot do this action though if there is an enemy already within your range.
  • Unique Ammunition (Bow): You have learned how to craft unique ammunition for your Bows, allowing you to craft Fire, Cold, or Poison Ammunition for only +5 GP of your regular Ammunition cost.

Superior Maintenance[edit]

You now have learned how to a take greater care of your specialist weapons and it has clearly paid off. Starting at Level 10, Your Specialist weapon now deals critical damage on rolls of 19-20.

Masterful Attacks[edit]

You are now a true master of your specialist weapon. Starting at Level 15, Your attacks with your specialist weapon can never suffer disadvantages.


You are now greater than a master, as you have reached the Zenith of what's possible for your specialist weapon. Starting at Level 18, you may now add your proficiency modifier to the damage of your specialist weapon.

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