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Baoshí Shān
Imperial Monarchy (Buricratic Meritocracy)
1 Emperor, 9 Daimios
Jin Feng, Yin Tuzi
Duu, Gā'ina, Garjan, Nói Nhỏ, Nolea, Yun Shen
15% Rén, 15% Méng, 13% Zìyóu, 12% Niǎo, 11% Shī rén, 11% Huan, 7% Xuilan, 6% Dwarves, 5% Tōmin, 4% Minotaurs, 1% Kumo

This ancient and sprawling empire is made up of nine large provinces. Each province was once an independent nation. While loyal to the empire they still have a strong sense of identity and their own rich cultures.


Dao Ming 2.png

Feng Zhin Province (fung chehng)

Geometry, symmetry, and agriculture shape Feng Zhin. It is known as the land of spices. The people of Feng Zhin are highly religious and superstitious.

Hong Fai Province (hong fahee)

The people are hospitality and friendly; the land is mountainous and rough. Much of the population is nomadic shepherds. Hong Fai is second only to Halcyon in the care and reverence of the horse.

Hua Die Province (Xx)


Jin Kuo Province (Xx)


Jun Rin Province (Xx)


Lien Ji Province (Xx)


Sheng Si Province (Xx)


Tung Yue Province (Xx)


Zi Bang Province (Xx)



Foreign Relations[edit]

Aylea: There have been ongoing border skirmishes in the Wolf's Den Pass for the last two hundred years. In the last twenty-five years, the trade road has been open more often than it has been closed. (enemy peace) Thebia: Trade with Thebia is good. (friend peace) Fjallheim: trade is fair. (friend peace) Halcyon: trade is fair. (neutral peace) Crisania:Trade is good. (neutral peace)


The Doa Ming Empire has a standing army of 700,000 soldiers, a navy of 350,000 and a reserve pool nearing 10,000,000 persons in times of emergencies.


Trial Procedure[edit]

Crimes and Punishments[edit]


Slavery is illegal in the Empire.


-735 First recorded use of handheld crossbows in battle.

-621 Units of crossbowmen are drilled in various Dao militaries, including cavalry.

-212 Xiulan were created.

-177 repeating crossbow is invented

273 Ancient history ended with the eradication of the Giff.

274-338 The Dao Ming develope black powder.

358 First recorded use of cannons

408-463 The Dao Ming develope the Fire Lance.

497 First recorded use of firearms.

631-729 The Dao Ming develope the Matchlock.

729 Rifling principle is discovered.

740 The wheellock was invented.

771 Rifling appears in firearms.

838 The Dao began peaceful trade with the Amazons.

841 Emperor Jing Kou rises to power

856 Invention of the Flintlock gun.

Current year is 861. Massive earthquakes shake the region.


Currency: The official currency of the empire is a round copper coin with a square hole in the middle called an Àngsī (meaning ounce, the wieght of the coin). They are often strung in groups of 1,000. Cowry shells are still used in more rural areas; mainly in Lien Ji and Feng Zhin. Copies of cowry shells made of bone, wood, stone, lead or copper are also common as you move farther away from city centers. Older, or local coinage, typically of copper, bronze, lead or iron coins are still used in most provinces. In trade and banking, promissory notes, bills of credit, and exchange notes are commonplace and are often exchanged directly for goods. There is talk in the capital about introducing government-backed paper currency.
Taxation: Taxes provinces pay to the capital must be delivered in silver ingots.


The following are regional traits for The Dao Ming:

  • Martial Master: You have trained in various schools of martial arts. You gain a +1 trait bonus on damage rolls made with unarmed attacks.
  • Meditative: You were raised or educated in a monastery. You gain a +2 trait bonus on saving throws against mind-affecting effects.
  • Cultured: You are well versed in the customs and lore of many places. You gain a +1 trait bonus on Knowledge (society) checks and Knowledge (history) checks. One of these is always a class skill for you.
  • Condescening: You are quick to use sharp words to get your way. You gain a +2 trait bonus on Influence checks to force a creature to act friendly towards you and can attempt such checks in half the normal time.


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