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Rating: 4 / 5
This is complete in many aspects, but information is sparse in a few categories. Please help improve this.

What are the rating guidelines in more detail?
Why is Ilarion (Pathfinder Campaign Setting) rated how it is?
What is the correct campaign setting formatting?
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Player Information

Races and Ethnicities
Descriptions of the playable races in Ilarion.
The languages of Ilarion.
How the classes fit into Ilarion.
The gods of Ilarion and how they're worshipped.

Ilarion Gezeteer

Ilarion's history.
Nations and Cultures
Descriptions of the kingdoms of Ilarion.
The Guilds and Orders that influence life in Ilarion.
Calendar and Holidays
The varied calendars and holidays in use on Ilarion.
Cosmology and the Planes

Game Master's Guide

New/changed creatures.
Variant Rules
These are rules for playing in Ilarion that override the Core Rules.

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